China Biting The Hand That Feeds It

What exactly is China afraid of? The US military has always been there in the Pacific, even before World War II. This is the same fleet that indirectly helped China win the war against the Japanese. Have they forgotten? 

Why suddenly the Chinese media is producing documentary after documentary about US military, portraying them as adversary and prime enemy, and showing how great China is, in countering this perceived threat by spending and building advanced weaponry? I suspect they are afraid of themselves.

China is becoming a nuisance to the rest of the world. It doesn't know how to behave like a superpower. Panda bear Xi Jinping is behaving like big bully, with his confrontational style, both inside and outside of China. With China's new found wealth, they just do not know what to do with those money besides squandering them around all over the planet, very much like their barbaric tourists, who wanted all other countries to look like China.

And they are biting the hands that feed them, conveniently forgetting those nations that helped China to grow it's wealth and reform it's economy, to be what it is today. Instead of appreciating the help of the USA as evidenced by the US$1.24 trillion of US Treasury Bills now in China's coffer, Xi is treating the USA as his number one enemy, and every small thing that the USA do militarily, is against China, and anyone who befriend the US is China's enemy as well.

Did these Chinamen ask themselves this question: Why would America want to attack China? China is their largest trading partner, and almost all major American corporations have offices and factories in China. What is the benefit of having a confrontation with China? It is China itself, who is worried about the USA and the world, because of it's non-conformity with decent human rules and regulations.

The above video is a good example of how this big bully behave. Singapore is only a small red dot, but this big bully take Singapore like a superpower. And like a big overweight baby, the PRC comes crying over Singapore's close relations with USA. And this big idiot thinks that all the water outside of Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, belongs to PRC, and started deploying navy and weapons in these places.

If this idiotic world nuclear power, under the control of a brainless panda called Xi Jinping, doesn't know what it is doing, a nuclear world war looks inevitable in the not-too-far future. With Donald Trump as President, the ingredient for disaster is set in place. Two idiots is not going to make one right.

The USA made a mistake during the second world war. They should have treated China like Japan and enforce a non-military China, so that we don't have to worry about another world war today.

Why Ah Loong Is Always Going Against His Father's Wishes

First he overturned his father's death threat, by opening not one, but two casinos. If you remember, Lee Kuan Yew had said in his famous quote, "Over My Dead Body"if Singapore were ever to open a casino.

His father's death-bed wish of demolishing the Oxley Road house after his death. Until today, it is still standing, and daughter Lee Wei Ling is having enough of it, by posting her anger against her brother in her Facebook, just short of calling him a dictator.

PM Lee also showed a distinct bias towards the West, especially to the USA, as oppose to his father who would rather have a grand state visit to Beijing than to the White House. His stand on the South-China Sea issues also voiced a direct contradiction with that of China. Something that couldn't had happened during LKY's reign.

This spoilt brat is also known for slapping and shouting at other Ministers, especially those more senior than him and those close to his father, and even in public places. Wong Kan Seng should be able to testify to that.

Dhanabalan Slapping Incident

PM Lee Sacked Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan & Raymond Lim

Now, he is attempting to rewrite the constitution on Elected President, an institution painstakingly designed by his father. What's he up to? He is bringing in racial harmony and quality of candidates as mechanism to gradually bring the power of the Elected President down to the previous level where President is appointed by the Parliament, hence the PAP. A puppet or PAPpet, a symbolic figurehead, just like the Queen of England.

He believes the President should not be getting higher pay than the Prime Minister, which he had corrected prior to the last general elections, by slashing the salary of the President dramatically, whilst his remained mostly untouched.

Perhaps he is suffering from some kind of identity crisis: that he doesn't want to be seen to be hiding under his father's pants. The Dhanabalan slapping case exposed this fact clearly. That he wanted to be seen as himself and not his father's son. Not one who got to where he is, because of his father, and not himself.

By constantly changing the past, the institutions created by his dad, and removing all the old hecks previously working for Papa, he hoped to eventually bury the ghosts of LKY from his administration.

ISIS Claimed Responsibility For Zika Attack On Singapore

Isis has claimed responsibility for the Zika virus attacks on Singapore, saying it targeted Singapore as one of the foreign countries from the “Crusader Alliance” fighting their militants in Iraq and Syria.

“Islamic State fighters working in Singapore carried out a Zika virus attack last month by infecting themselves and spreading the disease in the heartlands of Singapore targeting populated areas,” Aamaaq news agency said on its Telegram channel.

Health workers battling Zika in Singapore

Isis’ claim of responsibility was impossible to verify but Indonesian police previously said they believed militants had been “imitating” the November attacks in Paris in Southeast Asia targeting densely populated areas.

If the claim is true, then it marked the first successful attack of any kind by the Isis in the island state, and possibly the first time the Isis had used biological warfare in their fight against the "Crusader Alliance".

Singapore has been identified as a possible target for attack by a Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) posting on social media, a report in May said.

It is not the first time Singapore has been cited by radicals. Last year, extremist English-language magazine Resurgence cited the Phillip Channel and Sembawang Naval Base in a piece on how militants could attack at sea.

The terror threat facing Singapore took on a more menacing face last month after six militants were arrested in Batam.

Police said their leader had been planning a rocket attack on Marina Bay together with a Syrian-based Indonesian ISIS militant. The six men in Batam had been kept under watch for a while before they were arrested by Indonesian police in an early-morning raid.

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said the six "were thinking of attacking Marina Bay with rockets", and "this shows how our enemies are thinking of different ways of attacking us".

He drew a parallel with Molenbeek, the Belgian town from which terrorists planned their assault on Paris last November and, in a series of coordinated attacks, killed 130 people. "There are several possible Molenbeeks around us from which attacks can be launched on Singapore. These include the Riau Islands," he said.

Singaporeans Need Swiss Basic Income

The Swiss believe that an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) scheme is the answer to automation. 72% believe that many traditional types of work will become redundant and that basic income is needed to attain new lifestyle models.

The Swiss believe the strongest argument for basic income is the changing nature of work due to advancing technologies and that new lifestyle models are consequently needed

In Singapore's case, not only are jobs being replaced by automation at a faster pace than Switzerland, jobs for Singaporeans are also being replaced by imported foreign workers and executives since day one.

UBI is largely seen as a way to finally recognize all the unpaid and unrecognized work that is going on outside of employment. 49% of Swiss see a UBI as valuing and encouraging unpaid household and volunteer work.

Innovative Switzerland wants to be a country that leads the way on basic income. It does not want to wait for anyone else to first show the way. But for Singaporeans, this is the only way for them to survive in the next 50 years, or they will go extinct leaving behind a few PAP dinosaurs, in a country run by robots and foreign contract workers.

Singapore is already embarking on driverless taxi, way before any other countries in the world. This is going to end the jobs of some 40,000 cab drivers over the next 50 years, and hit the livelihood of 100,000 of their family members.

