Jack Neo's sexploitation on 12 women

Jack Neo Tried To Harass a French Student without success
Woman #12:
There is something interesting about Jack Neo or Jerk Neo. Maelle Meurzec, a French student revealed that she had been hit by the movie-maker Jack Neo when she was only 16 years old. Maelle also told that this incident was happened with her about five years prior to now.

Maelle Meurzec who is now twenty years old said in an interview with The New Paper (TNP) that the fifty year old director strike on her head when she was doing the role playing in his movie I Do I Do in November, 2004. She gave her interview at her Upper East Coast road house, last night.

In her first day hit around the shoulders Maelle thought that it can be normal. But the director continued hitting her and became more aggressive on her till the movie has completed. She also disclosed her Jack sent her 30 SMSes and always used to take out from the dinner at hotels.

In Maelle’s interview with TNP the pretty Singaporean citizen of French gal, then become a model with MC Models called Jack Neo ‘a bit of creep’, ‘a jerk’ and ‘a sleazebag’.

Maelle revealed she became more upset when she got an SMS which inscribes that Jack Neo wanted to be mingling with her. She told the whole incident to her mother, Ms Agnes Meurzec, fifty one. The whole family of Maelle Meurzec thought to file a complaint against Jack Neo is he continued giving trouble her.

Jack Neo who is movie director stopped himself to sending SMSes her and decided never to meet her again. Jack Neo’s daughter is only two year younger than Maelle Meurze. Near about minimum ten women reported the complaints with Jack Neo since his affair with Wendy Chong, 22 year girl broke last weekend when the model showed up his semi-separated home last Friday who is making demand to watch his wife, Madam Irene Kng, forty-six year old.

Read more: http://www.dailylatestnews.com/2010/03/10/jack-neo-the-director-hit-maelle-meurzec-a-french-student-06697#ixzz0hmaGynjU


Jack is going to beat Gary Ng in the number of women each had bonked. While Gary is producing and sharing videos of his sexploits, Jack is keeping it all to himself. What a pity. http://gary-ng-scandals.blogspot.com/

From Asiaone we have the list....

Besides Wendy Chong and Foyce Le Xuan, there are now reports of at least nine other women who were involved with Jack Neo at some point in time. According to sources in the entertainment industry, there was even a popular singer and a hotel staff among them, and their age ranges from 20 to 40. Here are the list of women according to Shin Min Daily News.

Woman #1: Wendy Chong, 22, model
She exposed their two-year affair and Jack Neo has admitted to this relationship. His wife has also admitted to knowing about their affair.

Woman #2: Foyce Le Xuan, 25, artiste
She has been invited by Jack to meet him at a hotel, only to reject him. She also received mushy text messages from him, but chose to terminate her contract with J Team to avoid any contact with him.

Woman #3: Former popular singer, in her 30s
It is alleged that this woman and Jack are very close, and use terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling" in their text messages to each other. This singer has even acted in one of his movies. She has since left Singapore's entertainment circle.

Woman #4: Hotel staff, in her 30s
Jack allegedly met this woman while filming in Kuala Lumpur. In order to get closer to him, this woman is said to have given up her job in KL in order to move to Singapore to be closer to him. He is also said to have recommended her to work in a hotel in Singapore.

The woman is understood to be married with one daughter, but keeps in touch with Jack and exchanges affectionate text messages with him.

She is the only woman that Jack is said to be involved with who does not have any dealings with the entertainment industry.

Woman #5: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
This woman is said to be pretty with long flowing hair. In order to get into the entertainment circle to fulfil her dreams of stardom, she joined Jack's artiste training classes and subsequently appeared in many variety shows, where she got to know Jack.

They are said to chat frequently online, and their topics invariably verge on sleaze.

She is also said to have an agreement to date him exclusively.

Woman #6: Screenwriter, in her 40s
She is said to have worked on one of Jack's previous movies, and enjoys a warm, affectionate relationship with the director.

Industry insiders reveal that they often discuss about sex topics online, and converse with each other often over the Internet. This was also confirmed by freelance model Wendy Chong.

The woman is said to be married with a child.

Because of the expose, she is unable to focus at work and has been performing badly.

Woman #7: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
She has appeared in Money No Enough 2 and Being Human, both movies by Jack Neo.

It is alleged that she went on a trip to Thailand with Jack after filming wrapped up on Money No Enough 2.

Woman #8: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 26
When artistes were being let go by J Team, she was the only one who was allowed to stay. Although there were no new jobs or acting roles, she continued to stay on with the J Team.

In her interview with Shin Min Daily News, the woman said that since she had a full-time job with them, she did not think of leaving, and would take on jobs as and when there were any.

She had previously appeared in Just Follow Law and Being Human, and had also appeared in many of Jack's variety shows.

Woman #9: Former bit actress on the silver screen, 25
Considered Jack's lackey by members of Jack's production team, as she would follow him where ever he went. She was originally signed on by Jack to be a singer, but as her relationship with Jack was very good, she would most certainly get a part in almost all of his variety shows. She does not refuse his advances and would hitch a ride from him home after every show ended.

Woman #10: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 20

She is viewed by industry insiders to be scheming and was very eager to rise to popularity, so she threw herself into his arms willingly.

It is understood that she did not refuse his advances towards her, and would not try to hide from him.

Woman #11: Jack's former staff, in her 40s
Their relationship was discovered by Jack's wife. His wife also instructed all members of the J Team not to mention her English name, but to refer to her as "Miss X".

Jack's wife also found someone else to replace this woman at work and fired her.

And here are the possibilities from the J-team..... it can be anybody though, including Mark Lee and Nick Shen, or some Beer aunties or cousins. Ho ho.... enjoy!

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