The Fumbling Dictator

Indian Muslims are Malay. Appointed President is elected. Elections can be won without a vote. Resigning just a month means you are independent.

These irregularities turned into a reality and jolted many Singaporeans into realising that the country they called a democracy is actually a dictatorship. Under whose dictatorship then? Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his cronies.

Unfortunately the power weld by the dictator is not limited to himself, unlike his father’s time. Back then, Lee Kuan Yew was the sole leader whose words overwrite everyone, even of senior ministers. Lee Hsien Loong however created a consensus dictatorship and shared his dictatorship powers to his cronies.

Lee Hsien Loong’s ineffectual leadership gave rise to mediocres like Law Minister K Shanmugam, Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong and Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who acted like mini-dictators circling around the king. Like the eunuchs of a corrupted dynasty, the three corrupted ministers jeopardised the country’s judiciary system, town council system and public transport system.

Under Law Minister K Shanmugam, a crony Attorney General who was Lee Hsien Loong’s former private lawyer was appointed, the High Court was unable to define the first elected President without deferring to the Lee Hsien Loong-controlled Parliament, and the Parliament can twist facts because it is a “policy’s decision”.

Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong openly abused his ministerial powers to set Opposition Workers’ Party MPs up for corruption. The devious Minister for his smirk in Parliament known denied the WP Town Councils funding, then accuse them of not meeting sinking fund payment obligations. Minister Lawrence Wong is now looking to unseat 3 WP MPs – Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh – by charging them of misappropriating S$33 milion in town council payments.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan is probably the worst among them all, doing next to nothing to fix the train system and even have the cheek to ask for a 7 year extension. When under intense public scrutiny over the increasing train disruptions, Khaw Boon Wan went into full denial mode: accusing the media of being tabloid, insisting that rail reliability is improving and using his fabricated fake news data to propose a fare raise. The superstitious Transport Minister even resorted to hiring religious leaders to pray for the broken public transport system.

Topping the corruption ladder is Lee Hsien Loong, who puts himself as the unchallenged Prime Minister,  Chairman of GIC, his wife Ho Ching as Temasek Holdings CEO, and empowering his Prime Minister’s Office with the corruption bureau CPIB, election department and Monetary Authority of Singapore under his charge, for more than 14 years.

The present state of affairs is a dark age for Singapore no better than the colonial times. Many Singaporeans are facing arrests from criticising the dictatorship, and a number has went into exile including Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew Li Shengwu and younger brother Lee Hsien Yang. States Times Review editor Alex Tan is also in self-exile in Australia, CPF writer Roy Ngerng is in self-exile in Taiwan and Youtube film maker Amos Yee is a political asylum seeker in US.

A change is unlikely to happen and the dictatorship will continue to endure in coming years as many “agents of change” leave the country fearing persecution while elections continue to be fixed with newer regulations to give the ruling party an edge no opposition party can catch up with. Many Singaporeans still in the city are hoping for divine intervention. When news of Lee Hsien Loong’s prostate cancer hit headlines, many rejoiced but only to to be disappointed that Lee Hsien Loong survived his third cancer. Obscenely rich as these corrupted dictators may be, death is the only equaliser.


Shanmugam: Parliament is Sovereign To Decide When To Start Counting The 5 Presidents

Law Minister K Shanmugam brought prata-flipping to a new level in Parliament yesterday (Oct 3) saying that appointed President Wee Kim Wee is elected because he took the Attorney General Chambers’s (AGC) advice. However, he contradicted himself in the same speech saying that the AGC’s advice is irrelevant, and closed the matter without further questions.

“Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the next election will be reserved for a Malay president and we have taken advice from the AGC. What Ms Lim is saying is that we are starting to count from here because of the AGC’s advice.  I think that was never suggested…  In any case, the legal advice given by the Attorney-General is irrelevant as the question before the court was whether the decision to count from President Wee’s term was constitutional… PM took the same position, he explained in Parliament. We decide but we took AGC’s advice. Did anyone say we are going to decide this way because this is the way that AGC has told us that we have to decide? That would make no sense because Parliament is sovereign.”

The corrupted Law Minister also took a snake bite at Opposition MP Sylvia Lim who criticised that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong misled Parliament:

“There is only one person in this House whom the courts have held to be misleading Parliament. And he is not from the PAP.”

