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Singtel cheating on users of GPRS?

From: Rainbow 虹

Subject: Re: Singtel is so greedy to cheat on charging extra on its users over uses of GPRS

On Nov 28, 12:28 am, Zanzibar wrote:
> On Nov 27, 11:15 pm, Rainbow 虹 wrote:

> > Please check your bill for suspicious charges on your data usage.

> > My Daughter has signed up for data plan, but despite called Singtel to
> > clarify, in the following months, they still charge you by per call
> > basis, which could shoot your bill to hundreds of dollars.

> > I have purposely altered the IDEAS GPRS user-name on my hand phone,
> > and I also have made sure I do not access dataline using GPRS,
> > however, the bill still charge me over $20 for the stupid accessing
> > the junk message on Singtel IDEAS website using GPRS.

> > Even you call up tp complain, it is difficult to talk to them and make
> > them make changes.

> > Fuck the monopolized system in telecoms business in Singapore.

> To avoid inadvertent pressing of the internet button while using your
> mobile phone, you can create a "dummy" profile.

> It is like creating an additional profile under the "connectivity"
> setting under the setting icon. It is like setting up a blank profile
> to divert the "internet connection circuit" in hte phone to a dummy
> balanK.

> This "dummy" selection created under the "connectivity" setting in the
> phone setting will automatically create a "dummy for "data comm",
> "internet setting", and "setting for java".

> All these are found under "connectivity" This settings of phone
> explanations is based on sony ecrisson model.

> Once a selection is set on the "dummy "profile", the inadvertent
> pressing of the key on the phone is neutralised and inactivated of
> it.

> The internet key cannot be activated in anyway - and it cannot connect
> to any internet connections - i.e .no mms, no gprs, no google search,
> and no sony music play and nothing.

> The phone's mobile netwrork can still be set to selection of either 3G
> or 3G/GSM - given that all the Sim card is all on 3G. It will not
> affect the "dummy" setting which is to disconnect the internet or GPRS
> or MMs connections.

I did that.
But Singtel will still charge you for the failed attempt of connecting
to internet thru GPRS.
Singtel hand phone has such a hidden feature that it will try to
connect to IDEAS network if the WiFi connectivity fail.

Sentosa conquered by Foreign Talents

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: Sentosa island becomes an influx foreigner workers land

They will pay rent for the whole island for billions of dollars every year,
for exclusive use.

"truth" wrote in message
> The vast majority of those who bought property on Sentosa are
> rich foreigners.
> In time to come Sentosa will be the playground for the rich and
> famous of the world. When that time comes, Singaporeans may
> be barred from entering Sentosa for security reason.

> "Rainbow ?" wrote in message
>>I went to Sentosa today, to my very surprised, more than 60% of the
>> the people in Sentosa are foreign workers who jammed up the beach near
>> the Beach station. I saw many Singaporean family could not even find a
>> peaceful place on the beach to enjoy their day, because you could see
>> constant streams of groups of foreign workers walking pass the beaches
>> non-stop. Many of these workers even stopped by to take picture of
>> ladies wearing in bikini. Singaporean can't even enjoined their
>> peaceful relaxing moment in the beach.

>> To make it worse, these groups of foreign workers are littering our
>> environment, they spitted, throwing dirts and left all the after meals
>> rubbish on the beach wherever they used.

>> It is time for Sentosa to charge higher fee, and giving discount to
>> Singaporeans for such compensation. Or else, it is a matter of times,
>> Sentosa will lost its status of tourist spot and become a gathering
>> ground for foreign workers

Dangerous to let a mistake-prone LKY lead Singapore

From: "icon."
Subject: Re: Dangerous to let a mistake-prone LKY lead Singapore

We have survive better from each crisis better than your country. Your
country is infected with too much issues and will crumble soon or later.

"truth" wrote in message
> That LKY is still calling the shots and providing the brain thrusts
> to the papist leegime, there is little doubt.
> That LKY is making all sorts of mistakes there is also little doubt.
> The latest is his comment on Dubai visionary leadership in 2006.
> This is now coming back to haunt him in the wake of the bankrupcy of
> Dubai. U will also remember that in 2007, LKY make the bold
> prediction that Singapore is in a prolong golden era. The world is
> now in deep recession and Singapore is one of the worst affected.
> U will also remember that in 2008 LKY also predicted that the
> Western world financial and economic crisis will not spread to
> Asia. Back in 1996, LKY urged Singaporeans to go regional.
> Many businessmen did and lost heavily. Not long after in 1997
> the massive Asian Financial crisis rock the region and corps
> fell like bowling pins.
> With a feeble and error-prone mind like that, he sure is a danger
> to Singapore and Singaporeans.
> So Singaporeans, please wise up. Screw this man and kick him
> out.

What LKY said of Dubai

From: "icon"

Subject: Re: What LKY said of Dubai

Dubai mismanaged their own fund, they only have themselves to blame.

"truth" wrote in message

> When LKY was praising Dubai, I was posting here
> warning of their demise. The way they were throwing away
> $, it is so obvious they were heading for disaster. Check on
> achive of my postings on google.
> Dubai is history and the place will never be the same again.
> The trust and confidence on which it is build is gone forever.
> No sane investors will trust them again.

> "truth" wrote in message
> news:74RPm.58062$

>> "truth" wrote in message
>> news:jXQPm.58057$
>>> "Dubai has the resources and visionary leadership to be one of the
>>> world's leading business hubs." Singapore's elder statesman said: "I'm
>>> greatly enthused by what's happening in Dubai. It's spectacular" -Lee
>>> Kuan Yew in the UAE, April 29, 2007.

>>> truth comment: this shameless coward keep on making a fool of himself on
>>> the world
>>> stage. people are just being nice to him by pretending to listen to him.
>>> but in their hearts
>>> they are having a good laugh at this shameless coward who has been
>>> making all sorts
>>> or ridiculous statements.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

PSA suffers major setbacks

From: "icon"
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 08:47:04 +0800
Local: Sat, Nov 28 2009 8:47 am
Subject: Re: PSA suffers major setbacks

The usual business cycle, there will be ups and downs. When they are up,
will those hardcore critcs sing praises?

"truth" wrote in message

> Singapore, the world's largest container port by throughput, looks likely
> to suffer a bigger fall in traffic than many other ports this year, in
> spite of a slight uptick in traffic in provisional figures for October.

> The port suffered a 16.5 per cent fall in throughput to 21,255,900
> twenty-foot equivalent units in the 10 months to the end of October (a TEU
> is a standard container).

> As a global transshipment hub for traffic between Asia, Europe and the US
> west coast, Singapore is highly vulnerable to a decline in world trade on
> the scale caused by the global financial crisis - 85 per cent of the
> port's container throughput is transshipment traffic.

> The fall in Singapore volumes is much steeper than the predicted 10.3 per
> cent drop in global traffic this year, marking a serious reverse for PSA,
> which runs five of the port's six container terminals and accounts for
> about 97 per cent of its container throughput.

> PSA, which also runs ports in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and
> Latin America, has responded with vigorous cost cutting, including the
> second round of pay cuts for senior executives in six years.

> PSA is understood to have offered discounts to some shipping lines using
> its Singapore terminals. It has also extended credit terms for many lines,
> typically from 30 to 60 days.

> In addition to these short-term measures, the company has delayed some
> terminal projects, in line with a warning by Eddie Teh, the group chief
> executive, earlier this year that "all measures are being taken to
> conserve cash in an illiquid credit market".

> Most of the affected projects appear to be in PSA's international
> operations rather than in Singapore. However, completion of the second
> phase of the Pasir Panjang terminal is understood to have been delayed.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Harsh on drugs but promoting gambling

From: "truth"

Subject: Re: Harsh on drugs but promoting gambling

Australians are not so addictive to gambling as Chinese Singaporeans.
That is one point which the papist leegime overlook in their
rush to boost the economy by opening up two casinos. Loan sharking
is already such a pervasive problem in Singapore due to this inherent
traits of the Chinese Singaporeans. Opening of the Casinos will
vastly aggravate this problem. Legislation has not and will not solve
the problem. Education is the key. However the education system in
Singapore has swayed into overdrive on entrepreneurship and risk
taking which basically is gambling.
The papist leegime is bankrupt of ideas as to how to move Singapore
forward. So long as they placed their stranglehold on power over the
freedom and democratic rights of Singaporeans, they will languish in this
dead end. No amount of juggling and monkey tricks will get them out
of this mess.

"icon" wrote in message
> Does Australia has any Casino Self Exclusion?

> The stock market is a huge gambling den, do you agree?

> "truth" wrote in message

>> Apply for Casino Self-Exclusion Here...

>> You can apply for self-exclusion here:

>> I got my whole family to do it.

