Jack Neo should sue those who make unsubstantiated claims damaging to his person

From: OngBak3
Subject: Jack Neo should sue those who make unsubstantiated claims damaging to his person

If I am Jack Neo, I will get my lawyer to sue everyone who make
unsubstantiated accusations against me. He should learn from LKY, and
stand up for his legal right, not act like a wimp and let others step
on him like a piece of shit.

He will win the case against Foyce Le Shit, as it has no evidence at
all. Just words of mouth, but is damaging to Jack’s reputation and
future income of his movie.

This idiot called Maggie Lai Mei Qi will be the next to pay me $50,000 in
compensation as it hurt my movie and my standing as a director. The
damage to my reputation is easily calculated,
but the "special services" he provided cannot be substantiated
with any video evidence or witness.

Even the claim by Wendy Chong can be disputed, as there is no police
report made, and no evidence whatsoever to say that I have sex with

Jack, what are you waiting for? For the sake of your family, wife and
all your friends (who will lose their career if your movies flopped),
you should sue the ass out of these assholes.

Stand up for your legal right like those Americans
and not be like a Pap Singaporean Kiasi wimp.

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  1. The problem is what if those claims are actually true. If there are false, Jack Neo would have stood up and refuted them in the press conference, rather than turning it into a farce. If he wants to pursue the cases and if his molestation of the young french when she was 16 years old turns out to be true, he could be jailed and be whipped. Jack Neo dares not take such a risk and always uses his wife as his shield.