Opposition MP Sylvia Lim has earlier given two quotes in parliament saying the ruling party has misled the people.

On 8 Nov 2017, PM Lee Hsien Loong told Parliament: “We have taken the Attorney-General’s advice. We will start counting from the first president who exercised the powers of the elected president, in other words, Dr Wee Kim Wee.”

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean also confirmed a day later saying:

“On the reserved elections and how to count, I would like to confirm that this is indeed the AGC’s advice and, if not and you do not think that it’s correct, I think it’s possible if you wish to challenge judicially.”

Sylvia Lim

“The Government had engaged in ambiguous language and red herrings. We in this House should have been told in no uncertain terms that it was the Government that wanted to count from Dr Wee Kim Wee. The Government should have defended its own decision on why counting from President Wee was appropriate. It should not have evaded the debate by using the AGC’s advice as a distraction, and then gone to court to say that the AGC’s advice was irrelevant.”

Minister Yaacob: Chinese do not understand how Malay and other minorities feel

Minister for Communication and Information Yaacob Ibrahim stepped up on racial divisions today (Oct 4) telling state media reporters that the Chinese majority in Singapore does not know how the Malay feels.

“It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community. Sometimes, the majority does not know what it feels to be a minority community.”

Without giving any example, the Minister in-charge of propaganda and Muslim affairs also played the victim card and said that Singaporean Muslims have been “under constant scrutiny” after terrorist attacks overseas made headlines news in recent years:

“It is not a pleasant experience when your religion and your religious orientation is under constant scrutiny. For the Malay-Muslim community, this sense of being misunderstood is deeply felt, having been in the spotlight for quite some time. It has been a difficult and challenging journey for my community.”

Creating a climate of fear and distrust among Singaporeans has been a secret formula of the ruling party PAP government. The dictatorship presents itself as a champion of racial harmony, but it’s national policies are inherently racist which disadvantages the minority in housing, military and even the election.

The PAP Minister also blamed the internet and foreign news media for “leading” a few into making racist comments:

“New media and the anonymity it lends have led to individuals denigrating other religions or sowing discord between communities over the Internet, inadvertently or otherwise.”

Minister K Shanmugam: International ranking is fake

After facing criticisms over Singapore’s 151th ranking on press freedom, Law Minister K Shanmugam hit out in Parliament yesterday (Oct 3) saying that the international ranking is fake and biased. The Law Minister said that rankings that rank Singapore poorly are “patently false” and specifically singled out international press freedom ranking:
“I am usually careful of such studies and reports that sometimes rank us at the top and sometimes rank us at the bottom… we have to be discerning about these rankings and how they are done and the political objectives behind them. Sometimes, ignore them, when they are patently false and not hold them up as a mantra. In 2008, RSF ranked us 144 out of 173 countries, below Guinea, Sudan, Pakistan, among others. I pointed out in 2009 that the International Herald Tribune (IHT) had a news story on Guinea. It was one or two days before I made my speech. IHT said that people were being gunned down by ‘brutal military junta’ and women were being raped on the streets, but in RSF’s eyes, their press freedom was higher than ours.”
Law Minister K Shanmugam angrily said that the researchers at Reporters Without Freedom (RSF) should go to Afghanistan and Pakistan because Singapore do not detain journalists:
“Singapore continues to fare badly and is ranked 151 out of 180 countries this year by RSF, below countries such as Guinea. Gambia, where journalists were detained, media outlets shut down, Internet disconnected, international phone calls banned last year; South Sudan, where it was described as having one of the world’s most serious refugee crisis, suffering the effects of a devastating civil war. Afghanistan is ranked ahead of us. Pakistan is ranked ahead of us. I would invite RSF to please go there.”
The Minister ended off his speech saying Singaporeans do not need to hear bad news of poor ranking:
“And really, you don’t need studies and reports. You look at our lived reality. What is the experience? Your experience, my experience, experience of our people. You know the answer.”
However the Law Minister conveniently left out the fact that internet blogs and websites have to place a S$50,000 bond when writing articles on Singapore current affairs. There is also a media ban on Election Day and Cooling Off day, while the mainstream media was able to carry on reporting propaganda material. Singapore’s legal media companies are also heavily influenced by the government on editorials, and the national papers Straits Times often publish fake news and half-truths to promote government agendas.

