Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PAP sacked older Singaporean workers for younger Foreign Workers

In a blunt admission of the hypocriticism surrounding the behaviour of PAP MPs, Ong Ah Heng admitted he intentionally sacked older Singaporean workers in favour of younger foreign workers. He showed no remorse and is making a mockery of PAP's leaders' lies of helping the poors and olds and creating jobs for Singaporeans.

PM Lee said Singaporeans come first? Maybe it should read as Singaporean MPs come first.

As MPs are supposed to raise the concerns of Singaporeans in Parliament, one would expect them to speak out against the ruling party’s pro-foreigner and liberal labor policies which saw foreigners competing with Singaporeans for limited jobs in the market.

Instead, the PAP MPs put up a “wayang” in parliament yesterday by jumping to the defence of foreign workers led ironically by one of the oldest MPs among them – 66 year old Ong Ah Heng from Yishun Central.

Not only did Mr Ong gave an “impassioned speech in defence of foreign workers who make significant contributions”, he admitted quite frankly that he had previously sacked Singaporean cleaners and replaced them with foreigners in his own constituency:

“I know of one family who complain the cleaners in their precinct are lazy and too old. They don’t want local workers who are old, they want young foreign workers. To satisfy the demand, I changed the local workers to foreign workers. Foreign workers are not a burden to us. Their presence here is not negative. Without foreign workers, things will be worse,” he said.

Did Mr Ong sack the Singapore elderly workers just because of a single complaint from one family? Did he make any provisions to help the sacked workers obtain another new job?

Jobs should be reserved for Singaporeans as far as possible, especially the elderly who still have to work to support themselves.

Mr Ong’s blunt remarks speak volumes of the efforts of the government to get companies to hire elderly workers. How can it expect companies to follow suit when its own MP prefers foreign workers over Singaporeans?

Yishun Central residents should consider changing Mr Ong for a younger MP in the next election. After all, he is not too young himself.

From: "truth"
Subject: Ong Ah Heng caused miseries to Singaporean workers
truth comment: this asshole has the cheek to admit that he
sacked singaporeans and replace them with foreigners. he is
a traitor. spit on him when u see him. throw rotten eggs at him.

Their arrogance is spilling out. They know they will still be MPs even if no one elected them.


  1. Does anyone bothers to check with the local old folks and speak and encourage them before sacking and replacing with foreigners.

  2. This 66 year old Ong Ah Heng not supposed to be our MP anymore ,he supposed to scaked W.E.F from his sit . He forget that those poeple he sacked are his voters .He should be thankful to them for voting him .