Monday, March 25, 2019

Is Health Care Really Unsustainable Hard Choice?

Right after an uneventful Budget Speech, the hopeless PM is now preparing the cows for milking, this time from Health Care.

It seems Health Care is unsustainable and hard choices will be made, presumably more taxes, Health COE, and whatever it takes to push the buck back to the people.

What is not said is that, he will continue to accumulate billions in Budget surpluses to be channeled to external investments via Temasek and GIC that don't benefit the people in general.

If resources are not managed properly and prudently, nothing is sustainable.

For example, the billions spent on defence. How is it sustainable and is for what? While necessary, but why the huge part of our budget? It can't even deter the Malaysian govt boats encroaching into our water.

And of course what is really unsustainable by any world standard, is the huge cost of our Cabinet and the astronomical ministers' pay, in particular white elephants like Senior Ministers and ESMs. If we are a Meritocracy, then where or what is the merit for their existence?

SINGAPORE: Hard choices will have to be made as the Government considers ways to fund future healthcare spending, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday (Mar 23). 
Healthcare expenditure currently exceeds S$9 billion and is set to rise even further. 
Eventually, this will be unsustainable, Mr Lee said. “In the medium term, we have to find new ways to fund this healthcare spending. 
But at the same time, we have to think hard about what we must spend on, and which drugs and procedures are cost-effective,” he added. “Hard choices weill need to be made, and I hope we will have the support of Singaporeans in making them.” Mr Lee was speaking at the opening ceremony of Sengkang General Hospital and Sengkang Community Hospital. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

PAP Achievements Over Past 5 Years

Came across this interesting pic on the government's achievements over the preceding 5 years, in WhatsApp.

A good snapshot of what happened but it also highlights the kind of problems we are facing these days with this government.

While data hacking and data security issues will take time to resolve or reduce, the uncovering of new issues every few months means that there could be many hidden skeletons in the closet.

Action plans on PMETs seems like more talks than actions, and the usual blame on external factors beyond our celebrity ministers' control.

Corruption cases, my opinion on this is the same as some PAP supporters, that corruption can never be eradicated totally, especially in a country with almost absolute power, they can even rename corruption to something else, like donations, gifts or salaries, for examples.

The water issue is generating a long term windfall for the govt, thanks to Mahathir. You can expect the price of water to trend upward, with PAP giving the same excuses (so that we won't be threatened) while continue to pay cost of only 3 sen to Malaysia for a long time to come. So head or tail, Ah Loong wins.

They squeeze the public with the fear factor that always works. Singapore is never in fear of having no water. They have already built enough safeguards over the past 20 years to prevent that from happening. This, they will never tell you.

As for most expensive city, regardless, they will continue to raise the GST and hold your money in the Reserves for investment, as their Sovereign Fund, and accumulation of the Reserves for the illusive "rainy" day which will never come in yours or my or your kids' lifetime, as they continue to accumulate billion$ at your expense.

What is rainy and what is not rainy is also decided by the absolute power that be. The only rainy day that can happen to Singapore is when we discovered we have nothing left in our Reserves, when a new government took over.