The 2017 Elected President Scandal

Amid the uproar over who is a Malay, there is a theft we must not miss.  By inserting a sky-high money criterium (candidates must have been a CEO of an organisation valued at S$500 million or more), the PAPists have by law disqualified all private sector Malays, as well as almost all private sector non-Malays, from being eligible to run for president. 

This is a theft of the peasants' right to run for president.  Singaporeans have been so brainwashed that as soon as the PAPists mention "meritocracy" they reflexively allow the PAPists to introduce a sky-high money criterium (how many non-PAPists control S$500 million or more?). 

The PAPists have by law created two classes of citizens: the first class rich cronies who can run for president, and the fourth class peasants who cannot. And a special class of civil servant or MPs or ex-MPs can run.

This is the same condition that caused rebellions and revolutions all over the world throughout history. 

As Halimah has proven, you don't need to know anything about running a S$500 million company to be president. She qualified based on the loophole that she is a top civil servant.

The money criterium must be abolished, and the right of peasants to run for elected president retored.  What is stolen must be given back. 

I think the $500 million money criterion is even worse than the race criterion (which is bad enough), because the money criterion disqualifies far more people than the race criterion. The race criterion is if a race do not have a President for 5 terms, then the next President must be from that race.

Imagine there us no money criterion, then even if the presidency is reserved for Malays, hundreds of thousands of them can still run, and we can have some real choice. 

The money criterion effectively reserves the election to PAPists and their cronies, and relegates more than 99.99% of Singaporeans to fouth class citizenship. 

Years ago, LKY said that the number of Singaporeans good enough to run Singapore could fit into a jumbo jet.  Now, there appears even fewer.  The number of Singaporeans who control $500 million probably will occupy only the first class section of a jumbo. 

Actually, as the president basically does nothing, it would be a waste to have a very talented president.  An averagely capable person would do. More important is the president must have the courage to say no to the govt.  Courage and empathy are more important than talent in the president. 

PAPists want to appoint their person to be president, yet want to pretend that the president should be elected.  So we have this shameless wayang that is a joke.  Ah Loong is like a king parading without clothes, and he thinks everybody doesn't notice. 

contributor - Wakalukong 

According to people, they said that Halimah was the last person to submit her application for the president-elect post. 

She obviously knew or was told that other candidates who collected/submitted their application had backgrounds will not be met for acceptance by the election. 

She was convinced she will be the walkover president as the other candidates will not be accepted under its  rules of eligibility.

If LKY around..I don't think she won't even come close to this presidential election.. 

Cos LKY knew the president seat is only meant for those who got class ( of his own n wit substances ).. 

Getting her as President is like choosing a person from jln eunos or geylang area.. 

Wat to do..we got this ah siao Kia n his useless papist to allow this to happen.

Yes it's quite true..a president must hv substance..cannot be just a " yes man" 

A president is just similar to a finance minister..has it's obligation to take care of the nation wealth..integrity n honesty must cone wit it.. 

So usually ppl tat hv this sort of quality are those wit good background n needless to say..he or his family are those influential families in SG society..cannot be one who is associate with geylang community. 

Take for example. The former fi ance minister Richard Hu..who was hand picked by LKY ...can say he doesn't need the mio $ salary .cos he is damn rich..staying in a bid landed property at Holland road area.. 

U tell me..who would just resigned f a finance minister post? ..not many u find..cos a finance minister post is a very prestigious position..all legal tender notes ( currency) were signed by him.. cannot be an ah long guy to be a finance minister wat? 

Richard Hu can just's nothing to's not that he is sick or wat? 

I believe the reason for his resignation is due...he saw the behavior of LKY's son.. slapping danaballan..n Richard Hu knew tat sooner or later..ah siao Kia will takrover as PM.. harloooo Richard Hu wealth.." chiak buay Liao" la why must he get involved with unruly n complicated trouble..wat for find trouble! 

From wat I see..the reason for ah siao Kia to hv halimah as the next SG president is just to please our neighbouring show tat..ok we Sg would like to go along wit yr ala ala ecstasy..cos we SG is only a red tiny dot..n we are very scared..even wit the US base in changi is not enough.. we little red dot need to pls n accommodate everybody.. 

If u ala ala buggers come n try to disturb us..we will send halimah..our president.. to negotiate wit u fanatics buggers..can? 

