Jack Neo had suffered a massive heart attack?

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From: Kang Khor Chin
Subject: Re: Jack Neo, had suffered a massive heart attack?

On Mar 12, 1:32 am, OngBak3 wrote:

> According to latest reports received from Singapore a few minutes ago,
> the 50 year old Singapore director, Jack Neo, had suffered a massive
> heart attack at 9.34 pm tonite Singapore time.

> He is reported to be presently in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of
> the Singapore General Hospital under sedation and respiration,
> carefully watched by a team of doctors, with his wife whom he had a
> conference with this morning and his 4 children beside him.

> It is understood his wife is also in the same hospital in a coma now
> for several hours.

> It is uncertain if he can recover at his age, and the pacemaker which
> he has in his heart is believed to have contributed to it.

> According to reports, the pacemaker malfunctioned triggering this
> massive heart attack.

> Gopalan Nair
> Fremont, California
> March 11, 2010

Trying to pull the same trick twice so soon after?

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  1. Gopalan Nair is damned fucking liar!