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Jack Neo Sex Scandals

Jack Neo will tell all
DISGRACED filmmaker Jack Neo will tell all about his two-year affair with a freelance model after the dust has settled, said his manager Tang Wing Fai.

Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao on Monday reported that Tang had discussed with Neo, who said he would meet the media 'once and for all' when he has settled the matter with the affected parties. For now, he said Neo's priority is 'to make peace with his wife and children'.

Neo's wife, Madam Irene Kng, 46, told Zaobao that the whole family has moved out of their Pasir Ris semi-detached home and is staying temporarily at another place, leaving the maid to look after their home. She would not disclose details of her current location.

Jack Neo’s wife has forgiven him for his 2 year- extramarital affair with a 22 year old model, Ms Zhong Jiayan, Lianhe Wanbao reports.

The famous Singapore comedian turned movie director has made the headlines lately after it was spilled to the media that the model had leaked the affair to Jack Neo’s wife, Mdm Kang Meifeng.

According to Ms Zhong, she first knew Jack Neo while filming “Money Not Enough 2″ 2 years ago after which Jack Neo started courting her. They started dating a week later.

Jack Neo admitted that he had thought of ending the relationship, but Ms Zhong always threatened suicide to keep him by her side.

Ms Zhong had gone to Jack Neo’s place at Pasir Ris yesterday to expose their 2-year affair to his wife. To her surprise, Jack invited her into his house and asked his wife to meet her.

Mdm Kang asked her what she wants and told her calmly that she already knew about their affair a year ago. She suggested they have a talk outside so as not to disturb her children.

The three proceeded to talk at a Crowne Plaza restaurant together with Ms Zhong’s father and sister as well as Jack’s pastor and family friend who joined them later.

Ms Zhong revealed that she had gone overseas with Jack on four occasions during their relationship. Jack has since apologized to his wife who had forgiven him.
Jack Neo sexual approach on Foyce Le Xuan

Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan (above), who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).

HE WOOED her with the promise of grooming her into 'Fann Wong No. 2', and even booked a hotel room so they could get to know each other better.

This claim was made by a second woman who has decided to speak out on Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo, just days after a 22-year-old freelance model Wendy Chong broke the news of her two-year fling with the Cultural Medallion recipient.

Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan, who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).

Ms Le, described by the Chinese daily as 'sexy and beautiful' and drew comparisons with Hong Kong pop star Coco Lee, was a member of Liang Jia Ban for a year from 2004.

In the interview with Wanbao, she claimed that Neo wooed her aggresively after she joined his entertainment group. Once, he allegedly told her that he had made a reservation at a hotel and was waiting for her so that they could spend 'quiet and private' time together to 'get to know each other better'. She did not show up.

She also said that when she first started out at Liang Jia Ban, Neo offered to send her home as she lived in Tampines, which was near his Pasir Ris home. But these rides turned out to be more than innocent, she claimed.

Shortly after, she alleged that Neo tried to hit on her. She said once in his car, Neo grabbed her hand and said, 'I want to groom you into 'Fann Wong No. 2'. I will direct a film and make you the lead actress.'

'At that time, I was only 20, just a small girl... I didn't dare to speak out... When he held my hand tight, I didn't even dare to resist,' she told Wanbao.

On her decision to go public with the affair, Ms Le said: 'After reading the reports on Wendy Chong in Wanbao, I was reminded of a very unpleasant period in my life. Jack Neo's wooing methods are the same. He asks for your number, sends you an SMS, and says all sorts of sweet things to his 'prey'.

She added that she 'admired Wendy Chong for standing out to reveal the truth'. This, she hoped, would prevent similar incidents from happening.

Wendy Chong @ Zhong Jiayan

Jack Neo has affairs with Zhong Jia Yan. Jack Neo Chee Keong-Zhong Jia Yan extramarital affairs were exposed by none other than Zhong Jia Yan herself, a freelance model in Singapore.

Singaporean director Jack Neo Chee Keong

Jack Neo, 50, is an acclaimed Singapean film director. He was married with wife Kang Mei Feng, 46. Zhong, 22, said she and Neo had the secret relationship for 2 years.

From (with Zhong Jia Yan picture and Jack Neo and wife Kang Mei Fen picture,

Singapore’s acclaimed director Jack Neo Chee Keong had extramarital affairs. After the shameful affairs were exposed, on Friday, he, wife and his girlfriend had a 4-and-a-half-hour long discussion.

Jack Neo, who is 50 years old this year, cheated his 46-year-old wife on a 22-year-old model. They had a 2-year-old long underground relationship already.

