Saturday, April 10, 2010

HDB dwellers beware - your phones are tapped

From: Maximillian Caugilia
Subject: HDB Dwellers, Beware of Sedition Act being used against you!

No, not because you have just received the famous flyer ( shown at ) stuffed into your mail boxes which
you "somehow forgot" to conveniently throw it way in a rubbish bin
next to the mail boxes, and "mistakenly" brought it into your pigeon
hole apartment.

It is because at every HBD block, there is a special secret room that
all telecommunication wires will have to route through some high tech
electronic devices that can be activated by teckkies from the ISD to
tap on and identify key words spoken through your home telephones. In
a state of emergency or whenever there is deemed to be one as
determined by the Minister of Home Affairs, this system can be
activated to record and track down HDB apartment units that have
originated or have received phone calls with audible pre-programmed
key words.

Such is the state of control and electronic monitoring that the PAP is
capable of doing right now.

There is no absolute privacy in Singapore anymore. If you have
something to say against the government, especially during the
election period, avoid using your home phones.


  1. same goes for the handphone if there exist the will to listen to what you have to say.

    in a wired up city like Singapore, can we expect absolute privacy? I really doubt so. In any case, you can easily tap onto someone home line. Just take a look at the exchange box somewhere up the wall in the stairway landing, wires are all bunched up in a haphazard way.

  2. singapore is a police city. economic gain is the utmost important to its survival. serve the pap right for losing huge sum of money to the foreigners. this is the retribution for the pap.

    too bad, as singaporeans, we have to suffered too.