Advanced robots and drones are also being build to replace thousands of jobs in factories and offices.

Online shopping is also going to cut the jobs in the retail and food industry. Menial jobs will be the domain of foreign labours, and office jobs will be taken care of by the more qualified imported talents.

That will leave most Singaporeans with nothing else to do, other than tendering to their homes. And these tasks should have a value attached to it.

The basic income should be considered as one of the basic human rights. The Right to Life itself. The unconditional basic income is not tied to any circumstance or work done or compensation.

It is the amount that everyone, in any case and without exception needs in order to live. It is an amount that does not depend upon whether or not someone has a job.

The basic income relates solely to the individual and not to her function or situation. It is an income that arises from a general fundamental democratic right, the Right to Life.

How is This Possible?

We can differentiate between reimbursement for work in the private sector and public incomes such as social insurances as two fundamentally different incomes. Setting an unconditional base amount would have different effects on these different income areas.

A) Wages in the private sector would be liberated from securing the livelihood of the employee. This new situation opens a space for (re)negotiation for both, employees and employers. A salary becomes a symbol of appreciation, a motivation. It remains performance-based and tied to the market. A salary can be very high or very low, but the actual livelihood of the individual is inviolable because each person receives the basic income as a social right.

An entrepreneur can now be sure that people will come to her because they actually want to work with her.

Motivation will become a prerequisite for a job application. Even the employee is now more free in his position of negotiation. He can say yes to work that interests him and in which he can be of optimal use. Personal development through our work, having success and taking responsibility will become key attributes of a job search.

The applicant can also say no to unappealing job offers more easily. The threat of taking away a person's livelihood can no longer be used as a means to force employees to work under bad conditions.

The transfer of an unconditional basic income reduces the cost of labor. It acts as a subsidy to the existing wages. Being secured up to the level of the unconditional basic income, each person can now do her work without hesitation. Taxes can be restructured such that labor is no longer taxed (neither on the employer nor the employee side). Instead, a tax on goods (value-added tax) is increased and in part redistributed as an unconditional basic income.

B) Any social funds, extra payments, stipends, pensions and such subsidies can be replaced by the basic income as long as they do not exceed it. In the United States, there are 150 different programs of social balance that could be vastly relieved by the distribution of an unconditional basic income. This unconditional transaction could replace the “social welfare state“ and could mean significant reductions of expenses for the authorities. Currently, all social transfers are tied to concrete conditions that have to be proven and investigated bureaucratically at very high cost.

Unconditionally securing a livelihood for everyone would replace the existing incomes from the bottom up, in the public as well as the private sector. This basic amount is already transferred today. What remains are the conditions placed upon it, and thus seems to present a challenge for some:

Who would still want to go to work, if the securing of a livelihood does not motivate us to work anymore? And more importantly: Who would do the „dirty work“?

3. Good Job or Bad Job?
Because the basic income is paid to everyone, it should be an issue for everyone. The millionaire that lives off the interest of their wealth as well as the dishwasher that lives from paycheck to paycheck.

In the world of work we can distinguish between extrinsically and intrinsically motivated employees. Some employees work primarily for their income. Their motivation is based on the extrinsic necessity to have an income, on self-preservation and personal as well as familial survival. We call their work a „bad job“. On the other hand, everyone knows examples of intrinsically motivated work. The motivation, process and product of this work are closely related. We call this a „good job“. Amongst the extrinsically motivated „bad jobs“ as well as the intrinsically motivated „good jobs“ we can find both very well paid jobs and also very low paying jobs. What is the effect of an unconditional basic income on those four job categories?

The category of well-paid good jobs is not going to change very much with the introduction of a basic income, except the salary is going to decrease by the amount of the basic income.

Well-paid bad jobs will always be done. The motivation of making a lot of money will stay the same. But including the basic income in the transaction will challenge the paradigm of „only focussing on oneself“.

Low paying good jobs, such as care-work, volunteering, working from one's own vision (every entrepreneur recognizes this type of work from starting their own business) are going to be freer through the basic income, easier to imagine and more realistic.

Amongst the low paying bad jobs the distribution of an unconditional basic income will bring about the biggest change.

In the last category we find the so-called „dirty work“. The unconditional basic income will not prohibit these jobs, nor does it claim higher payment for such work (like a minimum wage would). It does, however, put the employee in a new position from which to negotiate, as their existential dependence on a job has been removed.

The basic income makes it possible to say NO.
It is possible that having a person do the cleaning will become more expensive because with a basic income in their pocket, fewer people would be willing to spend time working for a low income. When prices for certain services rise it becomes attractive to invest in technological solutions - solutions that are currently kept waiting because of the availability of cheap labor. The basic income strengthens the trend to automate such tasks. It creates the possibility for innovation.

Good jobs that are badly paid are supported by the basic income, in many cases they only become possible when such an income exists. Services and products that are created in intrinsically motivated work will become more affordable. A real market comes into play, one without opportunities of blackmailing the workforce.

On average, prices will roughly remain on the same level across all the sectors; what will be new is that prices will also reflect popular areas of work.

4. A Fundamental Democratic Right
The introduction of an unconditional basic income brings about a democratization of democracy. It gives time for reflection. It creates possibilities for experiences we cannot pay for.

A democracy gives every adult the right to judge what is best for the whole community based on their own life experience and ability. It gives each individual the responsibility to decide in the interest of others. The individual interest of each person becomes a building block for the greater whole.

The basic income trusts each person to know how to decide what their path is and how they want to make a difference for others. This is no less than the pursuit of happiness. It is an evolution of democracy itself.
Those who want to hold a monopoly on power can-not see anything sensible in the introduction of an unconditional basic income.

No king would introduce a basic income. But the democratic way is the royal road: only through the mutual encouragement of the people can a basic income come into existence.

The first prototype referendum for the unconditional basic income is taking place in Switzerland in June 2016. And who knows what can grow from such an experience?

The Zika Epidemic Has Just Begun

Now with 189 confirmed locally-transmitted cases. Certainly, there are many more still unknown and yet to come.

In fact, its spread had already been happening for a while under our noses. The Zika test takes three hours to show if a patient is positive or negative for the virus. The first suspicion was on Aug 22, when a GP in Aljunied raised the alarm over a series of suspicious cases to MOH. MOH believed it was a mild viral illness, and asked that further cases be brought to the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC). Then on Aug 25, a 47-year-old woman, Patient A, was referred to the CDC and was confirmed to be infected (ST’s report said she went to CDC on Aug 26, Today says Aug 25). All past cases in the area were dug up and tested and it turned out that people were being infected as far back as July 31. MOH announced Patient A on Aug 27. The other 55 cases were announced on Aug 28 and Aug 29.

The answer to questions posed to MOH about why two days passed between Patient A presenting herself to the CDC and the first announcement was vague.

