Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Singapore success is the work of ALL Singaporeans

From: "truth"
Subject: Singapore success is the work of ALL Singaporeans

That is a fact. Singapore is where it is today because of the
hardworks, sacrifices of ALL Singaporeans. LKY and his
pap gangsters will like to think that it is solely their efforts.

Nothing can be further from the truth. All Singaporeans can
rightfully take credit for Singapore's success. They are also
entitled to the rewards. However due to the selfishness and
paranoi of LKY and his pap gangsters, average Singaporeans
were deny the fruits of their hardworks and sacrifices.
That is why Singaporeans must now demand justice and fair
treatment. They must demand for their fair share of the
country's wealth. The papist leegime have help themselves to
$millions and even $billions of our wealth.

The only way Singaporeans can force the papist leegime to
release the wealth to average Singaporeans is at the poll.
Vote against the pap to reduce their % of votes as well
as their number of seats in parliament and they will listen
to Singaporeans.

From: yansimon52

Haloo Truth.....you are wrong la.....this phrase 'no one is
indispensable' doesn't apply to old man. Without him we all surely

We all sgian don't mind to give all our Sg's wealth under his care. If
he want to be a 'ROBERT' to those ang moh oversea investment....its
alright with us...as long as his daughter-in-law's name 'Ho Jinx' must
be there....at Forbes magazine as 'Asian's most powderful woman'

Dacades ago old man ruled Sg with an iron fist....now he ruled Sg with
'money'...what's next?

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  1. Like they always said, Singapore's only resource is its people. What do you do with resources ? You extract them ! You dig and dig and squeeze and squeeze till you get everything