Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dhanabalan Slapping Incident

From: "truth"
Subject: Dhana slapping incident

After getting his free ticket into PAP ministerialship, LHL was appointed
a second Minister of Finance (understudy to Richard Hu, the Minister in
charge of the ministry). Richard Hu's office was on the 43th floor (if I
remembered it correctly) of the Treasure Building off Shenton Way and LHL
had his office a few floors below.

During that period, the "inner" cabinet used to have pre-meetings before
the actual cabinet meetings where LKY would be present. It was at one of
these pre-meetings that the slapping incident occurred. LHL had earlier gone
to Richard Hu's office to request for a certain file, and when told by RH's
secretary that her boss was not around, LHL demanded the file and took it
with him without first obtaining verbal clearance from RH.

Later that afternoon when they were at the pre-meeting, RH chided LHL for
his behaviour, that he was not showing respect to senior members of the
cabinet. Present in the meeting was RH, LHL, Dhanabalan, Dr Tony Tan, Yeo
Ning Hong, and Deputy PM Goh Chok Tong. LHL brushed off RH's criticism, to
which Dr Tony Tan was the first to come to RH's assistance, telling LHL to
be more courteous in his behaviour. Dhanabalan then joined in the fracas and
agreed with TT. It was at this point LHL lost his cool and told Dhana off
with some racist remarks (about him being Indian marrying a Chinese or
something to that effect). With sentiments riding high, Dhana countered by
saying that LHL's own sister also married an Indian, to which LHL reached
across the table and slapped Dhana shouting "Leave my family affairs out of

Dhana, TT and Yeo Ning Hong, then walked out of the meeting. It was at
this point that GCT, hitherto a quiet spectator in the heated dispute, stood
up and told LHL to stand down and that he would refer the incident to his
father. The 3 ministers were then recalled into the meeting. TT and Yeo Ning
Hing returned, but Dhana did not.

After GCT had reported the matter to LKY, the old man then forced his son
to apologise not only to Dhana but the other senior ministers as well. All 3
mentioned ministers who left the meeting tendered their resignation to LKY
(RH ate humble pie, continuing as if nothing happened). The old man
persuaded all the 3 disenchanted ministers to re-consider their decision.
Both TT and Yeo Ning Hong then agreed to rescind their resignation and
continue their services, with the condition that LKY reign in his wild card
son. Dhana told LKY that he could not continue but that he would stay on
until the next general elections, upon which he would not be contesting.

Subsequently a few years later Yeo Ning Hong stepped down, and a while
later so did TT.
From: Zanzibar
On Apr 6, 12:03 am, yansimon52 wrote:

> On Apr 5, 11:22 pm, "Jam" wrote:

> > This so called "slapping incident" was not reported in the SHIT TIMES nor
> > was there any denial from the goverment at that time. Rumour about this
> > incident have been circulating for years. If what you claim is true, then
> > whoever deny it is a LIAR. Worse still we have a violent man ruling
> > Singapore. Now, the ball is in the gorverment's court , to deny again or
> > admit that this incident did really took place. Silence is not a good way to
> > protect the integrity of all those who witness the incident. It leads to
> > implication of cover.

"truth" wrote in message
Have you heard 10 years ago, in 1997 election, there was grapevine
that the public saw how LHL scolded WKS for wanting to make a post-
election result analysis to the media.

According to taxidrivers grapevines at that time, LHL scolded WKS
without giving face to WKS as the media cameramen and media people
were rollling their camera on the desk on the activity of them.

The grapevine of taxidrivers at that time said the scoldling was a
raising of voice by LHL at WKs and it was clearly heard by all their
papies 3-legs people there, in that he told WKS sternly that "it was
not the time yet to dicusss the results of the election".

Perhaps his riling on WKs was further compounded by the hot
environment as there not aircon nvironment at that place of meeting,
Furthermore his raising of voice slamming at WKS was attributed by the
noisy environment there.

His sterned shouting voice on KWS stunned everyone into speechless.
WKS was stunned and kept quiet from it. He just "let him do what he

If WKS were to shout back at him or scold him back, he will surely
"lose" his job and not what he is today. So one has to be clever to
play the "right game" and to" obey stupidly" and to "keep quiet" even
if spitted at the face.

The media later cut the recording of tape of that footing of their
recordings of scoldings and amonishment on WKS so that it was not
shwoon on TV.

Those grapevine rumours fro mthe paies supporters said it was hard on
WKS for being scolded pulicly by LHL. It was shameful day for them as
they see how those 3-legs suppoorters were watching the "cat fights"
of them. Luckily, for his endurance of sufferings, WKS was rewarded
with a DPM job.


  1. PM Lee is legally the PM, thanks to the ability and skills of his lawyers and to some extent the judges.

    He doesn't have to prove he is a capable leader, as it is all done for him. We all know who is the real power running this country, so PM Lee basically just collect his salary every month, 5 times that of Obama.