Since Zika was “almost inevitable”, and since an imported case had already been reported in May, shouldn’t the ministry already have been expecting to see locally-transmitted cases? Why were blood tests not carried out as soon as the GP in Aljunied reported a suspicious trend of viral infections? Why were blood tests not carried out for all individuals presenting such symptoms – did the ministry have to wait for a trend to develop?

MOH said that since the affected persons did not travel to infected countries, they were considered low-risk. This is why they did not test them immediately. The ministry chose to wait and see. Yet it is known that only one in five Zika-infected persons actually presents symptoms. With confirmed infections in places like Thailand and Vietnam, should Singapore not already have begun to treat Zika symptoms more seriously? Why was an individual’s lack of travel to Zika-affected areas a factor that puts them at low risk?

MOH said that there was no cover up for the rash of Zika infections, a question raised in light of the Hepatitis C outbreak last year. In that case, 16 ministry and hospital staff were disciplined for, among other faults, withholding the announcement of the outbreak.

But it is hard to test for a disease that doesn’t present itself in a very unique way. Sometimes the fever is not present. It is hard, but should MOH have set a higher bar?

Dr Leong Hoe Nam, the infectious diseases specialist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital who diagnosed Singapore’s first Zika case in May, thinks that MOH should have done better.

“Every single mild case of fever, they should have investigated,” said Dr Leong, “It was a chance to break the cycle. Kudos to the GP who picked up the trend. We must remember that Zika is very mild, compared to dengue. Patients may not be sick enough to go to hospital but to the GP instead. So the GP now is the gatekeeper.”

Ms Tin Pei Ling, who is the MP for the ward that Patient A lives in, said, “It would have been most ideal to take a more conservative approach at that point in time, if there had been early suspicion, to check if there were any positive cases. But I suppose MOH would have taken the balanced approach between alarming everyone and doing proper checks.”

Would we have been alarmed? The number of cases, 41, is high compared to other countries in the region. It is low, however, when compared with the more deadly dengue, for which there have been nearly 11,000 cases, of which majority were probably locally-transmitted, since the start of this year.

Perhaps it is time we started acting as if Zika could well have traveled beyond the Aljunied cluster. That’s how it got spread so far in the first place, isn’t it?

UK, US, Australia, Japan and Taiwan issue travel advisories for Singapore as Zika cases rise.

There is ongoing transmission of Zika virus in Singapore. All travellers should protect themselves from mosquito bites. Adopt additional measures advised by the Department of Health, including deferring non-essential travel if pregnant, avoiding pregnancy for two months following your return and other advice for both males and females (see Health). The level of advice has not changed. We continue to advise Australians to exercise normal safety precautions in Singapore.

Pregnant woman in S'pore tests positive for Zika


SINGAPORE — A pregnant woman living in the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive area has tested positive for Zika virus infection, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Wednesday (Aug 31) night. This is the first such case in Singapore.

“Her doctor is following up close with her to monitor her health and the development of her baby,” said the MOH. The woman, who tested positive on Wednesday, will be referred to a maternal-foetal medicine specialist for counselling and advice, said the ministry.

The news comes a day after the MOH announced free testing at public healthcare institutions for pregnant women with Zika symptoms or who have partners with the virus, as well as those recommended by their doctors.

The MOH had also issued an advisory on pregnancy and Zika on Tuesday. Noting that Zika could have more serious consequences for pregnant women — their children could be born with microcephaly — the MOH said that pregnant women diagnosed with Zika would be referred to a maternal-foetal medicine specialist for counselling and advice.


Much of the focus around the mosquito-borne Zika virus has been on pregnant women and brain abnormalities in fetuses, but now scientists think some adult brain cells could be vulnerable too. Infections may even be as destructive as Alzheimer’s disease.
By engineering mice to mimic the human Zika infection, and using fluorescent biomarkers to tag infection sites, scientists at the Rockefeller University and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology found that adult neural progenitor cells could be hijacked by the virus, leading to brain shrinkage and mental impairment.

“Our results are pretty dramatic – in the parts of the brain that lit up, it was like a Christmas tree,” said Professor Joseph Gleeson, head of Laboratory of Pediatric Brain Disease at The Rockefeller University, in a released statement about the new study. “It was very clear that the virus wasn't affecting the whole brain evenly, like people are seeing in the fetus.”

Gleeson said in healthy individuals, neural progenitor cells become fully formed neurons and are resistant to Zika, but for some people with weakened immune systems, they may be vulnerable to the virus.

The mature brain, Gleeson said, is learning, and memory that is impacted by Zika could bring about a cognitive decline that is normally associated with Alzheimer's disease or depression.

“In the adult, it's only these two populations that are very specific to the stem cells that are affected by virus. These cells are special, and somehow very susceptible to the infection,” Gleeson said. “Based on our findings, getting infected with Zika as an adult may not be as innocuous as people think.”

“Zika can clearly enter the brain of adults and can wreck havoc,” said Sujan Shresta, a professor at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology. “But it’s a complex disease. It’s catastrophic for early brain development, yet the majority of adults who are infected with Zika rarely show detectable symptoms. Its effect on the adult brain may be more subtle, and now we know what to look for.”

But scientists said it raises the disturbing possibility of long term mental impairment in Zika-infected adults.

“The virus seems to be travelling quite a bit as people move around the world,” said Gleeson. “Given this study, I think the public health enterprise should consider monitoring for Zika infections in all groups, not just pregnant women.”

The epicenter of the current Zika epidemic is Brazil, where the Olympic Games were in full swing in Rio de Janeiro just a couple of weeks ago.

In February, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern,” as evidence grew of Zika's association with birth defects.

The virus is chiefly spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is common throughout the tropical and subtropical Americas.

The new findings were published in Cell Stem Cell on August 18.

Why Is The Govt Rushing Into Driverless Car?

The need to be the First, all the time? The need to show that we are an innovative country, no more a boring country? Yes, these are good things to have, but are we ready yet? This implementation not only concern the way we live, but also is likely to cause unnecessary loss of lives.

The news: Singapore is taking the next step in the move towards self-driving vehicles with the world's first public trial of self-driving taxis.

Robo-taxis developed by nuTonomy, a Massachusetts based transportation software firm, will operate autonomously in a Singapore business district on a trial basis beginning Thursday. The vehicles will be specially configured Renault and Mitsubishi models. A select number of Singapore residents will use nuTonomy's smartphone app to hail a robo-taxi for a ride at no charge.

Google, the leader in automated car, saying it wants a self-driving car with no steering wheel, pedals or driver, Google itself has a long way to go before that goal is attainable. Over a 15-month time period, Google said its self-driving cars detected 272 failures that caused the driver to take control of the car, and 69 incidents occurred where a driver took control of the car because of a perceived threat to safety.

Those incidents were then replicated in computer simulations that showed there would have been 13 crashes if the driver wouldn't have stepped in.

