Better to die than be sick

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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 01:24:38 -0800 (PST)
Local: Fri, Nov 20 2009 5:24 pm
Subject: Re: "Better to die than be sick."

If you don't have the money, no hospital here will treat you as
priority. My brother's son was hit by a car few years ago, and he was
admitted to NUH where he was left on the bed for 5 days 5 nights with
his painful broken leg, before he was operated on by a doctor. It is
simply so because my brother is a taxi driver, and he has empty
medisvae account. And his family will be treated at lowest possible
priority when it comes to the medical needs.

It is true that in Singapore you got to be able to work and earn for
yourselves and family. You don't rely on those people who are only
doing wayang shows to sent rice and daily food to your door steps
during their "charity" campaign.

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> November 20, 2009 by admin
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> Written by our Correspondent

> A 70 year-old breast cancer patient has chosen to end her life by leaping to
> her death from a HDB flat.

> Madam Chen Baozhu used to sell prawn noodles with her husband Mr Yan Qingji
> in Geylang. They live together with a son who suffers from cerebral palsy.

> Due to their ill-health, they have to stop working and depend on public
> assistance from the government to support themselves. Mr Yan had a stroke
> three months ago and is still recuperating.

> According to her nephew, Madam Chen was worried her medical bills may impose
> a financial burden on the family.

> Mr Yan has been sent to a old folks' home and his son to a nursing home.
> There is nobody else in the family to take care of them.

> As recipients of public assistance, both Mr Yan and Madam Chen would have
> received a monthly allowance of $330 from the state and they do not have to
> pay for their medical bills at government clinics and hospitals.

> Singapore's aging population is a perennial headache for the government
> which is exacerbated by the declining birth rates.

> The government has encouraged Singaporeans to work as long as they can.
> Retirement age is extended to 62 and eventually to 67.

> Immigration is also encouraged as a means to increasing the flagging
> population. 36 per cent of Singapore's population now consists of
> foreigners.

> There are few social welfare benefits for Singapore citizens. CPF, which is
> originally intended as a pension fund is now deemed inadequate to meet the
> retirement needs of Singaporeans.

> Singapore's cash-rich government has so far refrained from expanding the
> social safety net out of fear that it will lead to a crutch mentality among
> the populace.

> "Welfare" is a taboo in Singapore officialdom which has consistently
> exhorted Singaporeans to be self-reliant.

> Singapore's income gap has widened considerably in the last decade. It is
> the second highest among the thirty most developed economies after Hong Kong
> whose result was skewed by the extraordinarily large numbers of
> billionaires.

> MM Lee Kuan Yew brushed aside the widening income gap as an issue of concern
> during a recent forum saying that it "does not matter" for long as the
> government continues to create jobs for Singaporeans.

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  1. it is true that better die than sick at hospital
    nowaday an 2 day at the hospital fee may cost up to 20k depending on the operation....
    so better die at home than stay at the hospital...