At 3:00pm Friday afternoon, the young model felt she was cheated by Jack Neo and became very agitated, so she went to Neo’s house and told his wife of their affairs. After a while, three of them left together on a vehicle to a restaurant of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport where they talked until 7:30pm. The whole process took four and a half hours.

Model Zhong Jia Yan told the media she first knew Jack Neo while filming two years ago, then developed an underground affair afterwards.

Zhong revealed she and Neo had feel fouls many times in the past one year. Yesterday, she finally couldn’t hold the accumulated rancours any longer, so decided to tell Madam Neo of their relationship.

Three of them reached the restaurant of Crown Plaza Hotel at 5:00pm. During the negotionation, Zhong informed his father and sister when arrived at the venue at about 6:00pm.

Wendy Chong

Jack Neo also informed his fellow churchgoers, priest and manager to help. He appeared disappointed during the whole discussion.

There were totally 8 persons from both of sides. They discussed about two and a half hours before leaving.

Jack Neo asked for Zhong Jia Yan’s handphone number

According to Zhong Jia Yan, two years ago, she went to audit for a small nurse role at Neo’s film That NOt Enough 2 and he requested her handphone number and invited her to the film scene to watch his filming.

“This sort of things, I thought it can only take place in the movie, never expected to happen to myself. His special attention to me [for the film] took me by surprise. So we began flirtings after one week.’

She said, both of them were “attracted each other,” in the first three months they never said “I love you,” but they had a common sense in their minds and only hoped they could be together as long as God wishes.

“Cheating On me”

Zhong Jia Yan said, she and Jack Neo had been in a relationship for two years, the reason why she decided to go public for their affairs on Friday was because she was unsatisfactory with Neo’s demeanor.

She said, the night before yesterday’s, when she met up with Jack Neo, he stared her eyes and said “I love you”

On Friday morning, they should have went to watch Fann Wong Fong’s Happy Go Lucky together.

“Although I said I did not want to go, in fact, I had finished the make-ups and prepared to go, did not anticipated he told me, since I did not want to watch the movie, he must go to the lawyer’s office to help his wife do something on the contracts.”

Zhong Jia Yan said the two had used to report each other’s wherebout, but after Jack Neo told her he couldn’t go to the cinema, he neither operated calls from her nor said of his whereout.

“In the beginning, I felt there must be something wrong, suspecting he goes to see other women. I had accumulated piled-up grievances in the past few months. So in a moment of anger I rushed to his house to foul around.”

Mr and Mrs Jack Neo

Overseas Lovebirds
Zhang Jia Yan said Jack Neo bought her a ticket to go with him together when the director flied to Kuala Lumpur to film his Love Matters.

“Last May, he went to Taiwan to promote his That Not Enough 2, other than producer Tang Si Wei, he also took me on his side.”

Zhong Jia said, later when Jack Neo Chee Cheong went to Thailand to attend the film festival or worked at Batam Island, she accompanied him.

” When he was working, I went to do shopping on my own. But after he finished his work, we stayed together and enjoyed the world of two persons overseas.’

Bonus, a few details from The Tamasek Review

Jack Neo admitted that he had thought of ending the relationship, but Ms Zhong always threatened suicide to keep him by her side.

Ms Zhong had gone to Jack Neo’s place at Pasir Ris yesterday to expose their 2-year affair to his wife. To her surprise, Jack invited her into his house and asked his wife to meet her.

Mdm Kang asked her what she wants and told her calmly that she already knew about their affair a year ago. She suggested they have a talk outside so as not to disturb her children.

The three proceeded to talk at a Crowne Plaza restaurant together with Ms Zhong’s father and sister as well as Jack’s pastor and family friend who joined them later.

Ms Zhong revealed that she had gone overseas with Jack on four occasions during their relationship. Jack has since apologized to his wife who had forgiven him.

This looked like Jack Neo and Ms Zhong Jiayan's video during some "negotiation".
The resemblance is entralling:

On Mar 7, 9:57 am, OngBak3 wrote:
> On Mar 7, 9:51 am, Kang Khor Chin wrote:
> > Jack Neo had an affair, that is wrong. At the same time, an
> > immaculate, independent and confident Singapore woman is the other
> > party.

> > AWARE might better spent their resources on teaching independent and
> > confident young Singapore women not to open up their legs and mouth to
> > another independent and confident Singapore woman's husband.

> See Jack Neo Sex Scandal:

> the model is ugly....poor taste by Neo.....maybe she sucks cock well.