    He can be absent from the public's eyes for long period, and nobody even notice it, but not Obama.

    He can cover all his shits, but the smell just won't go away.

  2. Good that LHL sis married an indian. At least the sex will last more than a couple of mins.

  3. BeFairInYourAsessmentBeResponsibleFactBasedJournalistPleaseMay 5, 2010 at 4:15 AM

    What is the basis of these rumors? they are all grapevine and no authenticated primary source. I as a researcher find it kind of hard to accept unsubtaintiated grapevine. I do believe that like with anything else, there is always room for improvement no matter how good or well the current may be working. These kind of rumors can be avoided with increased transparency in the functioning of the government, processes, criteria (for selection, decision making, etc). Also lets be fair and give due credit to the government and LYK for transforming Singapore from a small backwater to a developed economy. Good and responsible journalism must be based on facts not on grapevine.

  4. Dear BeFairInYourAsessmentBeResponsibleFactBasedJournalistPlease

    Spore was not a small backwater but part of the straits settlements. The Brits invested heavily in Spore. It was a popular port of call was relatively doing well. SPORE WAS NOT A A BACKWATER. It had an infraestructure, a municipality, a legislative body, a multi party democracy etc..

  5. rumours always surface when election is here

  6. My thoughts of the day

    (Disclaimer: Some sentence may be too direct and may hurt some or some may disagree):

    It is easy to have followers to follow you as long as you can say what they want to hear.

    To some oppos who would like to cut this and cut that or give this and give that... that is a good move to get votes.

    If I tell you/all, "Singapore Reserves belongs to us! I will give everyone S$2000 Every month, and also for people above 50 years old, I will give S$100,000 upfront and S$5000 Every month."

    Do you think people will like me and choose me?

    But Question, we look at this giving or cutting this or that. As/when our Singapore Reserves is going down, where will our Country...Our Home stand in the world? What would happen to our Economy? Our Future? Our Family's Future?

    Giving is easy, can I ask, how are they going to multiply and earn?

    Drawing 100 Billion is easy, but how to earn back?

    We can't just think of using without growing.

    If we used up all our savings, what will happen to our Future?

    Does anyone agrees that we determine our future? Our attitude, our mindset, the efforts we are willing to put in?

    Why is there only one Mr.Li Ka Shing in Hong Kong who is so successful? If we read his biography, we might understand why.

    Look around Singapore businesses and most of our local employees. How's their Service? How's their Attitude to Serve? I rest my case, and perhaps some who fail in their business or became unemployed may blame PAP Government.

    Instead of asking, WIIFM (What is in it for me) when we look for a job, can we ask ourselves, "How can I contribute to my company?"

    Although some may argue that FT are being employed (taking Singaporeans job) for their lower salary. May I ask, if one can contribute and lead a company to success to earn $5 Million per month when the salary is S$2500 same as a FT. At the point when she/he wants to resign (most likely this person will be head hunted by other company), do you think her/his Boss would want to keep him/her and give him/her a very good raise? Or Even Promotion?

    I would like to implore everyone who is below 35 years old to work hard and improve/upgrade oneself, take up the challenge to compete with foreigners and be better and earn more and stay ahead to take care of our family, the elderly and needy.

    Let our Good PAP Government continue to grow our country economy, build our country, while the younger generation work with our PAP Government to help and contribute to our society by taking care of the elderly and needy. We need to work with our good PAP Government who had developed our country...our Home to where we are today and will be going ahead for better future.

    I hope more fellow brothers and sisters of Singapore to be more patient with our PAP Government as our Home continues grow and improve for the better under PAP / PM Lee Leadership.

    * If anyone finds my thoughts above make sense, please kindly share with people you know or share via facebook.

    A lot of complaints or negative comments had stirred up the emotions of our Brothers and Sisters (Sons and Daughters) of Singapore, placing/directing most (if not all) blames to PAP Government.

    Voices are fine but when someone who is trying to reinvent the wheel is dangerous. Too many voices in Parliament may have trouble getting work done too.

    This is our Home and we are voting for our Future.

    May there be more words of Appreciation of our PAP Government spreading around online and may each individual takes ownership / accountability for their success/future than placing blame on our Good PAP Government.

    If our Home is full of negative comments and energy, and split among itself, how can we stand? What will happen to our Future? Our Family's Future? Our Future Generation?

    Let's continue to Support and Encourage our PAP Leaders who had proven that they are capable to face Challenges ahead and grow our Nation...Our Home.

  7. There are just some crackpots in the world that refuses to believe in facts and reality. And people who believe these postings are really those who also believe in UFOs, Big Foot, and that the moon landing is fake.

    You should know how to detect a baloney when you read or see one.