Some incidents reported in Google cars were blamed on the cars performing unwanted maneuvers, while other incidents were caused by reckless driving of other drivers.

Singaporeans' Responses:
Unlike iPad or Apple Watch or Google Glass, Self Driving cars will cost your lives, dun anyhow play for your own risk Worried ....on the other hand many people enjoy driving cars, nobody wants to sit around in a self driving car, it's not fun and you have no control over it, over your life

Auto taxis will not have 'hands' to help you put luggage into trunk, will not be able to help disabled/elderly board taxis.

And what's gonna happen to the livelihoods of taxi & uber/grab drivers (approx 30 to 40,000 paxes i guess); IF this project comes to a fruition?

Do all govt authorities come together to discuss the pros and cons of issues at hands? Or each of them revert to their own comfort zones and plan their own things again without cross checking and collaborating? Any back up plans for the unemployment of drivers who have family commitments and housing loans to repay? Is the govt prepared to pump in billions of social welfare schemes to help those families affected ranging from education & medical etc??

Is SG prepared to be a welfare state? "

Companies like Uber will soon jump on the driverless bandwagon: (Uber's losing money, largely because they have to pay drivers.)

“Bloomberg reports Uber lost $1.27 billion in the first half of this year, which is unprecedented, even for a tech company.

“Eventually, Uber will get rid of the drivers and turn a huge profit. Earlier this month, Uber announced it would begin allowing customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones, indicating at least part of the company’s long-term business plan. Uber also acquired self-driving car company Otto for $300 million, showing its eagerness to advance its driverless car technology.”

This Auto pilot thingy is so HYPE and any no brainer would have pick it up and too HYPE to resist riding on this bandwagon.

"Who" cares or bothers about the social displacement problem? (the Open Floodgate Policy have already shown HOW MUCH they cared about the locals livelihood).

Govt authorities rub their hands in glee because they can afford the capital for investing in these robots whereas the drivers can't. Customers end up paying the same or more because of the high capital cost. Govt win, (all) people lose - AGAIN.

Nope I bet all they see are dollar signs,less traffic and more dependency on public transport ( which means more effective social control) and rubbing their hands in glee at all the so-called ups killing courses the displaced will need to take.

They'll be useless because the govt won't allow for any autonomous entres of thought to emerge Wrongthink (tm) will be punished Right-think (tm) rewarded.

If this driverless car need a driver (as reported in ST) and the driver has to apply a brake during a demonstration, the car is not ready for prime time! Regardless, they are pushing ahead with half baked technology because they won't be facing million dollar lawsuits if their cars are involved in accidents in Singapore. I hope these cars are not allowed to travel at speed above 50kmh at this stage of the development because of real risk in fatalities.

What if the self driving taxi has a malfunction and stalls in the middle of the road with no passengers in it ? Who will help it radioed out for help service ?

If it has an accident on the road and hit a pedestrain , who will help it radioed help too ?

Has the insurance claim standard operating procedure been clearly specified out and sorted out on how insurance can be claimed too for driverless cars ?

".....said autonomous or self-driving taxis could ultimately reduce the number of cars on Singapore's roads by third, from 900,000 to 300,000....."

SELLING SNAKE OIL.....this one not Indian SO hor...

This (reduction in number of cars) may only happen if the autonomous taxi service is FREE 

velly velly goood taxi ah peks and retrenched pros no more excuse to NOT vote for Oppo PAP also no use mah

Self-driving car crashed in US killing one, crashed in China, will it crash in Singapore as well?

1 less retirement job... next time retrench do what?
Unless people have Stage 4 liver cancer and dunt have many days to can they ask general public to try and test the new product on road? Can't they test it properly to ensure 200% secure before leasing to the market?

It takes time to improve, maybe 100-200 crashes in early stage...who is willing to die to help the new technology to improve? Road conditions can be very complex in certain intersections in certain timing in certain countries, there's no way for self driving to car millions of possibilities in countries like Thailand, China, India, Indonesia and even Malaysia.

Are you sure machine is 100% safe, even escalators or lifts fail sometimes, the sensor fails to detect human and kill the person when he steps out of the lift halfway....why are we keep hearing self driving car crashes every few weeks? Is that very safe?

Is The Annual NDR Speech Still Necessary?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of the Singapore National Day Rally is.....

"The National Day Rally (Chinese: 国庆群众大会, Malay: Rapat Umum Hari Kebangsaan) is an annual address that the Prime Minister of Singapore makes to the entire nation, on the second Sunday after 9 August, the country's National Day. 

A yearly event since 1966, the Prime Minister uses this rally to address the nation on its key challenges and its future directions, and can be compared to the State of the Union Address delivered by the President of the United States.

Prior to 2005, the rally was a continuous speech from 8:00pm (SST). From 2005, the Malay and Chinese versions were delivered at 6:45 pm with a break at 7:30 pm while the English version was delivered at 8:00pm. Opposition MPs were invited to the rally for the first time in 2007. "

The First National Day Rally 1966

Unlike the State of Union Address, which is delivered in January and not linked to Independence Day, the NDR was traditionally a PAP annual celebration of their triumphs and successes, and LKY has unapologetically treated it as a perpetual annual Election Rally to drive fear into the hearts of Singaporeans of not voting the PAP, and to remind them of their indebtedness to the PAP. It was only in recent years that opposition MPs were invited following the increase in number of oppositions in Parliament. 

NDR 1984

During those days, Parliamentary proceedings were not broadcasted, live or same day. Hence the NDR became important as a tool of communication with the public. But it is no longer true now. All things said and done in Parliament are well-documented and recorded and goes viral very quickly for any incidence that occurred. 

The Prime Minister should make full use of the Parliamentary seatings to address the nation on his plans and future direction, and not hold them back until the NDR before presenting them.

Besides the NDR, the Prime Minister also make speeches on eve of New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and Lunar New Year. There are more than enough opportunities for him to share with the people on his plans and changes he wants to implement. Why wait for the NDR to do that? 

Further, the NDR occurs more than a week after the National Day, making it an anti-climax to the ND celebration itself. It shouldn't be called NDR in the first place. It is just an irrelevant event, a baggage from the past, that should be removed from the calendar.

LKY last NDR Speech 1990

Of course, for the PM, it is a great opportunity for the him to showcase his multi-linguistic talents, polish his public speaking skills as well as his clowning and acting abilities. But looking ahead, he should be planning for his successor. 

Can you find anyone in the audience during this year's speech, who can speak in several languages? None. So who is going to carry on with the NDR if PM Lee were to faint again, but this time, he can't return to complete his speech? Or worse, he got taken out by the IS terrorists. It can happen.

Goh Chok Tong Final NDR Speech 2004

No matter how you look at it, the NDR belonged to the legacy of the Lee Kuan Yew era. The NDR was a very powerful tool to unite a newly independent multiracial society, and to build the nation from scratch, during those early years. Now that it is redundant, we should just leave it in the archives of the museum.

