Lee Kuan Yew is a Cowardly low life

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: Lee Kuan Yew is a Cowardly low life

No body is afraid of him except you. The misdeeds you have done behind his
back will haunt you forever.

"truth" wrote in message

> Nobody is afraid of LKY. He is old, out of touch and
> will die soon.
> He is a shameless coward.

> "icon" wrote in message
> news:heofcg$rnl$1@mawar.singnet.com.sg...
>> Beware of door bells or knocks at your door any time soon.

>>>>>>>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>> news:kxSOm.57225$ze1.11198@news-server.bigpond.net.au...
>>>>>>>>>>> Lee Kuan Yew continue to remain in power because he
>>>>>>>>>>> cheats. When he cannot win playing fair, he will alter
>>>>>>>>>>> the rules and the goal post to make sure that he wins.
>>>>>>>>>>> So in the fight for control of the pap, he secretly colluded
>>>>>>>>>>> with the British Colonial Masters to play the arses of
>>>>>>>>>>> Lim Chin Siong and his friends. Unable to suppress them,
>>>>>>>>>>> he abused the ISA to unjustly jailed and tortured them.
>>>>>>>>>>> People like elected MP Chia Thye Poh, Dr. Poh Soo
>>>>>>>>>>> Kai, Dr. Lim Hock Siew and many other upright and
>>>>>>>>>>> loyal Singaporeans were jailed without trial under the
>>>>>>>>>>> ISA. They were kept in jail longer than a life imprisonment.
>>>>>>>>>>> They were tortured worst than those given to criminal
>>>>>>>>>>> detainees.
>>>>>>>>>>> Today Lee Kuan Yew is using more subtle and refine
>>>>>>>>>>> tactics to contain Dr. Chee Soo Juan and his SDP.
>>>>>>>>>>> Lee Kuan Yew is a cowardly low life.

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