Monday, February 20, 2017

Lee Bee Wah on Why Singaporeans are screwed with 30 percent Water Price Increase

Our Nanny, Lee Bee Wah, once again didn't blink an eyelid to condemn Singaporeans for taking basic necessities like Water for granted when she claimed that the 30% water price slap is to remind Singaporeans of the importance of water.

No typo error, it is 30%, and not 3%.

Or perhaps they want to punish the 30% who didn't vote for them. Either way, the numbers look excessive, and makes you wonder if Heng has fully recovered from his stroke, or is he still obssessed by the 30% blockade in his arteries.

Since 70% of Singaporeans loved to be screwed this way, year after year, there isn't much we can do about it. Just get ready for the price increase that are coming - electricity, bus fare, taxi fare, train fare, ERP, Conveyancy fee, cpf insurance, property tax, etc, etc.

We have indeed come a long way becoming a Welfare state. Providing welfare to the ruling party and all it's cronies.

It is saddening that such a impactful decision on the life of all citizens are treated as just another item in a report, without consultation with the people. It showed the arrogance and irresponsible attitude of the ruling party. They are taking the trust of the people for granted.

The fact that 2 weeks now, after the announcement, the Prime Minister has yet to make any comment, showed the disrespect and disregards that the ruling party had towards the people, when the General Election are far away.

This is the true color of PM Lee and his team, and not the greedy smiling and grinning faces you see prior to the Election or on National Day. They are faceless when they screw the money out of your pockets.

Excepts from TOC:
Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Er Dr Lee Bee Wah said that the 30% increase of water price is to bring up awareness of the importance of water and that there will be families who need help for the increase in price.
She said that in her interview with Channel News Asia interview after the presentation of Budget 2017:
Happy to hear that there are more assistance given to companies, to the industries, to the SMEs and also heartened to see there is more help for those needy families, more GST, more S&CC rebates given and that there is a personal income tax rebate.
And I think on one hand, the increase of the water price, is just to bring up the awareness of the importance of water, but I am sure there will be families who need help so it is a good gesture to help.
Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat said in the Budget 2017 speech in Parliament, “Water prices were last revised in 2000, almost 20 years ago. We need to update our water prices to reflect the latest costs of water supply,”
He noted that the price increase will go towards maintaining Singapore’s water infrastructure, and more expensive sources of water such as desalination.
Including taxes, the prices will go up by 30 per cent in two phases. The first hike will be from 1 July this year, and the second from 1 July next year.
Within the hour of posting, hundreds of comments were made on the video
Tay Chin Peng wrote, "How about reducing the MP's salaries. It will help remind them the importance of working hard to earn money for a living."
Albert Tiong wrote, "OK. Now I'm aware of it. Can you reduce the price back to what it used to be?"
Daddie Yowzer wrote, "You want to know who are the people who really waste water ! Those that stay in houses .. Especially GCB ! I've worked for them .. I know .. Everyday water plants, garden the size of HDB flat and their cars .. So just because they pay its ok .. Compare to a person staying in HDB ... How much can we really use or waste ! Female version of KBW! Oh and those who say 69% voted .. True maybe .. but didn't vote for these two clowns."
Lau Kok Kheong wrote, "The awareness for the hawkers and restaurants to increase their food and drinks prices too~ do they aware? Or they just don't care."
Curtis Lee wrote, "What make you think that we are not aware? My water usage is way below National Average. You are punishing people like me who are concious about water preservation."
Sharingan Ismadi wrote, "We have a water agreement with Malaysia that hasn't expired. We also have a desalination plant and most likely another on the way that should be paid for? I haven't read the article but 30% increase is kinda extreme. Its like saying our nation coffers are so dangerously low that cannot afford to build the project first and then we pay for it slowly in the long term."
Albert Tan wrote, "We have been paying "Water Conservancy Charge" for decades, that's supposed to create awareness for saving water, isn't it fair that the tax subject to Service Charge and GST too? Suck thumb la!"