Thursday, April 22, 2010

When a transport fare cut is also a pay cut

From: "AleXX"
Subject: Re: Why a transport fare cut, is also a pay cut

"reborner" wrote in message

> Public transport fare to go down by 2.5%, reported Today. Cheaper
> transport fare from July 3, reported mypaper. So we have a fare cut, a
> fare cut, or a fare hike! Which is which? I copied below extract from
> "Blowin' in the wind" blog for ease of comparison.

> The Straits Times reports public transport fares will dip by 2.5 per
> cent from July 3, but savings will vary from commuter to commuter.

> The fact is fares are going up --- appreciably for longer journeys.
> While the minimum fare for the first 3.2km on an airconditioned bus is
> going up by just two cents from 69 cents to 71 cents, commuters will
> have to pay up to 10 cents more for every kilometre after that. And it
> is going to make a difference.

> The longest trip now on an air-conditioned bus with an EZ-link card
> costs S$1.65 cents, according to the SBS Transit website.

> The same trip with the same card will cost S$1.94 from July 3,
> according to the Public Transport Council.

> So we have a fare cut for some and a fare hike for some. So, shall we
> call it a fare cut or a fare hike? Beats me really.

Their propaganda Shit Times will surely highlight a fare down to appease the
public transport commuters.

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