>> I was reading through stories about problem gamblers in Australia
>> serveral months ago. In many cases they were passing by the casino (back
>> from the cinema, restaurant, supermarket) and were drawn by the bright
>> lights. They decide to go in play a few rounds on the slot
>> machines(pokies) and before they know it they were hooked. Companies
>> making slot machines program these machines with lights and sounds to
>> trigger plenty of endorphins (pleasure inducing chemicals) to be released
>> in your brain when you win. In fact they hire Phds to research how to get
>> players hooked on their slot machines. Why do people get addicted to
>> drugs? Drugs like marijuana cause the release endorphins in the brain and
>> cause a craving for more. In Singapore we hang people who bring in
>> marijuana but allow the slot machines in clubs. Why? Problem gambling is
>> just as harmful as drugs - just look at the 12,000 loan shark harassment
>> cases year to date. Many, I believe, are the result of gambling.

>> Before the govt even decided to build casinos to added to the problem, it
>> was already a problem for many families and the harm caused by gambling
>> is no less than that caused by drugs. Why are we so harsh on one problem
>> and so lax on the other? I can't believe the poster at one Singapore
>> Pools outlet I passed by the other day - it warned people about gambling
>> by asking them to gamble within their means. The poster is found here

>> This ridiculous message is reflective of the effort our govt to put in to
>> tackle the gambling problem. If you follow what the what the poster says,
>> it is actually asking you to start gambling (responsibly?) as if it is a
>> good thing like exercise - the correct message should be don't gamble or
>> don't learn to gamble or don't start gambling or stop gambling. Most of
>> these so-called "responsible gambling" campaigns are run by casino
>> operators or online poker website operators. It is similar to the
>> "Children don't smoke" campaign run by cigarette companies - the
>> underlying message is children don't smoke so you're very adult to do so.
>> How do people become problem gamblers? They start by playing light You
>> don't go around telling people taking recreational drugs occasionally for
>> pleasure is okay. It sends the wrong message by telling people there is
>> something called "responsible gambling" ...that gambling can be good.
>> They should tell people gambling is bad and it can lead to harm. I'm not
>> suggesting the govt ban gambling outright but the campaign message has to
>> be that you do it at your own risk of harming yourself and your family.
>> This govt is so strict it censors what we watch and read. Yet it allows
>> something as harmful as gambling to proliferate and the related problem
>> of loan sharking to grow. The govt's limited effort in this area has been
>> disappointing and that is why many Singaporeans believe the casino will
>> bring more harm than good.

Philip Jeyaretnam - a disgrace to JBJ?

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 05:52:54 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 27 2009 1:52 pm
Subject: A disgrace to JBJ

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Singapore. Philip Jeyaretnam excels by collaborating with his father's
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Nov 24, 2006 online edition of the state controlled newspaper
Straits Times has the shameful story "Newest member of the PSC".

It tells us that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government has yet again showered
even more prizes over Mr. Philip Jeyaretanm, the son of the late opposition
leader JB Jeyaretnam who was hounded and persecuted for more than 30 years
by the very same government, all for standing up for his people.

In the recent past, he was made the president of the Singapore Law Society,
which we all know is an arm of Lee Kuan Yew's government. Now he is given
further honors. He has now been made a member of Singapore's prestigious
Public Service Commission.

Frankly this man is not worth writing much about. Simply put, he is a man
lacking the slightest of loyalty and integrity that one would expect a son
for his father. What is even more disgusting in this case, is the fact that
he is a lawyer, and he knows the law, and how it was abused to destroy his

He knew all along the litany of prosecutions and defamation actions by this
Lee Kuan Yew government against his father had not the slightest of merit.
He knew all along that ever rule in the book was being broken and bent to
harass, intimidate and destroy his father. He knew that the Constitution
protected his father but yet was blatantly violated. He knew all along that
his father was the punching bag of Lee Kuan Yew's shameful excesses.

Yet he did nothing. Nothing at all to defend him. Not a word.

Yet this man, not only refuses to raise even a whimper in defense of his
father. He goes one disgraceful step further. He willingly collaborates with
them. And permits them to cleverly use him.

They use him by giving him honors and accolades, such as "Cambridge educated
lawyer" "son of the late opposition leader JB Jeyaretnam", implying they are
fair minded towards the opposition, which in fact they never were. With him
they are able to argue that they are not out to destroy the opposition, as
many accuse them of, which he is permitting them to do it with his

We all want to succeed in life, but surely we want to do it with bit of
honor and self respect. His willing collaboration with the very same people
who destroyed his father shows one thing to us. He is obviously not a man
capable of succeeding in life by his own merits. He can only succeed by
licking boots, regardless of whether the boots were the very ones which
trampled on his father.

He is a disgrace, to the word "son", a disgrace to his profession and a
disgrace to the respected University of Cambridge.

We need not say more about him.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

Singapore court more lenient to foreigner

From: Rainbow 虹

Subject: Re: Singapore court more lenient to foreigner

This is not the first time. Remembered one Ang Moh was killed at the
traffic light and was awarded 1 million compensation. After this, you
can see many Ang Moh simply run over the traffic light without fear.
Thanks to the Singapore Judge.

On Nov 27, 10:03 pm, "truth" wrote:

> Two similar cases of appeal was heard by High Court judge Justice Lee Seiu
> Kin yesterday with two different results.

> While a Japanese national was successful in his appeal against imprisonment
> for assaulting a cabby, a Singaporean was jailed a month for kicking a bus
> driver.

> Mr Taniguchi Mitsuru, 47, a Japanese construction site manager was initially
> sentenced to six weeks' jail in September for using an umbrella to assault a
> cabby on the forehead and thigh.

> He had hailed Mr Lim Hing Soon's cab along Orchard Road in the early hours
> of Sept 2 last year after a night out with a friend at a pub. Mr Lim then
> pursued Mr Mitsuru to collect his taxi fare but was pushed to the ground by
> Mr Mitsuru.

> When Mr Lim returned to his taxi to retrieve an umbrella, Mr Taniguchi tried
> to grab it away from him and both fell to the ground during the tussle.

> The scuffle for control of the umbrella continued which resulted in the
> victim having a 7cm-long cut over the forehead, a left upper thigh wound and
> chest pain.

> Mr Mitsuru's lawyer argued that his actions were in "self-defence" and he
> stopped when he saw the taxi driver bleed. Justice Lee substituted Mr
> Mitsuru's jail sentence with a $2,000 fine.

> In another case, Singaporean Balbir Singh was sentenced to one month's
> imprisonment for kicking a bus driver on his leg after being reminded the
> second time to pay his fare.

> Justice Lee dismissed his appeal on the grounds that the act was committed
> in "a spur of the moment" and that he was "in a hurry".

> He said a deterrent message needed to be sent out that attacks against bus
> drivers would not be tolerated.

Foreign Talents Become Loan Sharks

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: Foreigners moving into loan sharking in Singapore

These already happened in Australia, does not mean the same to Singapore.

"truth" wrote in message

> Well well, with so many foreigners in Singapore, this must
> happened.
> Foreigners are moving into the laon sharking and other
> illegal business like smuggling of contraband cigarett.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CPF has failed Singaporeans

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: CPF has failed Singaporeans

Do you have CPF? Bonus from government for surpluses? Tax exemption for NS?
What type of benefits do you have?

"truth" wrote in message

> But tourists arrival are sharply down from last year.
> I have having such a wonderful time in Australia.
> My standard and quality of life, Singaporeans can
> only dream at.

> "icon" wrote in message
>> We have plenty of tourists who love visiting Singapore every years but
>> you are such a pitiful person, carrying past baggage for the whole life.
>> It is time for you to let go and live a more meaningful life.

>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>I was in Singapore recently while enroute to other destinations.
>>> The hot and humid weather in Singapore sucks and I don't like
>>> to stay too long in Singapore.
>>> The money face Singaporeans are also very sickening. Any
>>> discussion evolves around how successful u r in making money.
>>> All other considerations like your ideas, logic, kindness,
>>> character are irrelevant.
>>> How rich u appear and project will determine what they think of u.
>>> Pathetic.

>>> "icon" wrote in message
>>>> Which year that you are in Singapore to see that? Actually which hawker
>>>> center?

>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>> In Australia the government give $ to the poor, so there is
>>>>> not need for the people to eat leftovers.
>>>>> In Singapore the government only give themselves $millions
>>>>> and left the poor to defend for themselves. That is why
>>>>> some end up eating scraps to survive. I saw it with my own
>>>>> eyes in Singapore.

>>>>> "icon" wrote in message
>>>>>> You not here in Singapore and not seen such incident personally, how
>>>>>> can you say such thing happen. Have you seen this in Australia?

>>>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>>>>U too busy licking pap arses and sucking their cocks
>>>>>>> to know what is really happening in Singapore.

>>>>>>> "icon" wrote in message
>>>>>>>> When is the last time you are here in Singapore to see people
>>>>>>>> eating leftovers at hawker centre? Probably this only happen in
>>>>>>>> Australia.