  8. Following is the extract from page 150 of Ross Worthington's book, "Governance in Singapore"(Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc, Dec 2002):
    In 1990, an incident occurred in a pre-cabinet meeting which was the beginning of entrenching further among the many in the core executive, resistance to Lee Hsien Loong's long term ambitions for prime ministership. Prior to this meeting Lee Hsien Loong had gone to the office of Richard Hu, the Minister of Finance, and removed a number of files without Hu's permission. At that time Lee's office was on the 48th floor of what is now Temasek Tower and Hu's was on the 50th floor.

    At the pre-cabinet meeting Hu took Lee to task for doing this and was supported by Tony Tan. Lee's response was aggressive and insulting, he directly insulted Tan and Hu, a man of his father's age. This was a double insult to Hu, who was Lee's superior in cabinet and a person of an age who should of itself deserve respect in Chinese society. Suppiah Dhanabalan intervened and chastised Lee for his behaviour, demanding that he apologise to Hu, withdraw his remarks and not interfere in other minister's portfolios. A heated exchange occurred into which a number of other issues intruded and eventually Lee lost his temper, and reportedly reached across the table and slapped Dhanabalan across the face.

    This caused an uproar in the cabinet and Lee was severely chastised by Goh Chok Tong. Dhanabalan stormed out of the room and did not return for some time. Lee, in response to a demand from Goh, subsequently apologised to Dhanabalan, Hu and Tan. Hu, Dhanabalan and Tan all initially stated that they would leave the cabinet as a result of this incident. Goh later took up the matter with Lee Kuan Yew who reportedly verbally thrashed his son over the matter.

    This was apparently followed by a more sober, educational but equally critical assessment from Lee Hsien Loong's mother, a talented though background political adviser. Lee Kuan Yew reportedly met later that day with Hu, Tan and Dhanabalan, apologised for his son's behaviour and requested that they not resign, supported by a similar request from Goh Chok Tong.

    All held out for some time, but eventually Hu agreed to stay, but Dhanabalan and Tan both resolved to leave. This they did the following August 1991 elections, all without a public word against Lee Hsien Loong, continuing to subscribe to the tenet of all secrets staying within the PAP family.

  9. Sharing www.sunflowerchobgsubwah.com/singapore-the-3rd-israel-is-done/

  10. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS MATERIAL TO CIRCULATE, if we believe in utter honesty & fairness.

    We must ask intelligent questions as we have no means of knowing the TRUTH:
    1. Unsustainable rumours had it for many years (certainly more than a decade) the LWL (PM's sister) Had secretly married Coomarasamy's son was eventually shown to be untruth. And now this 'news clip' rehash this news to fit the purpose of their 'news byte'.
    2. This 'news byte' is very damaging to the PM. Analyse this. This event took place very long ago - during the time of Dhanabalan & Yeo Ning Hong. I wonder if it is possible to hush up this matter for so long. It it reasonable to believe that this story holds water, if we consider that the people involved in the incident could continue holding office, stay in the team and produced good governmental duties (as they did) after such a horrendous incident.
    3. There's a lot of dissatisfaction amongst Singaporeans about the high ministerial salaries, since a long time ago. And lately, there has been a lot of rumblings to discredit PM (Lee Hsien Loong). I wouldn't, carelessly, join the chorus. I would, if I see reason to do so. So I must ask, is this 'news byte' part of the rowdiness of this group of dissenters? We must be careful not to, recklessly, join in the flock. Inadvertently. Carelessly. Without prior thought. This may be the work of opportunistic dissenters, in which case I must not be a follower and, this email must stop in my 'in box'.
    4. Why didn't the pair of younger brother & sister, who are hell-bent, to discredit Lee Hsien Loong’s make use of this incident to smear the brother' s moral standing. And allow this incident to be used by others.
    5. None of those present in the incident has come forward to lend credence to the story. The untruth of Lee Wei Leng marrying an Indian was squashed, after she came out in the open about this rumour after it gained credence in the minds of readers more than a decade after it (the rumour) was widely circulated.
    6. Is it in ABSOLUTE FAIRNESS & our own DIGNITY to join in the Wolf Pack, when we have no sure way of verifying the TRUTH of this email?
    7. Will there be LOSS to us to ignore THIS EMAIL, and wait for more developments?! A news piece of such dimensions must surely bring out suitable responses. Is it preferable to wait quietly for more news development, in the name of ABSOLUTE FAIRNESS & INTEGRITY? Personally, I believe that every person must have a sense of duty of care to people around them. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YE WOULD OTHERS UNTO YOU.
    8. Grapevine is dangerous.
    9. Danger lurks. SATAN owns and watch over it.
    10. We, who are less empowered, tip-tap carefully. We stand on the side of ESTABLISHED TRUTH and not on HISSES and GUFFAWS .
    11. We gain strength by drawing on our wide experience at our workplaces, in our social experiences, in schools and even in homes and families. The power of the mouth is often seen spewing lies and untruths, which entraps reasonable persons.
    12. So this email stays. Tagged against circulation. Leave it, alone, to simmers and cook. And even to that end, we must resist till TRUTH prevails. We must resist to be SATAN's unpaid army