Chinese, Burmese and Indonesian women are generally willing and good cock
Any one who like to have a good cock sucking wife should marry these
nationalities or race.
Forget about Vietnamese, Thais and Filipinos. They will bite your cock off

Wakalukong wrote:
The strange thing about women like this model is that they think the
wife must give way to them. Jack Neo has a smart and steady wife;
he's a lucky man.


'I shouldn't have continued affair'

FREELANCE model Wendy Chong has regretted letting her affair with Jack Neo drag on for two years.

She told Shin Min Daily News in an interview: 'The last two years has been tumultuous for us, ending with both of us deeply hurt and scarred.

'I feel I have grown up a lot overnight. Previously, I didn't give a damn to anything else in the pursuit of love. I just wanted to possess him, regardless of whether I was right or wrong. And I got myself into a mess.

'I now realise I was wrong and I have hurt many people. I shouldn't have gone into an affair in the first place, shouldn't have fallen in love with him.

'It's like taking drugs, you think you have control of your feelings and yourself, but in the end, I couldn't get out of the mess. I just got myself more and tangled and eventually found myself at a dead end.'

THE 22-year-old model who spilled her two-year affair with filmmaker Jack Neo said she won't return to him again.

Wendy Chong told Shin Min Daily News: 'Disappointment and sadness have replaced my love for him. Even if there was a shot at a second chance, I wouldn't want it. Even if he wanted to return, I wouldn't accept it.

'But I know Jack. He won't turn back. He is probably feeling very remorseful and guilty about his actions.'

In an interview with the Chinese evening daily, Chong also expressed guilt and regrets for alerting a reporter to the meeting with Neo and his wife last Friday at Changi Airport's Crowne Plaza Hotel, after she showed up at his Paris Ris home.

'I was a little rash and wonder if I have caused harm to innocent children. But the next day, after reading the reports, my guilt subsided. Because Jack Neo lied. He told me that besides me and his wife, there weren't any other women.

'He also swore to god countless times, that if he had other women, he would be hit by a car, and asked me to believe him.'

'But later I found out that even his wife knew that there Jack Neo had trysts with other women. Looks like I came out looking sillier in this incident.'

Chong also apologised to Neo's wife, Madam Irene Kng, 46, and her four children, as well as to her own parents for causing them embarrassment.

She advised other 'third-party' women to cease their affairs with married men as 'it's tough to be a mistress.'

In an interview with the Chinese evening daily, Wendy Chong (above) also expressed guilt and regrets for alerting a reporter to the meeting with Neo and his wife last Friday at Changi Airport's Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Wendy Chong reveals that PBM Jack Neo tried to commit suicide twice because of her during their affairIn an interview with Chinese tabloid Shin Min Daily, a former mistress of PBM Jack Neo revealed that he had attempted suicide twice during their tumultuous two year affair.

This seemed to contradict earlier statements by PBM Jack Neo that he was unable to break off with Wendy earlier due to her repeated threats to kill herself if he leaves her.

Wendy claimed that PBM Jaack Neo cried no less than 10 times in front of her and tried to kill himself on two occasions. In one instance, he wanted to open the window and jumped off a building. In another, he was drink-driving on the road.

“I was at Raffles Town Club and had a huge fight with him because I suspected that he was meeting another girl. He was very angry and anxious and threatened to open the window and jumped off. Fortunately, the window did not open……There was once when he was angry with another guy going after me and we had a quarrel over it. He ran to East Coast Park and drank a lot of beer. I went from Yishun to East Coast to find him and asked him to return home. He sped along the road and hit a bus. Though I asked him to slow down, he still continued speeding to end his life together with mine,” Wendy was quoted as saying in Shin Min Daily.

PBM Jack Neo is a prominent grassroots leader and a close friend of George Yeo who had openly called for Singaporeans to “rally” around him almost immediately after the eruption of the scandal when he had maintained a two month silence on a road traffic accident involving a Romanian diplomat which robbed the life of an innocent young man.

JUST a month after meeting Jack Neo at an audition for Money No Enough 2 in 2008, freelance model Wendy Chong(Zhong Jiayan) had sex with the Singaporean movie director in his car.

She revealed the lurid details of their tryst in an interview with Shin Min Daily News on Sunday. She claimed that Neo had curtains in his car and the windows were tinted, and they had to be careful not to leave hair behind.

The 22-year-old model, who broke her two-year affair with one of Singapore's most successful film-makers in the Lianhe Wabao evening newspaper last Saturday, told Shin Min: 'I got the role of a nurse in Money No Enough 2 and I was excited as it was my first big screen role.