If LKY is still around..I don't think she will be the next President.. 
Cos to be a president of a developed country like sg..a president must hv a certain " class" of its own. 

Abt former president Devan Nair..he has his own class..a smart and capable writer..same as those smart apuneh.. President Tony Tan..he comes from  a family wit enormous banking background..some standing in our SG society. Even our former finance minister Richard Hu..also another rich family background.. 

Cos LKY himself has his own class.. n he believe ppl who hold hi position must Oso wit certain class...of their own. Wat does halimah hv in her?..geylang or eunos class? 

I believe on why ah siao Kia or rest of those " chiak Liao bee" papist choose halimah..1) cos she is a " yes sir" person..2) she is the discipline type. Very kiasu type. 3) can easily control her..cos she know who she got to be beholden to who..4) to pls our neighbouring ala ala  countries...cos the currency lot of papist..they simply got no substances in them.

Current papist leaders changing the rules on EP was because they think by appointing a malay as some sort appeasing our ala ala neighbouring sending a message to them saying..'u see..we should is neutral country even yr ala ala ppl stand a chance to be our president.. the other possibility is. Our current bunch if papist leaders..all got no spine n guts as being leader..all scared scared la. Cant blame them la.they simply got no character at all 
If the those bunch of papist leaders believe by putting halimah a Muslim just to pls or show to our ala Ala pls them..why not try get an IS IS gut or Hamas guy to be our president. This way our neighbouring could tries won't dare to take negative thing abt us..hehehe

Firstly..since they ( papist) got nothing to being more diplomatic or having some kind of person2person friendship binding..our papist has only this to show.. secondly, seeing how world events taking place done by those ala ala our kwai kwai leaders telling themselves..better don't play play wit all these crazy ppl"..they ( crazy ala ala ppl) don't step on us.. considered as blessing already la.."". Hehehe.. 

Alamak..we sgian look forward to have leader like President Duterte who got guts to bend the rules..if needed.. cos good leader is abt dare to bend the rules for the betterment to their communities in the long term. One must appreciate such leader like Duterte cos what he his doing..he is putting his life at stake. Anytime he could be killed by hired gunman..He did it becos if his love for his country..harlooooo he can just be like other previous presidents..just shake leg n collect salary n enjoying the privilege accorded to the president..n can sleep well every night.. 

We sgian urgently need strong leader like Duterte but not going for a killing spree ( on drug ppl or undesirable element) but to prime our economy n provide inspiration to up n coming young biz ppl.. 

Contributor : Brian Lee

PM Lee Mistaken Halimah Yacob As A Malay

Recently, in his attempt to install a puppet President, the Malay race has been slandered by the Singapore dictator Prime Minister and his government of mindless parrots. According to Lee Hsien Loong, a “Malay” is someone who must be a Muslim “from the Malay community”. The dictator even have a 16-member committee to decide if one’s blood running in a candidate’s veins is “Malay” or otherwise. This is of course hogwash, and rightfully being rejected by Singaporeans.

Who are the Malays? Simply put in, they are the indigenous race of Singapore according to Article 152 of the Singapore Constitution.

“(2) The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.’”

Malays in Singapore enjoy special rights (and rightfully of course) that of indigenous people in first world countries like the Torres Straits Islanders in Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand. Just like Chinese and Indians, there are also Malays who are non-Muslims as it is legal for Malay Singaporeans to switch or renounce religion recorded in their NRIC identity card.

However, one can never switch or renounce one’s race because a race is internationally defined by DNA and gene. As such, Halimah Yacob is an Indian because her father is Indian. She can switch her religion to a Muslim but she can never be a Malay because she is as Indian as she is female. One can go for a sex change operation, but how does one go surgical for a race change? Michael Jackson is still of a African heritage even after he bleached his skin white.

The Singapore dictatorship is causing irreparable damage to racial harmony with lopsided logic to suit their political agenda. Public arguments presented by Minister Chan Chun Sing, Janil Puthucheary and K Shanmugam should rightfully warrant an arrest from the Internal Security Department, as their speeches greatly hurt the feelings of the Malay race. The reserved Presidential Election should also be banned because it erodes meritocracy as ESM Goh Chok Tong pointed out, and the chief culprit Lee Hsien Loong should be jailed, for his corruption is turning the country upside down as he did to his own house.