>>>>>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>>>>> news:uJoPm.57645$
>>>>>>>>> The CPF does not provide enough for retirement. That is why
>>>>>>>>> as a retirement fund it has failed miserably.
>>>>>>>>> What the CPF has succeeded is that it has brought plenty of
>>>>>>>>> benefits to the papist leegime.
>>>>>>>>> First, they have a cheap source of funds to develop Singapore
>>>>>>>>> and to invest thru GIC to earn higher returns. The higher returns
>>>>>>>>> of 8% was not pass onto Singaporeans. They were kept by the
>>>>>>>>> papist leegime so that they can continue to draw multi$million
>>>>>>>>> salary and all sorts of benefits. These funds also allow people
>>>>>>>>> like LKY to crow and thumb his chest on the world stage.
>>>>>>>>> Second, part of the CPF is used to take over the responsibility
>>>>>>>>> of the papist leegime on health care. We used to have free
>>>>>>>>> hospitalisation. After GCT commercialised the health system in the
>>>>>>>>> 80's, we ended up with huge hospitalisation bills.
>>>>>>>>> Third, a major chunks of the CPF are retained forever to ensure
>>>>>>>>> that you don't end up as a liablility of the papist leegime. This
>>>>>>>>> pap government is so afraid of supporting needy Singaporeans. This
>>>>>>>>> has led to some rather ridiculous situation where a person can
>>>>>>>>> have over $hundred thousand in his CPF but is a peniless bankrupt
>>>>>>>>> who have to survive by eating leftovers at hawker centre.

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:59:03 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 27 2009 8:59 pm
Subject: Re: CPF has failed Singaporeans

Can u see the ocean and whales in Singapore ?
Can u have outdoor temperature which is like
natural aircon ?
Can u go abalone catching ?
The parks in Singapore are so tiny.
The Singapore air is also polluted.
Singapore is so over crowded.
Singapore is so hot and humid.
Singapore is so noisy.
Singaporeans live in tiny pigeon holes in the sky.
No garden, no fruit trees.
Singapore don't have free media.
Singaporeans don't have real freedom and democracy.
Singaporeans perpetually living in fear of breaking
all sorts of law.
Singaporeans are perpetually bully by their own government.
Singaporeans are made to pay and pay day in day out.
Singaporeans work like hell for so little.
Singaporeans have little time to rest and spend with
their family.
Singaporeans are highly stressed.

"icon" wrote in message

> It is known that financial crisis resulted in lesser toursist worldwide.

> What stardard and quality of life you have that Singapore do not provide?

> "truth" wrote in message
>> But tourists arrival are sharply down from last year.
>> I have having such a wonderful time in Australia.
>> My standard and quality of life, Singaporeans can
>> only dream at.

The downside to studying in Singapore

From: "icon."
Subject: Re: The downside to studying in Singapore

Beware of constant interrupted study in Australia!!!

Uni strike would hit exam results

NSW: Sydney uni staff threaten ban on processing exam results

Australian strike hits Singapore students
She was supposed to check her exam results on an online portal on Friday.
But before the student, who is studying for her RMIT University degree
through SIM could do that, an email from RMIT stopped her short.

Her results had been held up - along with those of over 2,000 students
here - as some RMIT faculty were involved in a strike by the National
Tertiary Education Union in Victoria, Australia. Therefore, exam results
have been withheld over a dispute on pay and working conditions.

But the delay looks to be a short one, as the university and the union will
likely sign a memorandum of understanding on Saturday which will lift the
industrial bans in place, including the withholding of the exam results.

An RMIT spokesperson told TODAY that it will be "business as usual" when the
agreement is signed - the university will resume the release of results
immediately. About five of the university's modules - mainly in business -
were affected.

RMIT students in Australia are not affected, as they have yet to sit for
their exams, while graduating students whose results are withheld would also
not have been affected as they can apply to the union for exemptions.

An SIM spokesperson said about one-third of the 6,000 students who took RMIT
exams in April and May were affected, and RMIT had informed the university
that it had been working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is
the first time in SIM's 22-year partnership with RMIT where a strike has
affected students here.

The 20-year-old business management student received her results for three
of the four exams she took. "I was surprised, but I think everything is fine
because it sounded like someone is handling it. We were told that our
re-enrolment next semester would not be affected," she said.

Other RMIT partners in Singapore told TODAY their students have not been
affected by the strike. The Singapore Institute of Commerce - which offers
RMIT programmes in engineering - was informed of the situation but were told
it would not affect them, said its spokesman.

The strike was also supported by other universities in the state, like
Monash and Deakin, but institutions offering their programmes here said they
were not aware of it and had not been informed of any impact on students

"truth" wrote in message

> Ask any employer who are involved in hiring and they will tell u
> there is a distinct difference between local and overseas graduates.
> I have heard many times over that employers prefer foreign
> graduates as they are more matured, have a broader,
> more balance outlook in life and carry themselves much better
> than graduates from local university.
> I guess the years spend in Western society living independently
> and studying in a more liberal educational environment definitely
> has its' effect on these graduates. Those who stayed in Singapore
> will continue to be more narrowly focuse on materialistic and
> academic resutls and generally less inquisitive and timid. The
> repressive climate in Singapore and the autocratic management
> culture is not good for character development.
> The difference is the foreign graduates are like a promising young
> person while the local graduates are like spoilt and timid little child.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Singapore is Third least corrupted nation in the world?

From: "icon."
Subject: Re: TI ranking of Singapore corruption is a joke

Senseless wholesale adoption of western openness, etc will lead multitude of
problems as seen in our neighbouring countries.

You are envy of our success and want to introduce these to create chaos, so
that we will not be able to compete with you. Dream on.

From: "truth"
Subject: TI ranking of Singapore corruption is a joke

A Thai expatriate living in Bangkok by the name of John Symons has written
an article to Thailand English Daily - "The Nation" expressing his doubts at
Singapore's recent ranking of 3rd by Transparency International.

The Singapore media labels Singapore as the "3rd least corrupt nation" in
the world based on the rankings which was described by Mr Symons as
"somewhat surreal."

Mr Symons questioned the accuracy of the rankings on the basis that
Singapore lacks a free and independent media - a crucial component of an
open and incorrupt society:

"One of the main precursors for an open and incorrupt society, as I
understand it, is a strong, independent and free press that is not afraid to
undertake investigative journalism to expose wrongdoers so that they can be
prosecuted and tried in fair and unbiased courts.

Singapore's press, however, is ranked 133 on a world scale of 175 for
freedom, languishing beneath such paragons of virtue as Bangladesh, the
Central African Republic, Cambodia and Nicaragua."

Mr Symons also took issue with the latest defamation lawsuit launched by MM
Lee and PM Lee against "well known and respected" Far Eastern Economic
Review which saw the Singapore court awarding damages in excess of $400,000
to the two leaders.

He felt that the picture presented by Transparent International on Singapore
is incomplete as whistle-blowers against corrupt officials are not protected
in Singapore.

"Where those who are the first line of defence in the fight against
corruption are bound and gagged and live in constant fear of law suits on a
whim, I doubt we are seeing anything that equates to a full and clear
picture of the "cleanliness" of Singapore," he wrote.

The Singapore government has always insisted on paying its leaders
astronomical salaries to curb corruption.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, is paid more than 5 times
the annual salary of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Singapore's founding father and octagenarian leader MM Lee Kuan Yew boasted
unashamedly in the state media lately that he could have earned much more in
the private sector.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew is a Cowardly low life

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: Lee Kuan Yew is a Cowardly low life

No body is afraid of him except you. The misdeeds you have done behind his
back will haunt you forever.

"truth" wrote in message

> Nobody is afraid of LKY. He is old, out of touch and
> will die soon.
> He is a shameless coward.

> "icon" wrote in message
> news:heofcg$rnl$
>> Beware of door bells or knocks at your door any time soon.

>>>>>>>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>> news:kxSOm.57225$
>>>>>>>>>>> Lee Kuan Yew continue to remain in power because he
>>>>>>>>>>> cheats. When he cannot win playing fair, he will alter
>>>>>>>>>>> the rules and the goal post to make sure that he wins.
>>>>>>>>>>> So in the fight for control of the pap, he secretly colluded
>>>>>>>>>>> with the British Colonial Masters to play the arses of
>>>>>>>>>>> Lim Chin Siong and his friends. Unable to suppress them,
>>>>>>>>>>> he abused the ISA to unjustly jailed and tortured them.
>>>>>>>>>>> People like elected MP Chia Thye Poh, Dr. Poh Soo
>>>>>>>>>>> Kai, Dr. Lim Hock Siew and many other upright and
>>>>>>>>>>> loyal Singaporeans were jailed without trial under the
>>>>>>>>>>> ISA. They were kept in jail longer than a life imprisonment.
>>>>>>>>>>> They were tortured worst than those given to criminal
>>>>>>>>>>> detainees.
>>>>>>>>>>> Today Lee Kuan Yew is using more subtle and refine
>>>>>>>>>>> tactics to contain Dr. Chee Soo Juan and his SDP.
>>>>>>>>>>> Lee Kuan Yew is a cowardly low life.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Govt helps Singaporeans by increasing property tax!