'That day, it was Jack who came over to me and began chatting. He even asked for my number. Of course, I gave him my number - the most famous director in Singapore asked for it.'

Chong said she did not take Jack seriously but claimed the 50-year-old director called her the next day, inviting her to his set. Days later, she went with him to a production house in Outram Park to see how movies were edited.

One day, after watching Neo direct a movie, Chong claimed he offered to take her home, and later inside his Toyota Alphard, they had sex.

She told Shin Min: 'His car has curtains and the windows are tinted, so even though we had sex, it was safe. But after we were done, Jack was careful to get rid of all traces of our tryst. He said no strands of hair should be found and the inclination of the car seats should be adjusted back to where it was.'

Neo has been married for 27 years and has four children with Madam Irene Kng, 46. Neo's affair with Chong was exposed when the mistress showed up at his semi-detached home in Pasir Ris on Friday, demanding to see his wife.

Wendy Chong (Zhong Jiayan live Video):


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    Has it been thought tt Jack could hv 'chased' Wendy very hard (perhaps w/promises of marriage, she would hv believed at young 20), they truely loved one another after some time (love is blind) & after having her, he wanted the best of both worlds (now tt has been made public) by creating acceptance.

    He could hv been a 'playboy' & she 'the victim' which she later on realises, and being in her emotional disposition, she was forced into a confrontational mode to get the 'truth'. Looking frm her point of view, it took not only courage but also a big sacrifice considering her age & media potential. She could hv had to face the world on her own after this with tonnes of negative scrutiny.

    Who knows if he probably had lots of past foreign 'scandals' which he managed keep under wraps with $$ (think China, Thailand, could also be the reason y Wendy follows him ard on his travel-for-work) but did not work for an SG girl with more $$ morals.

    Disregards all scrutinities & crack your head for a real SOLUTION, Jack. If you wanna play, be responsible, be a man!

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    While everybody is making all sorts of comments, no one ever give a thought to why such a mishap should happen to most men! In any case, most people will think that men are culprits or always in the wrong. Give some thoughts boys and girls!!! What is the root cause of making this sad affairs?

    IMHO, it may appear that man are horny all the time while women makes good housewives or partners, marriage is not only just that, women talk LOVE, men Make loves to feel secured and refresh themselves. If wife neglected this part of the marriage, then men go for something easily available. Near.

    Why would a young girl fall for a man double her age? Besides enjoying his company, there is this big Prize namely Motives! What it is?
    Nobody has questioned her yet. What do you think is her answer - give it a guess!!!

    Similarly, some married women are also car banging behind her husband's back...commonly known as lunch time operas, just that it has not been reported yet!

    Jack cannot be all wrong!!!

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    overall , learnt the lesson well and cannot repeat it again. thats it. end of story.

    This is so common , divorce rates is shooting up high. just only all are not famous and is not reported.

    Anyone of u did tell a lie b4? Ask yrself. Cheat on something b4? No one can be the perfect human being on earth.

    Just give them a break.

  57. Don'y play play with Wendy. When its hot, when you think you will be on fire but then you will be fired. Burn Jack, burn.

    Anyway, which hot blooded male can resist Wendy?

  58. Jack is a really cheap guy !

    A cheapkobei.

    We now have Ah beng,Ah Seng and Ah Jack in Singapore!

  59. Having read so many comments above, I do agree that she is actually not that beautiful, however the pictures revealed she has a nice and sexy body with a "CFM" face. The type who appears to be a teaser, probably more of her victims may be in the news soon.

    BTW, there were Tiger, Edison, Jacky around the World, Their girls were better looking than our Jack. He stood up for Singapore - : "that We Can" Stand up for Singapore! It will help to promote our island as a good tourist resorts where they can find girls spreading their legs easily. Good for the IRs too. Give him another Medallion, bronze and not gold or silver because his taste not good enuf.

  60. Seems like Jack Neo got short memory. He seems to be getting complacent again, judging by the look of his counter-attack on wendy chong, le xuan, etc.

  61. The “梁家班” all look alike la ...2 already come out, hope more members news out out soon ...haha The world where got Eat Free ...He don't know ma , during Army time, we always said "Eat and Shit" “don't do at your own place ..偷吃不要再自己的地方..

    Cheers and Good Lucks to the “梁家班”

  62. F*** you who wrote this blog. SUCK MY C***

  63. The woman was actually shameless enough to announce her affair with jack neo to his wife?Did she seek to think she wouldnt be blamed for her part in all that?