Devin Wu gave her virginity to Jay Chou at 16

In the last few days, during a match between artists, one celebrity named Devin Wu was getting a lot of attention, because Devin Wu confessed for the first time that she dated Jay Chou 12 years ago, not just this but she gave her first time to Jay Chou when she was 16, but afterwards the two broke up because of a third party.

Since entering the industry Jay Chou's rumours have been endless just like this talent, he has at least 10 rumoured girlfriends, but what people didn't know was that in fact the first J Girl was the rather unknown Devin Wu. Devin Wu was once part of the group "One Fifth", she has released an album before, but due to the record not selling she had mixed days in the entertainment industry, neither popular or unpopular. Devin Wu reminisced about her and Jay Chou's relationship 12 years ago, at the time, Devin Wu and Jay Chou both were signed by Jacky Wu, after the two started dating, originally their relationship was good, but afterwards another person entered, at the end they were forced to break up.

According to what Devin Wu 吴佩珊 says, at the time she was singing at Jacky Wu's restaurant, it just so happens Jay Chou had just gotten hurt by a girl, he came to the restaurant to eat, he told her everything, afterwards he even hugged her looking for comfort. When Devin Wu and Jay Chou were going out they once exchanged rings, and they've both met each other's parents, but they split up at the end

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