This will also free PM Lee from the strenuous task of preparing for the NDR, and save the costs of employing the many language experts, and countless other backend contributors to his NDR speech. He can spend those precious time in planning his strategy to stifle the oppositions and writing computer programs to solve more puzzles.

PM Lee's maiden NDR speech

Why The President Has To Be A Malay Always

When Joseph Schooling won the Gold Medal in Rio, all Singaporeans were so proud of him, and the supporters who went there to support, were all so proud of the Schooling and the National Anthem, they sang it loudly and proudly during the Medal Presentation Ceremony.

Most of those who were there at the ceremony were not Malays but nobody there bothered that they were singing a Malay song. That song represent Singapore on the world stage, and will always be that way.

It should have been the same for the Presidency. Like the National Anthem in Malay, the President of Singapore should always be a Malay. They were both just a symbol. I am saying this not because I am a Malay (No, I am not) but because it doesn't really matter which race the President belongs to. By having a single race as the Presidency, with agreement from all other races, simplifies a lot of things moving forward.

If there ever was a mistake made by Lee Kuan Yew in his life time, this had to be one of them. The Presidency is just a symbol, and LKY shouldn't have meddle with it by transferring executive powers to the President. It makes life so difficult now for the leaders that took over from him, and he should share the blame for PM Lee Hsien Loong's fainting spell during the National Day Rally, when he tried so hard to fix the screw-up made by his father.

I wish he could jump out of his grave now to tell us all that he had screwed up and get this team to right the wrong, so that we can all follow the rainbow dream he mentioned, without all his baggages holding us back.

There are many other advantages of having a Malay permanently as President, without executive powers.

First, the two countries that surround Singapore and gave us the most headaches, Indonesia and Malaysia will see us as a true South-east Asian country rather than a third China, if the Head of State is always going to be a Malay. It will be much easier to build on this kinship, with the President visiting these countries often.

Secondly, there will not be a costly and time-wasting Presidential Elections every few years.

Thirdly, if both the PM and President are Chinese, the rulers of China, will take for granted that Singapore is run by Chinese and should always give face or kowtow to China's actions and policies. With a Malay President, the impact will be different especially during face to face communication. They will always be reminded that Singapore is not that Chinese after all.

Fourthly, this will totally eliminate the problem of deciding on who will become President, base on racial or minority interest and representation.

Just like now, when nobody need to make the difficult decision on whether to play the Mandarin version, Malay version or the Tamil version of the National Anthem during the Olympic Medal presentation.

First Televised Collapse of a Prime Minister

Not sure if this is another first in the world but it is definitely a first for Singapore. Surely not one that many of us had heard of. The good thing is, this collapse is a minor one and is more likely due to overwork, fatigue or simply aging body machinery. A mental black-out that will happen to many of our elderly as part of the cradle-to-grave process. This happened on the 21st Oct 2016. Be forewarned, this video is Graphic!

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who almost collapsed on to the floor while delivering his National Day Rally speech on Sunday night, was feeling unsteady because of prolonged standing, heat and dehydration. His heart is fine and he did not have a stroke, said the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). The doctors are less committal and are keeping quiet and their fingers crossed.

The rally resumed at about 10.40pm.

Mr Lee, 64, returned to the stage to a standing ovation and said that while doctors had said he was okay, he would have a full check-up after.

And one of the first to send his well-wishes to PM Lee, is an unconvictable criminal.....

Update on SR Nathan Health Status

SR Nathan passed away peacefully tonight at 9.48pm, 22Aug2016. He is 92 years old. May your soul rest in peace.

 Former president S R Nathan remains critically ill and unconscious after suffering a stroke last month, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday (Aug 21).

Mr Lee gave the latest update on Mr Nathan, 92, before the Malay portion of his National Day Rally speech, adding that he last visited Singapore's longest-serving president at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on Friday.

"But he is restful and well taken care of by the team of doctors and nurses. His family asks me to thank you for all your messages and good wishes to him," he said.

Mr Lee also recalled how Mr Nathan, who served two six-year terms as head of state from 1999 to 2011, was in the audience for his National Day Rally last year.

"After the rally, he wrote to me, in his beautiful handwriting, at the age of 91, to congratulate me on my speech."

Mr Nathan suffered a stroke on the morning of July 31 and has since been warded in the Intensive Care Unit at SGH.

Since then, get-well wishes have poured in from visitors, among them senior civil servants, long-time friends and more recently, Singapore's first Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling.

Mr Lee had previously visited Mr Nathan on Aug 5, following his return from an official trip to the United States.

Benjamin Lim Jun Hui Case - another view

A tribute to this poor unfortunate soul. A second thought on 14-year-old minor Benjamin Lim's Unfortunate Suicide and molest Case. This case involved his suicide after his interrogation by the police, his arrest during schooling hours in his school, by 5 police officers, and CCTV evidence showing an accidental brush rather than a full blooded forced molest. The footage was not allowed to be made public, as expected, since there is something very much worth hiding.

Once again, socially Singapore remained a 3rd World Police State while it's leaders keep claiming itself to be a 1st World country economically & financially with lots of numbers to show.

The way Minister Shanmugam desperately defended the police in Parliament in this case, reminded us of how Malaysian PM Najib defended his billion dollar bank deposit.

The Legal Way of Providing Access to Online Prostitution Rings

Just discovered this article that provides sex-related links legally by pretending to be a good citizen in highlighting these links to the Authority.

The Article is titled:
A Singaporean Unhappy with Existence of Vice Websites in Singapore 

And the links he provided were pasted here as follow:

Enjoy them while you still can.

And this is Anthony's response to the so-called unhappy person begging the authorities to take actions against these sites:

"Why should you, Loh be irritated by such websites? They serve a certain needs for a certain section of the population. You don’t like, you can very well not visit such websites, nobody is forcing you correct?

So Likewise, if I don’t drive can I ask to ban cars? If I don’t smoke, I ask to ban cigarettes? If I’m a vegetarian, I ask to ban all meat?

Can we be more understanding and more tolerant of other people’s needs and not ask for government to do this and that and ban this and that. It is cos of people like you that we end up with a Nanny state that controls almost every aspect of our lives.

And for your info, prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore. Only soliciting in public is illegal, but these girls are not soliciting in public if they stay in their apartments. The Singapore law couldn’t do anything against these girls except charging them for violating their visa entry requirements. It was only recently that a law against online vice was introduced/amended if I remember correctly.

Jaywalking, high powered electric scooters and bicycles, riding bicycles on footpath and not on the road, sex between men, illegal parking, dangerous driving, speeding (over the legal speed limit), passengers not putting on seatbelts, illegal gambling, overseas shopping beyond stated tax free amount and not paying GST, smoking in restricted areas, drink driving, littering, misuse of company property and many countless acts which are technically illegal.