Is Tan Chuan Jin Demoted?

Is Tan Chuan Jin demoted to a speaker of parliament post?. 

Is he no longer seen as part of the 4th-generation core leadership? 

Is seems the Speaker post usually comes from a MP post and not of a minister. And why is one of the two current deputy speakers is not promoted to the speaker post? 

From being a full Cabinet minister in the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), with hundreds of staff, important policies to make, and reportedly an annual seven-figure salary, he is being put up for the role of 
Speaker, with sway over a tiny staff, and salary reportedly in the mid-six figures. 

Seriously speaking, the Speaker is more like a puppet job similar to the puppet president post as it has no direct power to involve or make in any policy making of any ministry and of any parliamentary debates, and of any 
elected representation of the constituency electorates of MP meetings with voters in the people session 

The speaker job in Singapore is like a sitting referee sitting in the center of the badminton directing the the opposing player on both sides of the court of who will serve first and to decide if the shuttlecock is to be 
replaced or not or ordering the player to take a break or ordering the cleaner to clean up the sweat on the floor, and to watch the time clock of playing time of the match. 

Contributor - real.


Welcome to Lee.GAPORE:
As a Singaporean, you are to obey and execute ALL govt orders and laws
in a prompt and obedient manner. Failure to comply will be
disciplinarily dealt with.

-The govt is always right and this is the core value of all

-Surely, your problems CANNOT be the fault of the government. 
-You are to be seen, instructed and not heard. 

-Do not bother to feedback to the govt, the usual reply will be
"Surely Cannot"
-Welcome to Singapore, (you will survive if U have the money).

"The fact that the opposition can't put up enough candidates surely
cannot be the fault of the GRC system"
Wong Kan Seng and the usual PAP rhetoric: makes me wonder when our
Ministers will ever start listening to us peasants in Singapore:

Quote:{said Mr Wong. 'The fact that the opposition can't put up enough
candidates SURELY CANNOT be the fault of the GRC system.’}
Mr Wong might also be interested in assisting other Ministries reply
to feedback in the following like-wise manner:

"Getting single PAP MPs married is also a quest for the PAP, the fact
that Singaporeans cannot afford $/ time to have children (birth
rate=1.26): surely cannot be the fault of a Government policy."
"Some white horses also suffered injuries in NS; the fact that SAF has
accidents: surely cannot be the fault of the military organization"
"Our constituents also have difficulty with their medical bills, just
because opposition constituents also too have difficulty: Surely
Cannot be the fault of government hospitals."
"Most PAP supporters do not get the chance to vote either, the fact
that elections in Singapore are so often walkover in nature: SURELY
also CANNOT be the fault of the PAP govt".........

Logic?.... so whose fault is it? Rule 1, PAP is ALWAYS right: so= no
need any govt investigations/ corrective measures like dat lah?, might
as well also Surely cancel the current baby debate and then we will
soon reach rotten extinction!

Really makes me wonder how we elected this inflexible, deaf,  'MONSTER
politician' as an MP/ minister, or have we all been taken in (hook+
line+ sinker) by the 'more good PAP years', '5Cs', 'a higher flying
altitude' promise.
=> GRC of more then 4members serves no additional benefit towards
racial harmony, period. It is an excessive requirement and an obstacle
to fair elections in Singapore; by disadvantaging a struggling
opposition and out-pricing ALL single seat constituency
representatives wannabe. Why the need to raise the election deposit to
S$13K/person: to reduce competition and encourage walkovers? What has
happened to innovation, flexibility, creativity, variation we so
promote in our economy; must we all listen to PAP ALL the time in
parliament? Why are the citizens of Singapore NOT procreating, just
shy? or is it because we don't want our descendants to suffer the way
we did in NS, pat high taxes and suffer to buy necessities etc under a
tyrannical PAP govt?

I dunno and I feel somehow very brave to speak up, hope I don't get
into trouble writing this> but I think that the birth rate of 1.26,
far short of 2.1 needs an urgent investigation and policy reappraisal.
"cannot be our fault attitude" is simply wrong and avoidant in nature.
We continue our current beliefs and practices, and we will be extinct
in a few generations.
Problem with me is that I care enough to write, hope LKY et. al. dun
mind my comments, they should reply below if my facts happen to be

And BTW, LKY should have also stated in his 'airlines' speech: that
when we get to 36,000ft (up from the current 33,000ft altitude), we
should be flying as a family of 4 or more,  and not as singles......
to encourage/ glamorize childbirth...heh..heh...heh!
Contributed by "Democracy-is-my-Religion".