From: NotMyProblem
Subject: Re: Nincompoop Liu has foot-in-mouth disease

Only the papist can give you these type of logics likes;

Only graduates women produce smart children

Inside 200M is not within 200M

Increase tax to help the poor

Increase bus fare to avoid greater increase in future.

David Teo wrote:
> This is puzzling??? Surprise and rather dissappointed to hear this from an
> ex-navy admiral. dt

> "Superbee" wrote in message
> On Nov 23, 11:27 am, "truth" wrote:
>> Govt helps Singaporeans by increasing property tax!

>> It is not enough for you to understand that the property tax has been
>> increased because your property value has gone up due to our govt's
>> inability to cool the current property bubble. You have to understand that
>> the increase is actually done for your own good and this increase is made
>> to
>> help you!

>> According to Minister Lui, the hike of property tax next year is to
>> prevent
>> a bigger hike later "should home prices continue to rise". How does he
>> know
>> that home prices will continue to rise? It will only keep rising if the
>> HDB
>> does not keep up with supply so is that the govt game plan?

>> So all of us should go to our boss to ask for a pay hike to help our
>> company. Please hike our pay now to avoid a bigger hike next year should
>> the
>> economy get stronger.
>> -----------------------------------
>> Hiked to avoid bigger rise[Link]

>> THE property tax of HDB flats is being raised next year partly to avoid
>> having to introduce a bigger increase later should home prices continue to
>> rise, said Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts
>> Lui
>> Tuck Yew.

>> He gave the reason on Sunday when he was asked, at a dialogue with
>> Aljunied-Hougang residents, whether the Government could have delayed it
>> since the recession has just started to ease

>> posted by LuckySingaporean

> Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lui Tuck
> Yew.

> He is a good candidate for a complete makeover.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

NS - a waste of time and life of young Singaporeans

Reduce the duration of national service and reservist

National Service, or army conscription in Singapore, was first introduced in 1967 due to pressing issues such as national security after Singapore’s “forced” independence in 1965. In 1971, the British completely pulled out of Singapore. It has been 41 years since the introduction of NS.

Since then the world and Asia has changed significantly in terms of security and economic arrangements. But has Singapore’s conscription policy kept up with these changes to reflect and cope with the new geopolitical landscape?

First let us review the service that all able-bodied 18-year-old male Singaporeans have to undergo. Basic Military Training, or BMT, is the “boot camp” for all new recruits. This lasts for three months whereupon the soldier then gets posted out to other units for further specialised training.

The conscripts then serve the remainder of their two-year stint polishing up their combat skills. Following the two years of full-time service, NSmen are required (for up to 40 days a year) to serve in a part-tme capacity until they are 50 years old for commissioned officers and 40 for others.

Reduce the two-year full-time service

In an age where warfare has turned to “smart” technology, is it still logical and necessary for Singapore to insist that its National Servicemen undergo 24 months months of active, full-time service? Such a policy is rare among countries that maintain a conscription policy. Below is a list of countries with periods of full-time conscript service:

1.Austria (6 months)
2.Bolivia (12 months)
3.Brazil (9-12 months)
4.Denmark (4-12 months)
5.Estonia (8-11 months)
6.Finland (6-12 months)
7.Germany (9 months)
8.Greece (12 months)
9.Guatemala (12-24 months)
10.Moldavia (12 months)
11.Mongolia (12 months)
12.Paraguay (12-24 months)
13.Poland (9-12 months)
14.Serbia (6 months)
15.Switzerland (18-21 weeks)
16.Taiwan (12 months)
17.Tunisia (12 months)
18.Turkey (12 months)
19.Ukraine (12 months_
20.Uzbekistan (12 months)

From the above data, it can be seen that for all intents and purposes a conscript army training programme need not be as long as the one we have in Singapore. The more advance countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Switzerland all have full-time services limited to one year and less.

Even Taiwan, which has an identifiable enemy in the form of China, limits its active service to 12 months. Only countries like South Korea and Israel have conscription periods that are longer than Singapore’s. These countries are, however, in a state of war.

Given the situation in Singapore there is no reason why we cannot employ more efficient training methods and reduce full-time NS from the present two-years to twelve months or less.

Reservist training

The current period of reserve training for NS men of up to 40 years old is also a burden on the servicemen and, by extension, the economy. Not only does the serviceman have to contend with the influx of foreigners, they are disadvantaged in terms of employment, remuneration and promotion when employers compare local men who have to be away for weeks in anyone year with foreign workers who have no such obligation.

The span of a serviceman’s reservist training should not go beyond 30 years of age. Men tend to settle down and start families around this age and job stability and carreer prospects are essential during this period. Unfair competition from foreign nationals would handicap local males and add to their already stressful lifestyles.

In addition, the human body goes into a physical decline after the age of 30. To keep our military personnel in top condition, it makes little sense in keeping men over the age of 30 in the frontline if military conflict does indeed breakout.

Increase volunteer, professional army

To compensate for the decrease in the number of active and reservist NSmen, the Singapore Armed Forces should expand volunteer army recruitment to complement the reduction in the number of conscripts.

In fact, the number of countries that have scrapped conscription are on the rise: Argentina (1994), Belgium (1994), Czech Republic (2004), France (1996), Hungary (2004), Italy (2004), Netherlands (1996), New Zealand (1972), Portugal (2004), and Spain (2001).

While Singapore may not be ready to follow suit, it would be prudent for us to reduce NSmen in favour of a professional military outfit

At the moment, NSmen are exploited for their services to glorify the PAP during National Day parades. The energy and time of these men can be put to more productive use than as entertainment for the PAP regime.

Conscientious objectors

What about people who do not believe that it is right for them to do military service due to moral, religious or ethical grounds? At the moment such conscientious objectors are charged and imprisoned for the length of their service.

In some of the countries that have compulsory military service, there is also a provision for conscientious objectors to serve in non-combat roles. There is an argument that this would open the flood gates for men to opt for non-combat positions. Such a loophole can be plugged by increasing the length of active service by, say, six months. The experiences of other countries like Germany and Sweden have not been negative in this aspect where males try to avoid combat service by claiming to be conscientious objectors.

Tranparency and openness

Obligation in Singapore seems to be a one-way street. While the Government holds the people accountable for their NS liabilities, the Ministry of Defence remains non-transparent and non-accountable in their dealings with the public.

The recent deaths of National Servicemen have opened a can of worms on training safety. In addition, the number of training fatalities and injuries are not made known to the public as a matter-of-course. The Government which compels the people to give their lives for the country are obliged to be absolutely transparent with information pertaining to safety issues. Compensation for deaths and injuries must also be reviewed and revised upwards.

The Government must also not exploit NSmen as cheap labour during major events such as the WB-IMF meeting or, possibly, the upcoming Youth Olympics. In must be remembered that the Enlistment Act was enacted for a specific purpose and any detraction from that purpose must be shunned.


When citizens are forced to serve in the military with the possibility of being killed if called to war, it is imperative that the government is a democratic one where citizens can hold the government accountable for its decisions and actions. Otherwise we may end up in a situation where wars are waged for the ruling elite rather than for the security and sovereignty of the nation.

Better to die than be sick

From: Siansiansian
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 01:24:38 -0800 (PST)
Local: Fri, Nov 20 2009 5:24 pm
Subject: Re: "Better to die than be sick."

If you don't have the money, no hospital here will treat you as
priority. My brother's son was hit by a car few years ago, and he was
admitted to NUH where he was left on the bed for 5 days 5 nights with
his painful broken leg, before he was operated on by a doctor. It is
simply so because my brother is a taxi driver, and he has empty
medisvae account. And his family will be treated at lowest possible
priority when it comes to the medical needs.

It is true that in Singapore you got to be able to work and earn for
yourselves and family. You don't rely on those people who are only
doing wayang shows to sent rice and daily food to your door steps
during their "charity" campaign.

On Nov 20, 12:08 pm, "truth" wrote:

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> November 20, 2009 by admin
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> Written by our Correspondent

> A 70 year-old breast cancer patient has chosen to end her life by leaping to
> her death from a HDB flat.

> Madam Chen Baozhu used to sell prawn noodles with her husband Mr Yan Qingji
> in Geylang. They live together with a son who suffers from cerebral palsy.

> Due to their ill-health, they have to stop working and depend on public
> assistance from the government to support themselves. Mr Yan had a stroke
> three months ago and is still recuperating.

> According to her nephew, Madam Chen was worried her medical bills may impose
> a financial burden on the family.

> Mr Yan has been sent to a old folks' home and his son to a nursing home.
> There is nobody else in the family to take care of them.