Some laws are difficult to enforce, some they choose to close one eye, some which, although being enforced, can’t be completely stamped out. You’ll see something illegal everyday if you look carefully. Why this personal vendetta against these websites, but not porn and prostitution in general.

What is your stand regarding prostitution in Singapore? Is it ok to you because it is “legal” but these websites are not because it is “illegal”? Are you coming from a moral point of view or not happy due to what you perceive as lack of enforcement? Does it irritate the hell out of you when you see a car travelling at 70km/hr on a 60km/hr road? I don’t see why you should be “unhappy” over such issues.

Shameless MP Lee Bee Wah Claimed Credit For The Gold Medal

Lee Bee Wah claimed credit for Schooling's Gold Medal - disgracefully shocking  

This woman is hell of a thick skinned ! What is she doing in Rio or for that matter the other politicians and Tony Tan and wife .. all tax payers' expenses of course. I am ashamed of women like TB Wah, that F Fu and others that are there as parasites ! enjoying Rio .

I am proud of Schooling, a true blood 3rd generation Singapore ! where are all the multi-million foreign talents ? It only shows that there are local talents. Don't waste time and tax payers money picking up outcasts from China to represent Singapore. 

Schooling's parents must have spent a huge sum to send an only child to the USA at 13/14 years old. They believed in Joseph and provided everything for him to achieve his dream. The govt did nothing !

He was never groomed nor supported by any PAP-managed scholarship. His mother had to almost beg Mindef to defer his NS ! 

Now I bet all the politicians will take turn to have photo taken with Schooling. They are basking on Schooling's success ! how thick skinned !

A retiree wrote this, which more accurately reflects on what actually happened:

"As a nation, a people, a country, a govt., and as individuals, we did almost nothing to help Schooling get to the gold medal. We did not finance him, did not support him, the PAP choose not to groom and encourage this boy.

Very little of our money went to training him, and providing him the necessary support, compared to the millions we lavish on 3rd class athletes from China and elsewhere. Not only did we not support him, we almost killed his career by making him do NS. When I say we, I mean the 70% of the morons that supported and elected the PAP.

If his mother May did not fight MINDEF to get his deferment, he might still be in the SAF now doing NS. There was no mass petition from singaporeans calling for his deferment. there was no mass calling by the MPs to support him. There was no media support for him, and certainly no support from the Singapore National Olympics Committee for his deferment.

Instead, 2 angmos (one was his swim coach in University of Texas, Gregg Troy) and the other a technical director, Bill Swetenham of SSC, wrote in their support to ask for his deferment. Not one PAP asshole or Notable sinkie stood up for this boy.

But now that he won the Gold, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and be proud of him. I say that you don't have that right. Singaporeans have not earned the right to claim the limelight with him. Where were they went he needed them? Sinkies are really stinky pathetic hypocrites.

Although I am born and raised in singapore, I am ashamed of our treatment of this boy, and I certainly cannot rejoice without a hint of embarassment that we as a people almost killed this great moment. Strangely, it was a ex-Malaysian who fought for him. His mom.

Everyone now wants to claim credit on Schooling's Olympic gold medal.  The Americans say he was trained there. Malaysians say his mum is from Ipoh.  British claimed that his great grandfather was from Britain. Portugal claimed that his great grandmother was Portugal-Eurasian. China claimed that he is 1/2 Chinese.

But the best part comes from the Philippines & Vietnam.  They say he is brought up by his Filipino maid and the Vietnamese claim that he is serviced by Viet gals in the KTVs!

Why is Grace Fu so Disgraceful ?

Minister Grace Fu's Facebook page was littered with expletives and insults after Joseph Schooling's greatest moment ever for Singapore. What an irony! The reason is because Grace had pushed hard to ban live telecasts of Olympics events to save cost. Something that would have prevented Singaporeans from watching this historical moment of Schooling. Read more of these insults and have a good laugh.....

Lee Bee Wah claimed credit for Schooling's Gold Medal - disgracefully shocking  

This woman is hell of a thick skinned ! What is she doing in Rio or for that matter the other politicians and Tony Tan and wife .. all tax payers' expenses of course. I am ashamed of women like TB Wah, that F Fu and others that are there as parasites ! enjoying Rio .

I am proud of Schooling, a true blood 3rd generation Singapore ! where are all the multi-million foreign talents ? It only shows that there are local talents. Don't waste time and tax payers money picking up outcasts from China to represent Singapore. 

Schooling's parents must have spent a huge sum to send an only child to the USA at 13/14 years old. They believed in Joseph and provided everything for him to achieve his dream. The govt did nothing !

He was never groomed nor supported by any PAP-managed scholarship. His mother had to almost beg Mindef to defer his NS ! 

Now I bet all the politicians will take turn to have photo taken with Schooling. They are basking on Schooling's success ! how thick skinned !

Why Are Singaporean Models Stripping?

Do We Have The Most Leaked Nude Photos (of Models) in the World?

Put it plainly, any human being you see in an advertisement is most likely a model. To take this further, recall that television commercial on a new condominium you saw last night showcasing a happy family enjoying all the condominium’s amenities and the nearby schools and parks? Everyone featured in there is a model – from the grandma to the child.

But in recent months Singapore's modelling scene was hit by many leaked-nude-photos of female models. Strangely, these photos were released by the same sex site, which has become something of a Google Ads for leaked pics.

But lightning cannot be striking at the same place all the time. Is this another way for these models to get themselves "linked in", so that they can get more assignments? Competition is great in this modelling business. Leaking nude pics could help to give your marketing machinery a shot in the arm. If you go through these leaks below, you maybe able to find the answer to why this is happening.

Yan Kay Kay
Singaporean FHM cover model turn blogger Yan Kay Kay found out that there was a rather revealing candid photo of her privates in the possession of a photographer. And she also found out the photographer shared said photo with others. Kay Kay as she is known was also the winner of Channel 5 reality show S Factor in 2009 and was the co-host of popular online comedy web series.

Vanessa Koh
Model Vanessa Koh (TheLivingDoll) supposedly had a series of personal nude photos leaked into the net. It is not her fault, since it is a leak. Free advertisement and free publicity though.

Shu Lyn
Shu Lyn also had her nude erotic shoots somehow leaked into cyberspace. No, she didn't publish any nude pictures. It was leaked, remember? A side note, she prepared very well for the photoshoot. Must have spent lots of time removing every bit of hair from her pussy before the session.

Sharon Koh
Another Singaporean model Sharon Koh, had her leaked hotel room photos leaked into the internet. Amazing. They were leaked at almost the same time, all these models.

Paulyne Tan
Paulyne Tan is another one with a "leaked"syndrome hitting her, and that means lots of free publicity, of course.

Olivia Ang
This local model Olivia Ang had a very well orchestrated leak of her serie of photos. She needed to called it leaked photos, to circumvent certain Laws, I guess. She takes her time to shed her office attire revealing her black undergarments and very fierce tattoos. For those who indulge in visual pleasure, a heavily tattooed girl can be rather enticing, especially if she looks all demure on the outside.

