Chiam See Tong the useless opposition?

Chiam was forced out of SDP, says his wife

OPPOSITION Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir Chiam See Tong had been forced out of his previous party, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), and had not insisted on quitting, his wife told Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao.

Mrs Lina Chiam, 61, contacted the daily in response to its report last month citing SDP secretary- general Chee Soon Juan's version of events in 1993, which she called "half of the truth".

At the SDP's 30th-anniversary celebration, Dr Chee, 48, said that he tried to persuade Mr Chiam not to resign as the SDP's secretary-general, but Mr Chiam was bent on quitting.

Mrs Chiam conceded, in an interview published in Lianhe Zaobao yesterday, that the SDP's central committee had asked Mr Chiam not to resign.

But it eventually convened a disciplinary hearing and forced him to leave the party, she said.

If Dr Chee had really wanted Mr Chiam to stay, he could have voted against sacking Mr Chiam, or declined to become secretary-general, Mrs Chiam said.

She said that she was setting the record straight so the younger generation would know that Mr Chiam, 75, now the Singapore People's Party's secretary- general, did not betray the SDP and was pained to leave it.
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From: "truth"

Subject: Re: Chiam a useless opposition....

u r rite.
this asshold, collected over $160,000 per year as
an mp and what has he done for singaporeans.
he did not even channel some of these money back
to help grow the opposition.
when he was incharge of the sdp, he did not even
bothered to build up the party. there was not office
and the administrative backup was zero.
i know for a fact that chiam is related to lee kuan
yew. he is a stooge of lee kuan yew in the latter's
scam to deceive singaporeans and the world that
singapore is a democracy.
mahbohtan is paid SGD$2.7 million dollars to go all the way to hong kong to learn from those politicians there who are paid much less than him?

this is amazing isn't it?

it's like a $2.7 million paid CEO insisting that he must be respected but he has to go and learn from the a rival company's lesser paid executives?

that $2.7 million paid CEO must then be a fraud, is he?
Posted by: muppet
It is an uphill & mammoth task indeed. But we need to start somewhere. Let's start by encouraging the Opposition to come forward. Take one step at a time.
Sigh...... 愚公移山 indeed. Nonetheless ......

For the 2 gentlemen who alleged that the Opposition is mediocre, I would like to hear them comment about the MPs of the ruling party, please.
How different from the "mediocre" Opposition have they demonstrated to us all these years ?
One thing for sure, the Opposition candidates have not mocked/insulted the people of SG yet. We don't elect/pay these MPs such high salaries to insult us.
Posted by: Songshus

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