Monday, March 12, 2012

LKY's grandson Lee Huanwu (Li Huanwu) is gay

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> "Denise Phua has a autistic child.... If there is any thing good about
> the PAP, it is Denise Phua."
> How the fuck is that good? It's only because she has an autistic child
> that she champions the cause of providing support for autistic kid.
> How much more self-serving does it get?
> If she didn't have an autistic kid, then it's fine to ignore them? Her
> politics reflect nothing more than her pure personal self-interests
> and motives.
> Lee Kuan Yew is the master at this.
> All along there wasn't any government scholarships, then when his son
> Lee Hsien Loong was ready to go to university, the President
> Scholarship was started so that his son can be the first recipient and
> have his overseas university education paid for by the public.
> All along it has been next-to-impossible to get a banking license,
> then when his brother Lee Kim Yew decided to become director of Tat
> Lee bank, suddenly Tat Lee bank obtained one with no difficulty.
> All along since the Hock Lee bus riots, only one bus company was
> allowed to operate in Singapore, then his wife Kwa Geok Choo decided
> to go into the public transport business, suddenly the government
> decided to liberalize public transportation market and allowed a
> second competitor, Kwa Geok Choo's Trans Island Bus Services, to
> operate.
> All along Singapore has ostracized homosexuals, then when he
> discovered his grandson Li Huanwu is gay, then suddenly the anti-
> homosexual laws are repealed.
> And therein lies the trouble with all PAP MPs, they keep recruiting
> mini-Lees who think and operate like Lee Kuan Yew, creating a
> government of self-centered scumbags.
> 13/3/12 18:06


Finally, Lee Huanwu show his support for the Gay movement PinkDot in 2017 in his Facebook posts.