With local girls being more adventurous, I am sure you will be able to find some colleagues who are kuai kuai on the outside but wild on the inside. So look carefully around your office now.

Model DJ Tenashar
Tenashar is trying her best to remove those leaked nude photos of her from the web so you might want to get your copies saved while you can at this point. And rumors are there are a lot more nude photos of Tenashar from the photo shoot these 27 nudes where taken. The nude art photography website where the complete sets were available is now defunct but many subscribers should have downloaded the photos of her in the time it was up. So this leak has got a timeline for withdrawal. This is great and effective wayang-wayang.

Model Blogger Tee Ying Zi
For Tee's sake, I can't believe her pics are leaked though. She looked so happy and enjoying every moment of it in the nude, gloriously splashing her very bushy pussy in front of the camera. 

Michelle Alexis
Singapore model Michelle Alexis Nude Photo Leaked - that is the title of the leaked article. But really none of her photos was in full nude, just in lingerie perhaps. If you are looking for a failed leak or a fake leak, this is it.

Michayla Wong Cheng Yau
Pictures of Michayla have been circulating for months and it was said that she is a Singaporean model. Did some digging and found out that she is actually from Malaysia, Klang Valley. Just a reminder, leaked nude photo is another form of Facebook Ads, just that it is free.

Merilyn Lim
"Singapore Model Merilyn Lim Photos Leaked" - the title screamed. But all you see is a slightly overweight woman in bikini. Another fake leak. But who cares, now we know there exist a bitch called Merilyn.

Maya Galina
Singaporean model Maya Galina Nude photo shoot leaked - Now this is real photo shoot, and she did show you everything you are looking for. I know what you guys are thinking as she is rather flat, but how you rate her, is not my problem. Anyway, it is a good leak. Other models should learn from her leak team.

Kate Lim
Here’s a local lass Kate Lim who is upfront and clear about what she wants. Beautiful, confident and smart! Now this is one leak (although the word leak did not appear anywhere due to her inexperience, I guess) that is well-documented with statistics:

Name: Kate Lim
Sex Gender: Female
Ages: 22 Years Old
Occupation: Adult Naked Model
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Body Statistic: Height: 160 cm , Weight: 49 kg ,
Bust: 86 cm , Waist: 64 cm , Hips: 86 cm , Cup: B , Dress: 6 , Shoe: 6.0 , Hair color: Black , Hair length: Short , Eye color: Black , Ethnicity: Asian , Skin color: Tanned

JY Ding
Singapore Model JY Ding Nude Photos Leaked, says the title. Now the leaker is pretty experienced in his marketing skills. Now I know there is such a person called JY Ding and how she looked like with nothing on.

Jess Lydia Ann
Singaporean Model Jess Lydia Ann Leaked Nude Photos - the ads screamed.
Fair enough, she did show us how she should be when she is about to take her bath. But she got this auntie-look in her. If you haven't seen Mediacorp actress Irene Ang in the nude, this one is quite close to it.

Jessica Gomez
Singapore model Jessica Gomes nude photo leaked - was the title given, but soon discovered that Jessica Gomes is an Australian model of Singaporean-Chinese and Portuguese heritage who appeared in the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the Swimsuit Issue of the United States–published magazine Sports Illustrated. She got a pretty face and big boobs, that's all.

Jenzene Jenna Chan
[This girl, Jenna Chan is actually a Singaporean but based in the US.
She is actually one of the girls from GossipGalore forum, a forum which gossips about Singapore bloggers.
She is actually more famous for uglifying DawnYang’s photo by liquefying it using photoshop.]

The quote above came from an article on her and her other exploits besides undressing. There is no leak mentioned, as Jenna is already a famous and well-off nude model. Old-timer. You can google and find all the best nude pics of her in the Web.

Jean Tay
Singapore Nude Model Jean Tay Naked Private Photo Leaked - a modern Zoe Tay? But, certainly doesn't look like private photos to me. Not when you get undressed and tie yourself up with thick ropes to snap a picture. That is not something you do in private all the time, like taking a bath. If you are looking for her pic. Be ready for the unsavoury, when she practically threw her ass and vagina right in your face.

Jas Ong a.k.a Janice Wong
Singapore model Jas Ong nude photos leaked - another good and well-planned leakage. At least she had the courtesy to shave off all her hair before exposing it to your naked eyes.

Jasmine Liu
Singapore Model Jasmine Liu Nude Photos Leaked Online - this title is from the site did the leaking. Strange. Anyway, all I can say is, she looked glorious with nothing on.

Jacqueline Sue Yan Ling
The word leak is not found in this article. Sue is too well-known for that. She can afford not to leak and still sell well. And like the famous Zoe Tay, she does not need to strip. The barest picture you can find is one where she is in tight bikinis, like the one above.

Jacqueline Sue (Sue Yan Ling) is Singapore Chinese new talent. Jacqueline started her carrer in 19 years old when she came to the spotlight as a contestant in talent search show Star Idol. She’s also the covergirl for june issue of Maxim Magazine.

Jacqueline Sue famous for her beauty and sexy figure. She frequently posed for Maxim Magazine in bikinis. The selling point of course in her body, This is because the contestants of Star Idol have been criticized for the lack of talent, but not lack of body.

Ivy Soh Kah Yu
Singapore model Ivy Soh Kai Yu sex photos leaked - so screamed the headline. Now this one that comes with a blow-job video indeed looked very much like a leak, a betrayer by her boyfriend, or her boyfriend's friends. Having done some highly explicit photoshoots before, the question of leak is still very much up for validation.

Irene Teo
Singaporean model Irene Teo leaked nude photo shoot - this gorgeous lady deserve more leaks in future.

Hannah Faith Lee
Singaporean Model Hannah Faith Lee Leaked Photos - if you are looking something called intentional leak, then you have found an obvious one here.

Greta Lee
Singapore model Greta Lee Nude Photo Leaked Name: Greta Lee 李米奇 - the heading read, and the photos do look like taken from home and in selfie mode. Could have been leaked by her careless posting into social media sites, but her boobs look very fake indeed.

Germaine Koh
Singaporen model Germaine Koh Naked Leaked Photos - that's the title, including the wrong spelling for Singaporean. Well, after looking through, I have to say she is a budding porn stars, and needed the leakage of these photos more than anyone else.

FHM Model: Jamie Ang
The report said: Naked photos of Singapore FHM Models 2012 winner Jamie Ang, many with sexually suggestive poses, are going viral on the Net.

Ang is seen fully naked and sexually provocative in the leaked pictures, even posing with a peeled banana in some.

At least 50 nude photos of the former Miss Commonwealth Singapore have been exposed on several local online forums and blogs since early April, but the pictures were quickly taken down as some of sites claimed they were threatened by legal action.