> As recipients of public assistance, both Mr Yan and Madam Chen would have
> received a monthly allowance of $330 from the state and they do not have to
> pay for their medical bills at government clinics and hospitals.

> Singapore's aging population is a perennial headache for the government
> which is exacerbated by the declining birth rates.

> The government has encouraged Singaporeans to work as long as they can.
> Retirement age is extended to 62 and eventually to 67.

> Immigration is also encouraged as a means to increasing the flagging
> population. 36 per cent of Singapore's population now consists of
> foreigners.

> There are few social welfare benefits for Singapore citizens. CPF, which is
> originally intended as a pension fund is now deemed inadequate to meet the
> retirement needs of Singaporeans.

> Singapore's cash-rich government has so far refrained from expanding the
> social safety net out of fear that it will lead to a crutch mentality among
> the populace.

> "Welfare" is a taboo in Singapore officialdom which has consistently
> exhorted Singaporeans to be self-reliant.

> Singapore's income gap has widened considerably in the last decade. It is
> the second highest among the thirty most developed economies after Hong Kong
> whose result was skewed by the extraordinarily large numbers of
> billionaires.

> MM Lee Kuan Yew brushed aside the widening income gap as an issue of concern
> during a recent forum saying that it "does not matter" for long as the
> government continues to create jobs for Singaporeans.

Mah Bow Tan contradicts himself on HDB flats

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 12:45:06 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 20 2009 8:45 pm
Subject: Yet another case of papist leegime cheating Singaporeans

truth comment : they jerked up the cost of land to the hdb just to make hdb
showsa lost to prove their illegitimate claim that they are subsidising
singaporeans. this type of government cannot be trusted. they are using creative accounting to fool the people.
they can also do the same with our wealth. one of these days we will wake up
withour reserves gone and they will reason that it is due to genuine mistakes in
investment decisions. very dangerous don't u think ?
Leong Sze Hian

Number of flats sold declined, contradicting Mah's explanation on reasons
for HDB's S$2 billion deficit.

On 7 November, the Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan,
explained why the Housing and Development Board has incurred a S$2 billion
loss this year. The loss is twice that of the previous year. According to
Channelnewasia, Mr Mah said:

"It is making a loss and the government gives it grants every year to cover
the losses, mainly because we're giving subsidies to people to buy flats to
make flats affordable to first timers. That is why we're making a loss."

The report went on:

"Mr Mah said the HBD makes a loss each time it gives out subsidies to
first-timer home buyers, and when it sells flats lower than their cost
price. The reason for the high deficit was because more flats were offered
for sale last year, compared to the year before".

Mr Mah's remarks seem to contradict the statistics provided in the HDB's
latest annual report.

According to the annual report, HDB revealed that "the number of flats sold
under the home ownership scheme this year was 4,738, which was 7,253 less
than last year".

According to its section titled "Key statistics", the "demand for flats" was
9,870 Home Ownership flats for 2008/2009, compared to 12,449 for 2007/2008;
and the "Building statistics - Dwelling units" was 3,154 in 2008 compared to
5,063 in 2007.

All these numbers show that the number of flats sold have declined, rather
than increased.

The number of flats sold under the home ownership scheme declined by 60 per
cent, "Demand for flats" declined by 21 per cent, and "Building statistics -
Dwelling units" declined by 38 per cent, for the last year.

So, how is it possible then that "the reason for the high deficit ($2
billion) was because more flats were offered for sale last year, compared to
the year before", when the HDB statistics show that flats' building, demand
and sales, all declined substantially last year compared to the year before?

Can the Minister clarify his statement on the reasons for the doubling of
the deficit from $1 billion to $2 billion for the last year?

As for Mr Mah's assurance that HDB "sells flats lower than their cost price",
the HDB has not disclosed the breakdown of the cost of building flats,
despite letters to newspaper forums requesting for this information, almost
every year.

The last time this information was disclosed was in 1981, when the then
National Development Minister Mr Teh Cheang Wan, disclosed the land and
construction cost, as well as the subsidy and selling price, of the various
flat types in six districts.

For example, a three-room flat in the central core region, cost $53,700 to
construct and incurred a land cost of $40,000, and sold for $57,100.


Picture from Straits Times.

Parliament will sit at 1.30 pm on Monday, 23 November. The following are
some of the questions tabled for the Ministry of National Development:

Mr Chiam See Tong: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) what it
costs the government to build a 3-room, 4-room and 5-room HDB flat; (b) what
is the profit margin which HDB adds to the cost for each of these categories
of flats when it sells them to the public; and (c) whether HDB bases the
selling price of flats on the prevailing market price of these flats.

Er Lee Bee Wah: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) how many
new Build-To-Order flats are presently available for selection; and (b) how
do the supply and demand factors influence the cost of these flats.

Mdm Cynthia Phua: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) what is
the projected supply and demand of HDB flats in the next 5 years; (b) what
are the parameters that are taken into account in the projection of the
supply and demand of flats; (c) whether the Ministry has considered an
annual buffer number of ready flats and, if so, what is the number and the
parameters in arriving at that number; and (d) what measures will the
Ministry consider in ensuring that first-timers get a new HDB flat within 3

Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim: To ask the Minister for National Development
what is the current waiting time and the number/percentage of couples
applying for new HDB flats under the Fiance/Fiancee Scheme.

Dr Lim Wee Kiak: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) what is
the total number of permanent residents (PRs) who own HDB flats and the
distribution pattern of PRs in the various public housing estates; (b)
whether his Ministry will ensure that there is a good mix of PRs in the
various housing estates to encourage better integration with Singaporeans;
and (c) whether his Ministry will consider expanding the current policy on
racial mix for HDB flats to include PRs.

Mr Lim Biow Chuan: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) how many
HDB tenants have been evicted from HDB rental flats for the past 12 months
due to illegal sub-letting or inability to pay rental; and (b) what are HDB's
plans to provide alternative housing for such evicted tenants if they are
unable to find alternative accommodation.

Mr Lim Biow Chuan: To ask the Minister for National Development whether his
Ministry will review the household income ceiling for rental flats to take
into account inflation and the increased cost of living, before pegging
rental rates at 30% or 50% of the market rate.

Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim bullshit

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 03:36:05 GMT
Local: Sun, Nov 22 2009 11:36 am
Subject: Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim bullshit

This Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, the Environment and Water Resource Minister
is also bullshitting. During the Geylang food poisoning he bullshit. During
2006 flood, he bullshit about once in 50 years event to justify his
Now 2009 he again used this once in 50 years event to bullshit. He is
useless. Absolutely incompetent. He should be sacked.

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Every 5 years we get those "once in 50 years" floods....

The previous one being in 2006. The minister said:

"You can't design for rainfall of this level, it is just too huge. The thing
we can accept is that we can only design our canal of a certain size, and at
the end of the day, we have to live with some of these occurrences which
occur once in 50 years or so".
-Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Environment and Water Resources Minister, 2006.[Link]
Looks like we don't pay our ministers enough to create a different excuse
when these things happen.
"Yesterday's event, I was told by the PUB, occurs once every 50 years"
- Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, 20 Nov 2009[Link]
I was caught in a flood at Bukit Timah in 1988. It took 5 hours for the
water to subside before I could get out of the bus I was on to go home. Al
Gore said in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, that Singapore will be
underwater in a few decades. I wonder if the future minister will say "Sorry
guys, it is just a once in a 3000 year event" as all of us drown in our HDB

Law Minister explain why he said Singapore is a city

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 08:47:32 GMT
Local: Sun, Nov 22 2009 4:47 pm
Subject: papist nincompoops prepared to destroy Singapore to defend pap dominance

truth comment: this asshole shanmugan said singapore is not a country. these
papist nincompoops willingly sacrifice singapore to defend and prolong the
pap dictatorship in Singapore. this is outrageous and singaporeans must
punish them
for their extremely destructive selfishness.
'Interesting,' says law minister of student's query

By Elysa Chen

THE question popped up during the tea break of a dialogue session that Law Minister K Shanmugam had with 200 Ngee Ann Polytechnic students last week.

Describing the query as 'interesting', the minister expanded on his answer when the dialogue session resumed.

The question was from student Mel-Travis Loke Yong Chin, 17, who had, together with a few friends, approached Mr Shanmugam during the tea break. They were hoping to understand the minister's comments to 200 lawyers from the New York State Bar Association recently.

In particular, the students asked the minister to explain his abbreviated comment that Singapore is a city, not a country.

Explaining, Mr Shanmugam said: 'I made two speeches to the New York Bar...

'I made it clear that we are a sovereign state, with all the attributes of a sovereign state. We are a country in the legal sense.'

Explaining that political differences are shaped by economic conditions, geography and history, he said it would be more accurate to analyse Singapore's politics by referring to politics in larger US cities, like New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

This is because Singapore does not have a large geographical land mass or different histories for different regions within the same country, which could lead to different political ideologies.

