Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alvin and Vivian - Candidates for Malaysian General Election

Given their popularity and strong sense of up-manship, and their never-say-die attitude towards free sex and freedom in general, Alvin and Vivian will make very good candidates for the coming GE in Malaysia. Their posters will be easily recognisable and they make good symbols for freedom and democracy. Vote for Alvin and Vivian! Malaysia Boleh! 

Sex bloggers still hog the limelight

PETALING JAYA: Stories about sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee are still dominating the headlines, with numbers showing that the public just can't get enough of them.
Most media outlets on both sides of the Causeway gave prominence to the couple, with Singapore's The New Paper front-paging the matter twice on Tuesday and Friday.
Vernacular newspapers in Malaysia have also given prominence to the couple.
A story about Tan receiving a “stern warning” from Lee's mother published on Friday in the New Straits Times remained in the “Most Read” column as of yesterday.
Meanwhile, “Vivian Lee” as well as variations to the keyword became the second most popular search on Google on Thursday in the republic, with more than 10,000 searches on her that day alone.
The Star also recorded tremendous interest by readers with 194,000 hits on the three stories about them until Thursday.
In a Google Analytics survey service subscribed by The Star Online, the initial story “Porn blog couple causes furore” published on Wednesday topped the list, making it the most read story with 86,649 page views.
Surveyed over a three-day period between Tuesday and Thursday, the follow-up story “Vivian Lee defends postings of her erotic pictures and videos with boyfriend” published on Oct 18 became the second most read story on The Star Online with 85,675 page views.
However, the Malaysian media is considered late in joining the bandwagon as the news only broke here a day after the Singapore media highlighted the matter.

Here are photos of the couples in full view. Click.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 is Singapore Year of Scandals

Underage Teen Prostitution Scandal

The major scandal and controversy in Singapore 2012

”Chantelle” (social escort name), student, the girl at the center of this scandal is currently 19 year-old
but was 17 year-old in 2010 and 2011 when she allegedly had sex with the almost 50 men charged in the Singaporean police probe into a prostitution ring. 

A total of 80 men are currently under investigation in relation to this case and more men are being charged each day. Prostitution is legal in the country but not when the girl is a minor! Allegedly, this is the young woman who has caused the downfall of 80 Singaporean men when she lied about her age:

From France, Italy to Columbia and the United States, prostitution sex scandals are huge this year.
Surprisingly even the folks in sex trade permissive Singapore have a major prostitution sex scandal on their hands too.

The story is of an underage "social escort" (17 y/o in yr 2010) who lied about her age to join an escort agency resulting in many Singaporean men getting in trouble, including school principal who had resigned due to booking her. The school principal by the name of Lee Lip Hong paid $1,000 to have sex twice with the 17 year-old prostitute. Here are the words from the escort agency website that got so many men to book an underage prostitute.

18 yrs old, Singapore Chinese
Student and Part Time Model
1.60m tall, 48kg, Cup C.
Bubbly girl. New to escort trade.
Here is a screen shot of her ad from the website before the Singaporean authorities had the site deactivated:

The men charged in the case thought they were getting 18 year-old pussy but turnout it was actually 17 year-old pussy instead. Reports say 44 men have been arrested in connection with vice probe into this scandal and more are waiting to be charged. The source tells us that all the men including a principal, banker, public servant, lawyer and much more are all in trouble now because of this single girl lied about her age in order to work as an escort to buy Gucci and LV handbags. Sharing on this scandal from Yahoo News:
Public servants, a former school principal and a businessman were among the 44 men charged in court on Monday for allegedly having commercial sex with an underage girl.
All but the ex-principal claimed trial. Those challenging the charges are expected to claim they were not aware the girl was a minor, according to The Straits Times.
Lee Lip Hong, 39, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School, admitted to two charges of having paid $500 on each of two occasions for sex with the girl under 18 at Hotel 81 Bencoolen on Sept 26 and Dec 24, 2010, reported the same paper.
Also charged for allegedly paying $500 for sex with the underage girl on each of four occasion is 45-year-old businessman Foo Kim Meng, said ST.
Chia Kok Peng, 38, former senior legal counsel of the National Environmental Agency, and nine public servants are also among those charged.
The website offering the girl's services was allegedly run by entrepreneur Tang Boon Thiew.
In February, up to 80 people were involved in a major police probe into an online prostitution ring, including an ex-principal and top civil servants.

It is illegal to have sex with prostitutes below 18 but legal to have sex with other girls who are 16 and older in Singapore. The source reveals the identities of the girls linked to the escort agency involved with the one particular girl at the center of this scandal and other girls allegedly working as high price social escorts rumoured to be her. Some of the girls and alleged social escorts are FHM models and bloggers. All these girls were falsely suspected to be the girl at the center of this scandal but there is only one underage social escort in this scandal. And at the end of the presentation, the source revealed her true identity.
She was 17 year-old in 2010 when she join the escort agency and on March 14, 2012 the source confirmed her age currently at 19 year-old. One of the men was charged with having sex with her as a minor as late as Feb 18, 2011. Hence, her birthday should be sometime between Feb 18 and March 14. She worked as a social escort under the alias "Chantelle" but her real name is Thia Hwee Koon. Interestingly she was first exposed on several local Singaporean web forum as an underage prostitute in 2010. Reports back then said she was charging $500 for one shot. As a result of that exposure, she deleted her blog and Facebook page back then.