Government declines to investigate improper payments by MOH

The Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) has flagged the Ministry of Health (MOH) for spending S$4.08 million dollars on “supervisory staff” for the construction of Ng Teng Fong Hospital without verifying the need or reasonableness for this expenditure. MOH also did not seek appropriate approval from its approval authority for this expenditure.

MOH’s payment of another S$30.09 million to hospital contractors made for contract variations was marked by the AGO for being inadequately scrutinised by the appropriate authorities. It had been revealed that the agent employed by MOH had not complied by the Ministry’s requirements that payments under S$80,000 be approved by two signatories and that payments over S$80,000 be approved by three signatories when the agent sought approval by only one staff.
The AGO said, “The lack of required level of checks increased the risk of fraud. The fact that MOH was not aware of the agent’s non-compliance indicated that it did not exercise adequate oversight on the agent.”
The AGO also faulted MOH for irregularities in managing 40 variation works in 10 other projects. Again, approval for these works was not sought from the appropriate authorities and in many instances, work commenced before formal approval was given. The variation works amount to S$3.76 million.

Besides this, the Ministry was flagged for wrongful payments made under the ElderCare Fund which is meant for subsiding nursing homes run by Voluntary Welfare Organisations. MOH had overpaid S$48,000 to two service providers and underpaid two other service providers by S$12,300.

MOH has been headed by Minister Gan Kim Yong since 2011. It has said that there are no indications of fraud or corruption that warrant further investigation, adding that it has since introduced additional checks to avoid such discrepancies in future audits.


A structure on an incomplete highway collapsed early Friday (July 14) morning near the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) exit to Tampines Expressway (TPE).

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said one worker, a PRC, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, while 10 others have been sent to Changi General Hospital.

At around 7am, it said all workers at the construction site have been accounted for and that search and rescue operations had been completed.

SCDF was alerted to the incident at about 3.35am, according to a post on their Facebook.

The collapsed structure looked to have been about 5 metres high, according to an ST photographer who arrived at the scene at 4.30am.

Dear A.S.S. Editors,
Or Kim Peow Contractor is the firm responsible for building the highway along Upper Changi Rd, but what's interesting is, it is owned by OKP Holdings Pte Ltd, whose Chairman and Directors are grassroots leaders!
Chairman Or Kim Peow is in Potong Pasir CCC and was awarded Public Service Awards a few times before. His 3 sons are Directors of the company (surprise surprise!) and were similarly awarded for their contributions to public service. Or Toh Wat is the Group Managing Director and chairs Potong Pasir CC's Management Committee. Another son, Or Kiam Meng, is the Executive Director and Patron of Anchorvale CC's Management Committee. The third son, Or Lay Huat, is a member of Tampines GRC, the First Vice Chairman of Tampines West CCC, and a Treasurer of the School Advisory Committee at East View Primary School.
And that's not all ok! Other directors of the company also held senior positions in the public sector. Chen Seow Phun was an MP from 1988 to 2006. He served as Minister of State for Communications, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, and Minister of State for National Development. He was Board member with the HDB, EDB, Port of Singapore and Singapore Power Ltd. Another director, Tan Boen Eng, also held senior positions at IRA, Singapore Pools and was a member of the Singapore Sports Council.
Whoa don't play play, all big shots sia. How come so many big shots but still cannot ensure safety precautions, still kena fined, still got lapse? What are they going to do about it now that they kena so many accidents? Eh pls la, make sure you run your company properly first before boasting about your involvement in "serving the community"!
Jason LA.S.S. Contributor


The contractor in charge of building the affected highway, Or Kim Peow Construction, was fined $250,000 2 years ago for failing to take safety precautions and causing a worker's death in an accident at Yio Chu Kang flyover. In 2015, 4 workers fell when the platform they were on gave way. The accident happened because the company did not check if the platform was properly put up.

At the time, the Manpower Ministry said: "This is a clear case of a company that does not take workplace safety seriously".

But 2 years later, they're still using the same contractor and look what happened! Shouldn't they be blacklisted especially for a big project like this? What's going on? Anyhow only!