Mr Shanmugam was asked at the US session if it was true that the ruling People's Action Party's (PAP) hold on power for decades could be one reason why the opposition was unable to survive or win cases in courts.

In his reply, he defended Singapore's status as a democracy during the PAP's 50-year dominance by comparing Singapore to Chicago and San Francisco, where Democrat mayors have won since 1931 and 1964, respectively.

He also pointed out the dominance of Democrats in New York City's city council, where they hold 45 out of 48 seats.

Mr Shanmugam, who was basing his comments on arguments by Mr Bryan Caplan, an American economist, said Singapore was viewed as a deviation from the democratic norm because it was seen primarily as a country.

He added: 'This is where most people make a mistake... I have tried to explain that we are different. We are a city. We are not a country.'

Travis, a year-one diploma student in banking and financial services, said later: 'We often refer to Singapore in National Day songs as a country.

'As the song goes, "This is my country, this is my flag." So, we were scrutinising the words 'city' and 'country', and trying to understand why he made the distinction.'

To shed further light on the issue, Mr Shanmugam gave the example of how New York people are interested in international trade as opposed to those in a state in the mid-west of America, who would be focused on farming and would not be interested in free trade.

He said: 'So... a party that is focused on farming and protecting farmers will do well in a farming area, but may not do well in a city area.

Urban interests

'A party that is focused on urban interests, or interests which urban voters are interested in or focused on, will do well there but may not in a farming area.'

Mr Shanmugam said that in Singapore, whether you are born in Jurong or Changi or Sembawang or in the south, there are no big differences in climate, geography or economic interests.

We go to similar schools and live in similar places - 70 to 80 per cent of our population live in public housing.

He said: 'Our economic interests and the type of society we want to see, it's similar.

'So my point was that you cannot take Singapore and compare it with a big country with huge geographical and historical differences, then it gets distorted. What we have to do is compare it with other big cities.

'And if you compare us with cities in the US or other countries, you will find similarities - people tend to vote in a certain pattern because their interests are similar.'

Travis said he was never puzzled by Mr Shanmugam's comment, as Singapore was often referred to as a garden city.

'I thought he cleared the doubts my friends had in a tactful way,' the student added.

LKY's Mistake

From: Siansiansian
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 20:20:09 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Nov 22 2009 12:20 pm
Subject: Re: LKY's Mistake

On Nov 21, 11:05 pm, NotMyProblem wrote:

> LKY made mistake on "stop at two" policy. He made mistake in the Suzhou
> Project. He made mistake in mandarin education. Maybe he also made
> mistake in "National Service".

> NS was supposed to maintain a cheap armed forces, but now it is a place
> to keep our high paying scholars.

Because of his mistake on discrimnating Chinese Education in the 60s
70s, he has made life difficult for tens of thousands of Chinese
stream students who were filtered out of the main stream in their
careers. Many of those Nata graduates had since migrated and created
their own shining careers overseas, from UK to US, Canada, China and

However, I'm glad he has admitted his mistakes.

From: "truth"
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 15:29:47 GMT
Local: Sat, Nov 21 2009 11:29 pm
Subject: Re: LKY's Mistake

Thru NS he screwed the male Singaporeans.
They are paid pittance and their career disrupted thru
reservist training.
NSmen must now fuck him back.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shanmugam 's prudent management

From: Rainbow 虹
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 06:54:04 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sat, Nov 21 2009 10:54 pm
Subject: Re: Shanmugam standard=lost of $100billions = prudend management.

All they need to do is to increase taxes after taxes.
Recently they increase property tax by approx. $100 per HDB flat,
assuming there are 900,000 units available,
they will scoop up 900,000x $100= $90,000,000 every years.

So this is how they can make up the losses easily by asking us to pay
for their mistakes.
I am sure there will be more increases in other taxes akan datang..

On Nov 21, 10:27 pm, "truth" wrote:

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> This bloody asshole also claimed that Singapore has rule of
> law and that there are check and balances in the ISA.
> This man is absurd.
> He is talking thru his asshole.

> "truth" wrote in message

> news:1MSNm.56483$

> >I have never seen another more ridiculous minsters than this
> > Shanmugam, the "Law" minister.
> > He claimed that Singapore financial management is prudent.
> > This after Temasek and GIC just burnt away $100 billions of
> > our wealth.
> > Singaporeans, fuck the pap hard in the coming GE will u ?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Singaporeans are squeezed out in their own country

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 04:01:08 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 20 2009 12:01 pm
Subject: Singaporeans are squeezed out in their own country
Friday, November 20, 2009
Some Singaporeans become a minority in Singapore......

"When I go for a function and I see only expat Indians and no Singaporean
Indians, I feel uncomfortable - like the future is being taken over by
expats. What will happen in 15 or 20 years' time, when my children start
work?' -Mr K. Varatharaju.

Straits Times [Link]

Actually Mr. Varatharaju does not need to wait until his children start
work. It is already happening.

An increasing number of companies in Singapore now do not even want
applications from Singaporeans let alone older Singaporeans:
I don't blame these companies or foreign individuals at all for the current
situation. Companies want foreign workers for various reasons - no in-camp
disruptions, can easily hire and fire, bigger pool of younger workers,
sometimes lower wages etc. Companies are profit seeking entities, they do
not exist to maximise the social or economic benefits for Singaporeans.
Someone else was suppose to take care of that equation. You cannot blame
foreigners because they are here to seek a better life for themselves just
as we do for ourselves. Once there is a large pool of, say, mainland
Chinese, in the company it makes less sense to hire Singaporeans because the
cultural and language differences will make management difficult. There is
no shortage of almost any kind of skill you can get from China and India so
you can guess what will happen to the Singaporean worker in the long run if
the PAP keeps its policies.

posted by LuckySingaporean

World condemns Singapore dictatorship

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 04:06:11 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 20 2009 12:06 pm
Subject: World condemns Singapore dictatorship

From the Committee to Protect Journalists' website:

New York, November 19, 2009-The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns
the Singapore government's refusal to renew British freelance journalist
Benjamin Bland's work visa and his application to cover the recently
concluded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting. Bland was
reporting on the summit for the U.K.'sDaily Telegraph newspaper.

Bland's visa renewal application was rejected without explanation by the
Manpower Ministry on October 1, according to Bland. When the reporter
inquired why the government refused, the ministry's senior assistant
director, Yeo Kim Huat, told him on October 15 that, after internal
discussions, officials decided that they could not disclose their reasons
for the rejection.

After Bland's work visa expired on October 20, he received a 30-day social
visit pass that stipulated he not work, practice any occupation, or threaten
the well-being and security of Singapore at the risk of arrest and immediate
deportation. The British High Commission asked the Ministry of Information,
Communication, and Arts about Bland's declined request for accreditation at
the APEC meeting, but did not receive a reply, the journalist said.

"The refusal to renew freelance journalist Benjamin Bland's press
credentials again shows the Singapore government's intolerance of
independent and critical reporting," said Shawn W. Crispin, CPJ's Southeast
Asia representative. "Bland is the latest on a long list of foreign
journalists who have been targeted by the government for their news

Bland left Singapore to return to his native U.K. on November 14. While
based in Singapore, he reported for a wide range of international and local
publications, including The Economist, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times
weekend magazine, Monocle, Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Sentinel, as
well as Singapore's Straits Times and Business Times. He also maintained a
blog, The Asia File, which featured occasional critical commentary on
Singapore, including an entry on official secrecy over death penalty
statistics and a reposting of one of his Economist articles on the island
state's controversial efforts to import sand from regional countries for
land reclamation projects.

"The impression I got was that the government wanted to force me out of
Singapore without attracting adverse publicity by dragging out the process
and not giving me any explanation," Bland wrote CPJ in an e-mail. "I feared
that if I spoke out or wrote about my case before leaving Singapore I would
be arrested."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


From: "Jam"
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 22:55:50 +0800
Local: Sat, Nov 14 2009 10:55 pm

Hello Black Ass! Please be warned...

1) No chewing gum, Fine $500
2) No eating or drinking in MRT, Fine $500
3) No Kangaroo T Shirts, Penalty: 14 days Jail
4) Do not sleep on Park bench. Fine $500
5) Do not spit if you smell a rotten ass. Fine $500
6) Gathering of more than four is ILLEGAL. Fine $1000
7) Do not speak without a Licence; Penalty: Fine and Jail.
8) Cannot order Mee Siam mai Hum: Fine $250
9) Do not go to Istana, KEMPETAI with samurai swords lives there!

Now the GOOD news.....
10) Stay alive by eating more Indian curry. Cures your cancer!
11) Eat Char Kway Teow. Since you President, you will get FREE extra egg!
12) Eat more Durian! Our Malaysian friend will be happy.
13) Drink our NEWATER to prevent dehydration. It is "purified" from Olivia's
toilet bowl.