Here is the presentation from the source:
Who’s the Singaporean minor prostitute that has caused so many men trouble?
Only men charged in court and the minor prostitute hidden behind the scene?
The world is fair, if men exposed, the woman will also be exposed …


STELLA, The top social escort of


VIENNESome online forum speculated that Vienna is actually Singapore FHM model.

(CARSHOW MODEL) Nicknamed Tiffany on Social Escort Agency
The model known as Tiffany wrote in, explaining: "I have emailed and called the Singapore Model Escort. They have profusely apologized because they stole the photos from my facebook and modelmayhem account, they promised me removal of everything by tonight."
The model revealed as Tiffany explained in emails that her photos were stolen and used on the social escort agency website against her will. She says she is taking action against the social escort agency to protect her copyright. She also contacted us and after several threaten emails that got her no where, she kindly asked for her post to be removed.

Name : Tiffany (social escort name)

Abily (Student)
Name : Abby (social escort name)
Current : Student / Former Social Escort (

BUT HERE’s PART 3, THE REAL PERSON (the only minor prostitute)
Chantelle (17 y/o minor that lied about her age and worked for escort agency)

CHANTELLE (Social Escort Name)
Age 17
Social Escort Agency :
The Social Escort Boss : Mr. Teo from (deactivated by Police)
Contact no. +65 9864 1388 (deactivated by Police)

Background information:

1) Who is “Chantelle”? A: An ITE student.
2) Who is she and why she is famous? A: She is a social escort at the age of 17 and sold sex for a living. Minor prostitution is illegal in Singapore (below 18).
3) Which agency she worked before? A: She worked for the social escort agency in yr 2010.
4) Why expose her? A: She lied about her age to be hired as a social escort, which caused many of her clients to be charged by Singapore Police for having commercial sex with minor.
5) What’s wrong with her age to be social escort? A: The Police defined social escort as prostitute and charged the agency for selling sex and hiring minor as prostitute (under woman charter and penal code).
6) What about the OKT social escort agency that hired her? A: The OKT of the social escort agency risked his customer without checking her age before hired her, and that turned up become very ugly impact to many clients.
7) Is it illegal to become social escort or prostitute in Singapore? A: According to Singapore law, it is not illegal to work as social escort or prostitute in Singapore, especially when it protects Singaporean woman. But it is illegal to work as a prostitute below the age of 18.


