Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PAP's "shut-up" Policy Back-fired?

From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: PM Lee is awfully quiet before the election...very unusual.... Why ?

In many parts of Singapore one can hear these groans and grouses. From
shopping centres to servic centres, th people became engaged wih

People became more voiced up and many became more vociferous now than
were in the early years of leactiosn and even in the last 10 years
ever since the the most severe recession started in 1997, where the
fear of "threats" and 'silent retaliations" were still there to subdue
the people. Many went abroad, even the young voicers also went away
after bfing chased out of the coutnry.

But now the old and young in the streets and shops have not subdued
themselves from masking up the voices into whispering whispers and
mumbling talks.

The are more open and mmore objectives and more sharper in their
voices of opinions and even "hatred" on th papies for going agaisnt
the grains and dusts of the majority of the people who were against
them of their disguied policies.

Even taxi drivers have no qualms as to whom they were talking with
were engaged in lively analysis and open talks about the papies. Many
taxi drivers have not fear of the papies as the earnings have all been
bones after 'eaten" by their top brass in th compnay earning fat

There is no doubt the topics are even fired up in the house and flats.
Dwellers in families are facing tremedous stresses in meeting the high
costs of flats and houses.

Many even projecting that their children future is gone given the fact
the flat is out of reach even to them now. They know that their
children willn ot have any chance to go overseas to study, as most
families have these dreams for them. Theiir future become more clearer
in recent yearswhen jobs are taken aay and pay reduced by 2/3 as one
ages, and worse of all, the flat is now beyond the reaches and
readines of all Singaporeans.

Families at home and outsdie gathering of yong families and young
adult people are firing up on these hot issues. They voiced their
anger that they are not able to even have a flat by the time they
become eligible to buy at the minimum age of 35.

Many think they would have to wait in despair watching the steep rise
of flat prices. Even then they know that they will not even their
reach to buy a flat even if God fast-forwarded their age to 35 now. So
they think how do they to look forward to the next 12 years if they
are now age 23 and starting to earn small earning with a poor pay that
often perpertuated year after year unchanged due to recessions and due
to retrenchments and due to salary suppression by employers who chsoe
to replace them with their own sets of foreign talents underthe
pretentious foriegn talents policy issued by the Govt.

Even those people who have been the silent majority are now becoming
more upturned and up tuned themselves with their children and other
sibling families on the impacts of their lives and costs, and most of
all, their flats which their children will no longer able buy to get
married and to raise their own families. The sumary is these problems
were caused by the papies goverment that caused people not to get
married and not to have chidlren and to stay in Singapore. They, the
papies, shoot and shot their own feet instead.

On Apr 7, 7:37 am, baldeagle wrote:
> On Apr 7, 2:35 am, Zanzibar wrote:

> > On Apr 6, 10:34 pm, baldeagle wrote:
> > > We have not heard from PM Lee for quite some time.... He is awfully
> > > quiet. Considering the GE is coming, it is most unusual. Instead, we
> > > hear from other ministers...and DPM Teo.

> > > Why ?
> > > Has any one see or heard from him !

> > According to a taxi driver, the ambience in the grapevine market is
> > hot and high. It is not favourable to the papies.

> > A taxi driver even said that he heard from many of the taxi passengers
> > criticizing them from the outrageous high HDB prices to the relentless
> > jackups of fictitious high costs.

> > He said many shared the arguments that their children have no future
> > in Singapore as jobs are taken away by papies's pretentious foreign
> > talents polcies to high HDBs which were to ensure the slavery is abide
> > to them.

> > He even said his taxi buddies have also heard similar views and
> > criticsm of the papies. And he thinks they will be goner this time.

> > Even at coffeeshops where they assembled to rest, the driviers
> > gathered viewed that the number of people which travel also took the
> > taxi fares,

> > He said the variety of people and from the majority of people he heard
> > it could easily deduce that the large of majority had decided to
> > them
> > at

> > It looks like they have peanuts

> Often, I lunch at the hawker centre or coffee shops in Tampines ..
> and I overheard chit-chat among folks there.
> Yes. It is not good for PAP ...they condemn about its HDB policies..
> many of them, have recently lost jobs..they complain about
> too many foreigners (Indians) living in their blocks....these
> foreigners have taken over their jobs.... rising prices of food
> and other essential items.

> I wonder if the same is true in HDB heartlands in other
> areas.


  1. We will show the government and Goh Chok Tong that they have made a mistake by welcoming too many foreigners into Singapore during the next election.

  2. Now a days lots of foreign (talent?) from mainland China came over to Singapore, claiming that they have the knowledge and skills to work. Every where you go you can hear their sharp and loud voice. They took over our job.
    We (Singaporean) have our own talent, why must they employed these oversea talent? Please stop recruiting foreign talent. Lots of Singaporean out there trying hard to get employed.

  3. PAP is not listening. Instead to them Singaporeans are choosy, fussy, lazy and bale (stupid).

  4. Recently my cousin from a foregin teleco company was let go by the company, the director told my cousin that the job is a data entry job. I found out that they hire someone from the China to do the job, but just of different title. During my cousin time with the company, she found out that the director do not know the job well even she is in charge of the team. So much for the foregin talent, thru my source I found out that the director is from China and graduated from NTU. Conclusion: Having a degree does not mean the ability to work. I am working my way to help my cousin and will be speaking to the boss of the company as I felt that there is a misuse of power in the company.