NO apology from CEO on KK Hospital drug overdose

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 09:47:12 GMT
Local: Sun, Nov 15 2009 5:47 pm
Subject: NO apology from CEO on KKH unbelievable drug overdose fiasco

Where is the CEO of KKH ? Why is she hiding from
the public ?
This culture of the Singapore establishments sucks.
The big people take all the credit and multi$million pay
while the small people do all the works and take all the
blame for the mistakes.
What kind of absurdly irresponsible system is this ?

MM Lee: Chinese not interested in democracy

Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 18:05:41 -0800 (PST)
Local: Mon, Nov 16 2009 10:05 am
Subject: Re: MM Lee: Chinese not interested in democracy

On Nov 15, 6:53 pm, Teshan wrote:

> On Nov 15, 5:48 pm, "truth" wrote:

> > Singaporeans are not interested in Lee Kuan Yew anymore.
> > He is history. He has way exceeded his used by date.
> > He is more suitable for the dustbin of history.

> > "RichAsianKid" wrote in message

> >news:hdniuh$96f$

> > > Deeper question is why should anyone value mediocrity.

> > > Don't say it's merely some practical device...:)

> I am glad the great leader spoke out on behalf of 1.3B Chinese who are
> incapable of speaking for themselves. Finally they have a voice to
> rely on.

One can also say he is glad that the great leader could serve as the
ears of the westerners who were brainwashed by their so called "free

Sorry to inform you this kind of comment does not add to the
discussion. If you
think MM Lee is mistaken, you should just say so and present some
evidence to
support your view.

China indeed does not need democracy for only as long as the CCP is
doing a good jobs like what they have been doing thus far. CCP must
continue their effort to eliminate corruption by those who corrupt by
abusing the Authority of CCP Governance, otherwise, the wave of
democracy will surely be the next force to overthorw the regimes. CCP
must also continue to address the problem of widening income gaps. I
have strong belief, China will do much better than Singapore,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Choice for young Singaporean is clear = MIGRATE

From: "Dalai Sim" <.................@...............>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 17:53:49 +0800
Local: Sun, Nov 15 2009 5:53 pm
Subject: Re: Choice for young Singaporean is clear = MIGRATE

"truth" wrote in message


> The young Singaporeans are not having a good time in
> Singapore.
> First they have to study like crazy. After graduation they
> have to compete like crazy with the foreigners not only
> for jobs but in almost everything from transportation to
> recreation and housing. With houses priced out of their
> reach, and the odds in life stack against them in Singapore,
> there is only one clear choice open to young Singaporeans.
> The doors of migration is wide open and a very
> welcoming one too. Thru that door, you will have a better
> quality of life. Less stress and more time to enjoy your life.
> Why are you waiting, young Singaporeans ?

It is worth waiting for. To witness the demise of the longest dictator the
world has ever known. Dr. Chee should also migrate. What is he waiting for?
To remain a political bankrupt all his life here?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rich government - poor citizens

From: "truth"
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:43:03 GMT
Local: Wed, Nov 11 2009 10:43 pm
Subject: Rich government, poor citizens

The situation in Singapore is best described as one with a
very rich government but plenty of poor citizens.
How this deplorable situation comes about is due to the
cunning manipulations by the papist leegime over their 50
years of highhanded rules.
First LKY asked Singaporeans to give him and his pap their
full support on the promise that he will deliver them a good
life and a secure retirement.
Singaporeans trusted him and gave him a blank check to
do what he likes. Little did they realise what LKY has in
store for them.
While LKY and his papist are enjoying 50 years of power
and luxuries, the average Singaporeans are struggling to
make ends meet. The state is so rich with at least US$500
billion stashed away all over the world and yet plenty of
citizens are leading miserable lives.
LKY has cheated and stolen from Singaporeans. That
is why he and his papist are so rich and the vast majority
of citizens poor.
First he ran the papist Singapore government like his
personal business enterprise. Singaporeans have to pay
for all government services. Free services inherited from
the British colonial masters were quickly changed into
paying ones. Like health services. It used to be free but
now Singaporeans have to pay dearly. So bad that there
is a common saying amongst heartlanders that it is better
to die than to fall sick.
Second, he paid Singaporeans less below inflation rate
on their cpf balances which he used to invest all over the
world. While he made 8% return, he only give the
Singaporeans slightly over 1%.
Third, he forceably acquired Singaporeans property at
a fraction of market value. He then build HDB to sell
to Singaporeans at huge profits.
Forth, the $billions from the sale of land were hidden
away. It should have been used to help Singaporeans
improve their quality of lives.
Singaporeans especially the old are still waiting for the
good life and secured retirement that LKY and his
gangsters promised them.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Massive Profiteering by NTUC?

From: "truth"
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 14:54:45 GMT

The major importers and suppliers are colluding to keep
prices high. Some of the prices are just ridiculous. It is
profiteering pure and simple. The free market has been
abuse. The rich are ganging up to squeeze the masses.
Sad thing is some papist government organisations and
affiliates are also involved. Like the NTUC.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miss Singapore

From: Akhmad Bin BejaD
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 12:23:18 -0600
Local: Wed, Nov 4 2009 2:23 am
Subject: Miss Singapore

One of the main reasons why in recent years the Singapore Government has
always ensured that their Miss Universe representative were of tertiary
level education or higher was because of the following incident which
occurred not too many years ago. It is the final round of the Miss
Universe Pageant and the 3 finalists, Miss USA, Miss Malaysia and Miss
Singapore are being asked 3 simple questions:

MC: The first question is name me an electrical appliance starting with

Miss USA: Lamp

Miss Malaysia: Light bulb

Miss Singapore: LADIO

Judge: No, no, Radio does not start with the letter "L"

MC: I am going to give you 2 more chances; The next question is name me an
animal starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lion

Miss Malaysia: Leopard

Miss Singapore: LABBIT

Judge: No, no, no, Rabbit does not start with the letter "L"

MC: I am going to give you one last chance, if you answer this question
incorrectly, you are disqualified.

Name me a fruit starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lemon

Miss Malaysia: Lychee

Miss Singapore, with full of confidence, smiles and says: LIEWLIAN !

This is not the end of the story, the Judge consulted the board of judges
to determine if Miss Singapore should really disqualified; and they
decided that since Miss Singapore was having as many problems with the
letter "L", the decided to give her another chance.

Judge: OK, the final question is name me a human anatomy starting with the
letter "L"

Miss USA: Lung (applause)

Miss Malaysia: Liver (even more applause)

Miss Singapore: LAN CHEOW !

Judge: ?????????!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why we need immigrants - Goh Chok Tong

Bangkok kid

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Nov 7, 2009

SINGAPORE will go the way of the dinosaurs, without the influx of permanent residents and new citizens, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong warned on Saturday night.

Making a compelling case for the need to take in more new immigrants, he trotted out various sets of figures to drive home the stark reality Singapore is facing: 'In the last 10 years, the number of people aged 65 and above has grown by about 100,000 while the number of children aged below 15 had shrunk by about 50,000.'

And despite all the efforts to encourage marriage and procreation, the total fertility rate climbed only marginally from 1.26 in 2004 to 1.28 last year - far short of the 2.1 needed to replace father and mother. In absolute terms, Singapore needs about 60,000 babies per year, but last year only 32,400 citizen babies were added.

Calling this an 'unsustainable demographic structure,' SM Goh told residents and grassroots leaders at a Deepa Thirunal event at the Braddell Heights Community Club: 'If we do not take in any more new immigrants, our population will begin to shrink in 2020. That is only 11 years away!

'To sustain our present standard of living, we need to top up our population with immigrants, particularly those with skills, entrepreneurial drive and talent. Without them... our growth rate would be easily 1 to 2 percentage points lower.

'Without the foreign workforce, our flats and MRT will not be built, our buses will come to a standstill, our healthcare services will degrade, and many investors, including Singaporean ones, will uproot and go where talent is abundant. Instead of sacrificing just 1-2 percentage points of growth, our economy will shrink, and our quality of life decline.'

Beyond just sustaining the quality of life here, immigrants enrich the society, said Mr Goh, adding:' Immigrants inject a certain vitality and diversity to our society, adding vibrancy to our economy, and broadening our horizons in other fields like the arts, music, sports, and philanthropy.'

Thursday, November 5, 2009

13 Million People wants to live in Singapore

yap ah loy

SINGAPORE - Should all who want to live in Singapore be granted their wish, the island could be overwhelmed with a population of up to 13 million, even if some restless locals seek greener pastures elsewhere.

This appeal the Republic holds for potential immigrants puts it right at the top of research firm Gallup's Potential Net Migration Index, consolidated after a three-year survey of where the world's adults would like to move to permanently.

Places like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France are, not surprisingly, the most popular destination countries in absolute terms, the survey found. But the index measures - as a proportion of the total population - the estimated number of people who want to live in a country minus those who want to move out.

