Thursday, April 1, 2010

YPAP members can get away with crimes?

From: "truth"

YPAP member Mark Chow has astonishingly managed to escape a jail term after
being convicted of molesting a woman by touching her breasts, buttocks and

According to information posted on his blog, Mark is a YPAP member of Pasir
Ris-Punggol South and was nominated for Spirit of Enterprise Awards. Mark's
YPAP membership was not reported in the press.

He was only fined $6,000 for his crime, the Straits Times reported.

District Judge Sarjit Singh said in his verdict the touch of the chest was a
"fleeting" one, and a "stiff" fine would do.

Chow was captured on the pub's CCTV tickling the woman's palm, stroking her
cheek and patting her butt when she was asleep on the sofa.

In a similar case earlier this year, a 27 year old clerk Hairul Rahman was
jailed six weeks for putting his hand on the right breast of a girl on a
train journey. (Straits Times, 30 January 2010)

It is not known if Mark's involvement in YPAP and grassroots activities is a
"mitigating" factor for the lenient sentence.

Last year, a Kovan grassroots leader was let off with only a $2,000 fine for
molesting a 14 year old girl in a hotel lobby. He was the Vice Chairman of
Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club Youth Executive Committee.

Pleading for leniency, his lawyer, Mr Chung Ping Shen, told District Judge
Roy Neighbour that the incident was not planned, and the solitary act was

Mr Chung urged the court to consider his client's "excellent record in
community service as well as grassroots activities."

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