However, the photos continued to be circulated through private messaging on online forums. 

My thought is, when times are bad, the model would the first to appreciate such a high profile leak.

FHM Model: Daphne Ang
FHM Singapore Model Daphne Ang Nude Photos Leaked - the title screamed!

Her name is “Daphne Ang Ming Li” and she once was apparently a student at Crescent Girls’ School in Singapore. Her dad is a lawyer and she used to study at Victoria Junior College. Her boyfriend is Singaporean tattoo artist Shane Tan, he is well known in the Singaporean body art community and she is too.

Here are some more nude photos of Singaporean gymnast turned model Daphne, I think this name is an alias. She was a FHM Singapore model a few years back but she only did innocent bikini shoots with FHM. She started her nude career in Australia and was even featured in top erotic art magazine Met Art. 

Left: Jenell Ong - FHM model
Title: Singapore FHM Model Jenell Ong Nude Photos. She seemed very satisfied and comfortable with her act and was enjoying every moment of it. Singaporean model Jenell Ong or Jenelle is a 23 year-old model and blogger from Singapore. She was in the FHM GND 2010 top 15 and now there are naked images of her playing with another girl circulating on the Internet that were taken the same year. It is amazing that she looked so natural and cool without any clothing on. 

Felicia Teo
Singapore model Felicia Teo naked photos leaked - I guess she needed the leak badly. Here is an overweight school girl who needed as much of your attention as possible.

Erica Lee
Singaporean Model Erica Lee Nude Photos Leaked - Another one who probably asked for the leak.
Emily Leong
Singapore Nude Model Emily Leong - notice that there is no mention of leaked. And here are her own words, very professional about herself. Certainly a class of her own:

I am a photo model. The way I do it, it shows while I am in front of the camera. It has became an obsession and motivation. It supports my life.

I can’t pose as a professional model but I can pose with spirit, being natural and being myself and with perfection in mind.

I can’t be separated with photography even when I Travel. I love to meet anyone and everyone who holds a passion in photography.

Name : Emily Leong
Ages : 27 Years Old
Sex Gender : Female
Shoot Nude : Yes !
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
City : Singapore
Country : Singapore
Body Statistics : Height : 173 cm | Bust : 81 cm | Weights : 54 Kg | Cup : B | Waist : 66 cm

Ellis Ning
Singapore Model Ellis Ning Nude Photos Leaked - Getting to sound boringly familiar. There maybe some truth in this leak  though. Most of the pics looked like those you find in some Facebook profiles.

Cloudie Tan
Singapore Model Cloudie Tan Nude Photos - certainly a very professional way to leak one's own photos, without having to use the word "leaked" in the title. She is not as cloudy as her name suggests.

First & Last Name: Cloudie Tan
I am an Artist/Talent: (ระบุตามจริง/มีผลงานแสดง)
Musical Artist, Model, Performance
Professional Info:
Specialize in dances like salsa, bachata, street cha cha, exotic dance, merengue and am advancing on dances like neozouk and pole dancing.
About Me:
I am a professional dancer specializing in salsa, bachata, street cha cha, exotic dance, merengue and am currently advancing upon neozouk and pole dancing.

I love to do modelling and to do photoshoots. Would love to take up new challenges and loves the beautiful surroundings and scenaries around me.

I have participated in dance competitions and have been performing in dinner and dances too. If you would like to engage me for dance performances or engage me for modeling or photoshoots, please do not be shy to message me for my rates and my available schedules.

Claudia Khoo
Hot sex tape scandal in Singapore Claudia Khoo Naked Photos Leaked - that was the title, and it looked like a leak by her boyfriend. The photos, if you try without too hard to piece together. But you never know it may be a marketing ploy.

Cheryl Chloe
Singapore Model Cheryl Chloe Naked Photo Leaked - looked very professionally done, so is the leak. Call her plain Jane or the the girl-next-door if you like. But that is in itself rather appealing.

Charis Goh
Singapore MILF Charis Goh Leaked Nude Photos - so the title claimed. This Auntie is quite something. Not only she doesn't look like auntie, she doesn't behave like one either. If you are going to take this kind of pics at home, you have to be prepared for them to be leaked. Otherwise, who can appreciate them?

Singapore Model Casey Sex Shot with Boyfriend - not sure why the word "leaked"is not mentioned here. Singapore Model Casey goes for a sex photo shoot with her supposed boyfriend. Little is known about Casey except that her name is terrific although her parents name ain’t likely to be starrific. The culprit here is likely to be the boyfriend, for he seemed to look better than her.

Carol Di
Singaporean Model Carol Di Nude Photos Leaked - this is  a rose among the torns, but her daring act in front of the camera, could put you off for good. She needs to be able to differentiate between photography and pornography.

Bevlyn Tan
Singapore Model Bevlyn Tan Leaked Nude Photos - more of a lingerie show. Just that somewhere along the line, she lost her bras and forgot to wear her panties.

Assumpta Sim
Miss Singapore World 2009 Contestants Assumpta Sim Naked Photos - Why is it always the contestants and not the winner who ended up with her nude photos leaked? And before that, you may ask why is it that it it always the contestants who had nude photos in the first place?

Anita Tan
singapore-model-anita-tan-leaked-photos-online - These are all her selfie pics, some taken with intentional pulling down her bras. That's all. Must be her boyfriend who leaked them.

Angel Lin
Singapore Model Angel Lin Sextape Leaked

About: Angel Lin

[She said...] I am a lady who loves to experience life and I love to express myself through pictures. Believe strongly that a good snapshot stops a moment from running away and each and every photo tells a story of its own. I would want to expose myself to different themes and to be part of the many different stories created by various photographers.

25-year-old freelance model and actress Angel Lin was manhandled by a photographer after she was told to strip to her lingerie in what was supposed to be a club-wear themed shoot, reports The New Paper.That was not the first indecent request she received. Like her, other aspiring models and actresses The New Paper interviewed said there’s a casting couch culture in the glamour business here.But there is also a wall of silence because nobody hoping for the bright lights wants to displease talent spotters. Until an aspiring actress reported to the police how she was molested during a script-reading.Last Thursday, freelance film director Louis Law Jun Yuan was jailed for molesting the actress.

Andrea Clarice Ong
Singapore Model Andrea Clarice Ong Nude Photos Leaked - not sure if she is even a model. Look like a school girl being conned into some kind of illegal trade.

Amanda Yap
Singapore Model Amanda Yap Sex Tape Video Leaked - this is one model you may want to have a second look, especially if the tape is really about her.

Alicia Wee

Singaporean Model Alicia Wee Nude Toples Photo Leaked - this girl is a pro in nude modelling. Nothing to shout about a leak. It is everywhere.


Singapore model Alynn naked photos leaked - nothing to scream about, just lingerie photos. But the same can't be said of the video. Some man must have conned her into having sex and video-filmed it without her knowledge, then leaked it. Poor thing.