With a top score of 260 per cent, "Singapore's adult population would increase from an estimated 3.6 million to as high as 13 million," Gallup reported on its website.

It's both good and disturbing news for Singapore, which has grappled with the economic imperative to persuade talented foreigners to take up roots here, but also the need to control the migrant influx and its problems for a tiny city-state with limited land.

After accelerating immigration numbers in recent years, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong two months ago signalled a slowdown in the intake.

Sociologist Paulin Straughan said the survey findings "mean that hopefully we will be in a situation where we can afford to be selective". "If the statistics are reliable, it seems to suggest we are in a happy situation where we have a bigger pool of talent (to choose from)," the Nominated Member of Parliament added.

But who are those who want to move here? The Gallup survey, which interviewed 259,600 adults from 135 countries over the telephone or face-to-face, did not specify.

It did, however, show that of the 700 million worldwide who would like to live elsewhere, 38 per cent were from Sub-Saharan Africa and 23 per cent from the Middle East and North Africa, while Asians were the most content to stay put - only one in 10 wanted to move permanently.

As for Singapore's overall attractiveness, it was this year ranked by Mercer as being the world's 26th most liveable city, but also the 10th most expensive.

MP Charles Chong (Pasir Ris-Punggol) is "not surprised" with the Gallup findings. "(There are) many bigger countries where the situation is comparatively less fortunate than the situation here."

At his Meet-the-People sessions, he encounters "quite a lot of people (who) want their relatives, parents to move here". The Government will have to "strike a balance" in taking in those with talent, and those who do the jobs locals are not inclined towards, he added.

But as for Singaporeans who want to leave, they will likely be the "educated, professional and (those who) have skills" - and they will need to be replaced, said Associate Professor Straughan. About 1,000 emigrate each year.


not surprising that whole world population wana come here cuz no natural disaster mah: no earthquake, no typhoon, no tsunami, no cyclone, no tornado, no hurricane, no volcano eruption, etc...
problem is sg also no enough land for them lor.


so many complaints about public transport, traffic jams, ERP, etc when population about 5 mils. When 13mils population, forum jam.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Singapore has the most "press freedom" in the world : Shanmugam

From: "lee ah kow"
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 13:28:38 +1100
Local: Wed, Oct 28 2009 10:28 am
Subject: Re: Singapore has the most "press freedom" in the world

Malaysian Press freedom is non existent

"AleXX" wrote in message


> When the whole world says Singapore's Press Freedom are screwed, the lone
> "crony picked" kekling law minister is trying to reason out otherwise. He
> would like to imply that "Screwed-Up Government Controlled SPH" is
> "independent" and has a lot of "freedom".... Fuck him.. !!!

Miss Singapore International Queen - Camilia Dzelma

Camilia Dzelma, 22, from Singapore, said her Muslim family had accepted her as she is and called for more transgender beauty pageants.

"I am here to open up things and show the world that I am not a freak," said Dzelma, a children's dance instructor at a government-run school.

"These competitions reduce discrimination. My family is Muslim but they do not care about what my identity is as long as they know that I am happy. My mum just called me and wished me good luck," she said.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HDB suffers S$2b deficit - and its terrible

Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 18:49:50 -0800 (PST)
Local: Tues, Nov 3 2009 10:49 am
Subject: HDB suffers S$2b deficit - and its terrible!

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has reported a S$2 billion
deficit before government grants in its latest annual report. The
figure is more than double the loss reported in the previous financial

HDB said the huge deficit for the financial year ending March was due
mainly to more flats being sold. These flats are highly subsidised by
the government.

Higher construction costs also led to the large deficit. Other reasons
that contributed to HDB's loss included upgrading works for lifts and
rental flats.

Between April last year and March this year, HDB pushed out 8,000
flats under its Build-To-Order Scheme. That was 2,000 more than what
it supplied the year before.

At a media briefing on its latest annual report, HDB also gave an
update on the Lease Buyback Scheme which allows low-income elderly
Singaporeans to get a portion of cash upfront while HDB buys back the
tail-end of the lease of their flat.

HDB has received more than 400 applications since the scheme was
launched earlier this year. Some 25,000 households are eligible for
the scheme, but the elderly have other options to monetise their

HDB's CEO, Tay Kim Poh, said: "Some of them will sublet their entire
flat, and the rental for even a three-room flat is very good nowadays.
They can easily get S$1,500 per month from the rental and they (then)
move in to stay with their children."

Despite the global downturn, HDB said the mortgage arrears rate has
dropped 0.4 percentage point to 7.5 per cent.

Market watchers said this may be due to the high resale prices of HDB

Eugene Lim, associate director of ERA Asia Pacific, said: "There was
an upswing in the market since the beginning of this year. And what
happens is that those households in arrears probably made use of this
opportunity to sell their flat and downgrade to a flat that they can

Moving forward, HDB said it will focus on improving community
relations. A new department has been set up within the housing board
to look at strengthening social cohesion and integrating newcomers.

Where is the accountability and who is going to cover the bills!?

Law Minister: Singapore is not a country


For a fouth day running, Singapore Law Minister K Shanmugam tried desperately hard to convince a skeptical audience that Singapore is a “democracy”.

He quoted the example of Chicago where democratic mayors have won without interruption since 1931.

‘But nobody questions whether there is a democracy in New York,’ Law Minister K. Shanmugam said on Wednesday, referring to the frequent questioning of Singapore’s democratic credentials given the 50-year dominance of the ruling People’s Action Party.

Drawing on arguments by American economist Bryan Caplan in a recent article, he said Singapore was viewed as a deviation from the democratic norm because it was seen primarily as a country.

‘This is where most people make a mistake…I have tried to explain that we are different. We are a city. We are not a country,’ he told 200 lawyers, many from America, at the New York State Bar Association International Section’s meeting here.

Did Mr Shanmugam make a “honest mistake” or a freudian slip? If Singapore is NOT a country, then are we still considered a sovereign and independent state? So which country owns the sovereign rights of the city of Singapore?

Singapore is unique in the sense that it is both a country and a city at the same time.

As an important minister in the Singapore cabinet, Mr Shanmugam’s words carry a lot of weight.

Why are Singapore males serving National Service when they are only defending a city and not their country? Who does our Prime Minister report to? What value does our pink IC have? Are we citizens of a country or residents of a city?

Mr Shanmugam’s use of Chicago is also highly inappropriate because Chicago is only a city in the United States and not a country by itself.

Furthermore, though the Chicago legislature is dominated by Democratic lawmakers, it has all the necessary pillars of democracy as outlined by former Thai Prime Minister Anand Paranyachun such as freedom of expression, political tolerance and a robust civil society.

You don’t see Chicago politicians being bankrupted by defamation lawsuits or protestors being arrested by the police. That’s the difference between Chicago and Singapore.

It must be a long and tiring week for Mr Shanmugam and he can be forgiven for a slip of tongue. Unfortunately, his flawed arguments can only convince Singaporeans and not the politically astute Americans with a long and proud history of democracy.

Steering committee member James P. Duffy III gave a diplomatic reply to the state media when asked about his thoughts on Mr Shanmugam’s speech:

“While not everything we learnt would fit comfortably with some important Western values, we are at the beginning of what we expect will be a long and fruitful dialogue with people whom we respect and want to know and understand better.”

If you read between the lines, you will realize he is merely “giving face” to Singapore which is the host for the event.

US citizen has many rights and privileges - Singaporean has none

From: yansimon52
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 17:33:52 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Oct 30 2009 8:33 am
Subject: Re: Wow !! So much goodies and privileges for being a citizen

On Oct 30, 12:56 am, "AleXX" wrote:

> "AleXX" wrote in message

> > But plenty of free scholarship given to foreigners and "privileged"
> > Singaporean students to content with study loan taken from their parents'
> > CPF fund or study loans from Banks. Foreigners taking away jobs and
> > employment from poor "privileged" Singaporeans. Lee Hsien Loong and his
> > crony multi-$millionaire ministers must have been talking cocks. Fuck them
> > all.

> And is it because the Papist brought in more than a million foreigners that
> these so-called "privileges" are made? Or have it always been there? Do they
> mean that if there are no foreigners, there wouldn't be these "privileges"
> for Singaporean? All these crony ministers are talking cocks.. !!!!

Heard that those newly welcomed singapore citizen...they were given
something like $10,000 for a start to be a new singapore
citizen........issit true?

In the USA, a citizen has many rights and privileges. A green
card holder (PR) has few rights and no privileges.

In Singapore, a citizen is compelled to serve
national service, to die for the country. Yet
he has no special rights and privileges over

In fact, older Singaporean workers (with high
pay) have been fired and their jobs given to
foreigners. Singaporeans become jobless and
foreigner workers are given permanent resident

Singaporeans are not allowed to protest publicly
against such disgraceful treatment. If they do,
they are jailed.