As above was the presentation from the source.
We are still waiting for the password to open the file that contains the content of Part 5.
Meanwhile, here is the list of the men charged so far in this case and the alleged time + date they paid for sex with her:
1. Kelvin Peck Yong Li, 21, Allegedly committed offense at 3.43pm on Oct 7, 2010.
2. Wilson Oei, 25, 7pm on Sept 26, 2010
3. Danny Wang Ting Wei, 26, 4.45pm on Jan 6, 2011.
4. Qiu WenBo @ Allan Khoo Wenbo, 27, Between 4.51pm and 6.23pm on Dec 23, 2010.
5. Desmond Quek Jin Yang, 27, 5.11pm on 29 Oct, 2010.
6. Choong Sin Jian, 27 (two charges), Between 6.53 and 8.32pm on Jan 6, 2011 + 3.15pm and 5pm on Jan 29, 2011.
7. Chan Wei Kiat, 27, Between 2.02pm and 3.03pm on Nov 6, 2010. Chan is a naval officer.
8. Raziuddin Mohamed Naseem, 27, Between 5pm and 8.45pm on Nov 18, 2010.
9. Reyner Desvando Suhartono, 28, Evening on Sept 24, 2010.
10. Koh Zi Yang, 29, Between 3.07pm and 4.40pm on Dec 23, 2010.
11. Leu Xing-Long, 30, Between 5.26pm and 6.59pm on Sept 30, 2010.
12. Sng Kok Wee, 30, Between 2pm and 2.51pm on Oct 10, 2010.
13. Pyi Kyaw Han, 31 (two charges), 8pm on Dec 21, 2010 + 6.31pm on Jan 21, 2011.
14. Ong Chee Wah, 31, Between 4.30pm and 5.36pm on Jan 23, 2011.
15. Chiang Meng Chuan, 31 (two charges), Between 3.33pm and 4.24pm on Sept 23, 2010 + Between 3.10pm and 3.56pm on Sept 29, 2010.
16. Loh Ben Ni, 32, Between 6.29pm and 8.03pm on Nov 6, 2010.
17. Kwa Wee Nam, 32, Between 6.02pm and 8.02pm on Oct 8, 2010.
18. Louis Lee Lip Kian, 33, Between 4.14pm and 5.30pm on Nov 20, 2010.
19. Lee Tian Song, 33, Between 2.55pm and 4.05pm on Sept 26, 2010
20. Calvin Yew Boon Liat, 34, At 5.12pm on Oct 27, 2010.
21. Goh Wee Seong, 34, Between 2.45pm and 5pm on Oct 23, 2010.
22. Tan Kok Wee, 35, Between 5.30pm and 7pm on Oct 23, 2010.
23. Lee Vin Sen, 35, Between 7.30pm and 9pm on Sept 23, 2010.
24. Emlyn Thomas Thariyan, 35, Between 5.03pm and 6.31pm on Feb 18, 2011.
25. Choo Yao Chuen, 36, Between 8.01pm and 9.21pm on Oct 1, 2010.
26. Tan Wei Siong, 36, Between 5.45pm and 7.37pm on Oct 6, 2010.
27. Koh Ching Shyang, 36 (two charges), At 3.42pm on Jan 4, 2011 + Evening of Feb 1, 2011.
28. Teoh Nai Jin, 36, Between 5.30pm and 6.20pm on Oct 22, 2010.
29. Lee Ching Hsuin, 36, Between 3.11pm and 4.07pm on Nov 6, 2010.
30. Ng Guan Mean, 37, At 2.30pm on Oct 10, 2010.
31. Timothy Gan Wee Jin, 37, At 6.45pm on Dec 8, 2010.
32. Kenny Sim Choon Wee, 38, Between 6.15pm and 6.54pm on Oct 18, 2010.
33. Low Teow Guan, 38, At 1pm on Oct 1, 2010
34. Chia Kok Peng, 38, Between 7.32pm and 8.46pm on Oct 29, 2010. He is a former senior legal counsel for the National Environmental Agency.
35. Atet Kardjono Sianandar, 39, Between 5.32pm and 7pm on Nov 20, 2010.
36. Lee Lip Hong, 39 (two charges), Between 7pm and 8pm on Sept 26, 2010 + Between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on Dec 14, 2010. He is the former school principal of Pei Chun Public School who resigned last December.
37. Lim Kok Tong, 39, Between 1pm and 2.19pm on Dec 22, 2010.
38. Yap Eng Kian, 39, At 6.30pm on Dec 22, 2010.
39. Tan Wee Kiat (formerly known as Jarrod Song Eu Loong), 39. Between 2.34pm and 5.26pm on Dec 22, 2010.
He is the ex-head of strategic planning at Police Training Command.
40. Wong Yih Yong, 40. Between 6.46pm and 7.52pm on Oct 5, 2010.
41. Fong Kok Liang, 41. Between 3.04pm and 4pm on Oct 10, 2010.
42. Foo Kim Meng, 45 (four charges), Between 4pm and 5.34pm on Oct 10, 2010 + Between 5.56pm and 7.46pm on Oct 29, 2010 + Between 6.46pm and 9.31pm on Dec 3, 2010 + Between 4.43pm and 6.35pm on Jan 3, 2011.
Foo is a businessman.
43. Frederick Chen Kwek Kwong, 45. At 8.56pm on Oct 1 , 2010.
44. Nguyen Van On, 48, Between 7.45pm and 9.40pm on Oct 6, 2010.

…..+ 4 more caught!

The principal is the one that is getting the most attention but other men charged includes 9 civil servants, MINDEF officers, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer as well as a scholarship recipient. Here are the photos of some of the men charged in this scandal:

Here’s a photo of Tang Boon Thiew, the PIMP of “Chantelle” (underage girl that worked for his escort agency).
He reportedly had sex with the underage prostitute before offering her service for sale on his website.

I would just like to clarify that escorts aren't necessary prostitutes

They were only supposed to provide companionship such as escorting people for events, dinners, parties or fundraising functions etc. However, too many of the escorts these days are actually doing the whole under the table- sex for money, which is illegal. Hence, on the surface, escorts are legal.

It’s a thin line that these escorts are playing with the law, which they are oblivious about. So girl, if you think that being an escort is easy money, think again. 纸是包不住火的. If you’re doing it, then be prepared for such exposure. Why ruin your reputation and life over quick money? Work for it yourself and live with your conscience clear :)

***Updates from “models”/ alleged individuals of the case, such as Jvnne Zheng & Christina Tan:
They have both lodged a police report against various social escort agencies that might have misused their photos for discreet services. Both have emailed gutteruncensored respectively to have their photos and details removed.
They would also like to clarify that they are in no sorts associated to this case or involved with such services.

Disclaimer: Writer has no intention for defamation and apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the alleged suspects. Full story was extracted from source for the convenience of my readers as site restricts content for adults only (Access of the site is also denied in many countries).
Credits to source: 
GutterUncensored-com which was subsequently banned by Google for other reasons.