Singapore court more lenient to foreigner

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Subject: Re: Singapore court more lenient to foreigner

This is not the first time. Remembered one Ang Moh was killed at the
traffic light and was awarded 1 million compensation. After this, you
can see many Ang Moh simply run over the traffic light without fear.
Thanks to the Singapore Judge.

On Nov 27, 10:03 pm, "truth" wrote:

> Two similar cases of appeal was heard by High Court judge Justice Lee Seiu
> Kin yesterday with two different results.

> While a Japanese national was successful in his appeal against imprisonment
> for assaulting a cabby, a Singaporean was jailed a month for kicking a bus
> driver.

> Mr Taniguchi Mitsuru, 47, a Japanese construction site manager was initially
> sentenced to six weeks' jail in September for using an umbrella to assault a
> cabby on the forehead and thigh.

> He had hailed Mr Lim Hing Soon's cab along Orchard Road in the early hours
> of Sept 2 last year after a night out with a friend at a pub. Mr Lim then
> pursued Mr Mitsuru to collect his taxi fare but was pushed to the ground by
> Mr Mitsuru.

> When Mr Lim returned to his taxi to retrieve an umbrella, Mr Taniguchi tried
> to grab it away from him and both fell to the ground during the tussle.

> The scuffle for control of the umbrella continued which resulted in the
> victim having a 7cm-long cut over the forehead, a left upper thigh wound and
> chest pain.

> Mr Mitsuru's lawyer argued that his actions were in "self-defence" and he
> stopped when he saw the taxi driver bleed. Justice Lee substituted Mr
> Mitsuru's jail sentence with a $2,000 fine.

> In another case, Singaporean Balbir Singh was sentenced to one month's
> imprisonment for kicking a bus driver on his leg after being reminded the
> second time to pay his fare.

> Justice Lee dismissed his appeal on the grounds that the act was committed
> in "a spur of the moment" and that he was "in a hurry".

> He said a deterrent message needed to be sent out that attacks against bus
> drivers would not be tolerated.

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  1. Tat way i called singapore law is unfair law...