Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Emperor Xi Jinping - The Root of All Troubles in East and South Asia

This TV documentary in China questioning why Lee Hsien Loong's given special reception in Washington, tells us how suspicious China is on the intention of Singapore. This is the Singapore under a western educated Lee Hsien Loong and not the Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew.

"Emperor" Xi Jinping is showing his true color now. He is something of a "Duterte" of China. Not only has he shown no mercy to corrupt officials, whoever they are, he is also proving to be a very aggressive dictator in the international front. He is a conservative and ultra-traditionalist who probably believe that China is best run by a Dynasty, and live and swear by China's 5000-year history. If he is a Chinese tourist, he would probably have the host nation to do things the Chinese way and become a nuisance in the countries he visits, just like many of those rude and ill-mannered Chinese tourists you see in Youtube.

Since he came to power, he has created animosity with all the neighbours of China. And now, even tiny Singapore became the latest country to be scolded and suspected by China, and probably the last one, since there isn't anymore country that China hasn't taken a shot at. Even South Korea is being boycotted by China just because they wanted to have anti-missile weaponry to protect against North Korea's nuclear missile threat.

In recent days, China's navy started stealing American underwater drones that was collecting climatic data, just off the coast of the Philippines, and China media claimed that it was in China's water. They also stole 12 Singapore army tanks, and refused to return. They are becoming worse than Japan before World War II. Pearl Harbour Part II is more likely to happen now that cowboy Trump is the new President.

Xi's claims of land and sea belonging to China, is based on the ancient (dead and bygone) Silk Road theory. And this means, not only the South China Sea, but also the Indian Ocean, and land stretching from Xinjiang all the way to Western Europe. His motive is clear. If China can't even claim the South China Sea and the East China Sea, how can it then move on to claim the Indian Ocean, Malaysia and Singapore, and eventually the land Silk Road from Pakistan to Romania? 

Roughly translated, the TV documentary is titled with a question. It says, "Has Singapore Joined The American's United Front to Contain China"? The discussion touched on Singapore's building a deep sea port for American aircraft carriers to park. Also mentioned are Singapore's non-committal stand on the South China Sea dispute. Obviously, they will never produce a documentary titled "Is China becoming a barbaric Imperialist country like Japan and Germany in WW1 and WW2"?

PM Lee's comments on the South China Sea in Washington, when questioned by reporters only sort to make things worse, and China responded vocally to his comments:

In a statement on Friday, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying said: "China hopes that Singapore...can maintain an objective and fair position as the coordinator of China and ASEAN dialogue relations, so as to advance Sino-Singapore relations and healthy and stable China-ASEAN ties."

Chinese spokesperson made these remarks in response to the statement made by Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a reception hosted by the United States Chamber of Commerce and US-ASEAN Business Council in Washington on Tuesday.

PM Lee had said that he "did not think China has changed its policy on its claims in the South China Sea after the ruling".

Lee also said it is difficult for countries to "walk back" from their positions. He said very few countries can say "well, it's not quite so absolute and it wasn't so clearly mine after all". 

However, he also said that he did not expect any of the claimants, including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan to "push it to the brink". Of course, Lee is speaking while busy coding programs to solve puzzles in his office, or cooking curry in some community centres.

"They have interests, they have claims, they would want to maintain them, but nobody wants to go to war," he told the officials, The Straits Times reported. With Trump coming on as President, war is no longer impossible. Lee is nowhere near his father in terms of political foresight. He's just blindly hoping, without facts or intellects.

On July 12, an international tribunal ruling rejected China's ridiculous claims in the South China Sea and said that those claims have no legal basis. But China refused to accept or recognise the tribunal's decision.

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