Friday, August 19, 2016

Benjamin Lim Jun Hui Case - another view

A tribute to this poor unfortunate soul. A second thought on 14-year-old minor Benjamin Lim's Unfortunate Suicide and molest Case. This case involved his suicide after his interrogation by the police, his arrest during schooling hours in his school, by 5 police officers, and CCTV evidence showing an accidental brush rather than a full blooded forced molest. The footage was not allowed to be made public, as expected, since there is something very much worth hiding.

Once again, socially Singapore remained a 3rd World Police State while it's leaders keep claiming itself to be a 1st World country economically & financially with lots of numbers to show.

The way Minister Shanmugam desperately defended the police in Parliament in this case, reminded us of how Malaysian PM Najib defended his billion dollar bank deposit.


  1. The govt could not afford to let the public access to the clip because from the coroner's description, the alleged 'molest' was little more than a fleeting and slight brush by Benjamin against the girl. The fact that Benjamin's father could raise his objection against the alleged molest as he was unconvinced after having viewed the clip is very telling. For if it had been a very clear act on Benjamin's part I am quite sure even his father would have acceded to the AG/police's POV. The fact that he disagree said a lot about the over reaction and over the top action of the policemen - they have all the facts they needed, they have seen the video clip, they know who and how Benjamin looked like, they have interviewed the victim, IMO, everythings point to a very BADLY handled case. That being the case, the Sham law minister's reaction in parliament is totally defensive as he probably felt that the poor handling would bring shame to his ministry as well as to himself. We have also seen other instances where he had clearly reacted vindictively against anyone or anything that smacks of a criticism of him and his ministry. IMO, this augurs badly and ominously for Singapore, as he has demonstrated time and again to be unable to be objective when his own hide seemed to be stake. I would put it down to his previous profession as a lawyer - a hazard of his trade, to instinctively hit back at the opposition or opposing lawyer.

  2. Recall his undiplomatic response at an international meeting on the abolition of the capital punishment?
    IMO, the defence of Singapore's case could have been more adroitly handled, but he chose to challenged the international community to show him a better way than the death penalty to solve the illicit drug issue.

  3. Agree. There are many doubts being created by the news reports & desperate attempt to push all the blames to the deceased . Dead man dun talk.