Friday, April 9, 2010

MBT & Ho Peng Kee should be sacked

From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: MBT & Ho Peng Kee should be sacked..
On Apr 9, 10:48 am, yansimon52 wrote:

> Why this shorties should be sacked?

> He is just too lazy cos,he just took other (his 'hoo lan par
> colleagues) ppl suggestion and implement it and he doesn't weight the
> pro and cons ie.. look into other hidden problem face by rubbish ppl.
> His infamous flaws among his policies of it is by allowing
> private bank to participate in a govt's PUBLIC HOUSING SCHEME...that
> is oledi going against the 'Laws Of Nature'....and who suffer?....its
> the rubbish ppl that are sufferring emerging nos of
> homeless families.

> The other flaw is...... he raise prices on new flats....thus making
> new flat owners being a slave to their flat....for many many years..
> MBT forget his the chief, ,sitting on a nos 1 chair in a
> Public Housing Scheme.
> C'mon illiterate hawker know his role as a hawker...such as,
> he knows that being a good and sincere hawker serving his loyal
> customers....he knows that he got to buy the freshest food and at good
> price so that, he could sell his food at 'value for money' to his
> loyal customers.

> Halo MBT....if an illiterate hawker know his role as being a sincere
> and ethical hawker in earning decent MBT calling yourself
> as million $ mimiminister of National Development...don't tell me you
> do not or unable to understand this word 'sincere or ethical' in what
> HDB as the so-called Housing Authority should do....don't tell me your
> mindset is lower than those sincere hawkers ah?
> What we rubbish ppl see in you is....with just a little innovation on
> your design (on those new HDB flats) similar to condo
> style of living done by your highly paid architect at HDB hub...and
> you demanding that sgian need to pay at those hefty new prices you
> dictated.

He was "hated" by the public. Everyone in everywhere can see how they
demolish MBt arguments. Their many voices to replace him at the
election come back as been elected,. He is now seemed to be a
identified as "hatred" by the public.


  1. I believe he is a Christian and he should be ex-communicated from the faith, for swindeling the poor and causing many hardships for the citizens.

  2. MBT deserves a golden parachute for his services....then take a dive from my HDB flat.

  3. How te poor are coping.....