Why no queue at Universal Studios Singapore?

From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: RWs has no queue in Universal
On Mar 21, 7:52 am, OngBak3 wrote:
> On Mar 21, 3:15 am, Zanzibar wrote:
> > It is strange that there is no queue for it in the last few days.
> > Wondering if the peope have been frightened away by the edgy problem
> > of high costs of ticketing to the casino and the high costs of
> > unversal studio, and etc.

> > It seems that Singapore is often different from Hongkong or macau in
> > that there is often little crowd in the high cost activities centres.
> > This showed that Singaporeans do not have the income for the
> > sustaining of this gambling game.

> > Most singaproeans are poor and untidy. The problem with them was to
> > have a independent party to helped counsel them.

> Two years ago, I predicted in some forum that this Sentosa IR is going
> to be another white elephant,
> like it always had been in Sentosa and by any name. It seemed my
> foresight is coming through.

It was clear to me some years ago when I looked at how some mass
activity centres like Haw Par villa or even visit to sentosa's
attractions, of which the cost of the attraction visit to sentosa can
amount to 75 dollars for each person.

It was costly to sustain for ordinary Singaporeans. It was only when
they break up the cost separately for the entrance fee, whereby the
visitation to take a train to roam around the island without specific
set of destination of visits that increased the numbers of it.

It is costly for singaporeans to make regular visit to costly places
which does not have very strong sustaining attractions of interests to
keep the crowds coming back to them.

Perhaps only one visit per year or 2 years is about the only way most
ordinary singaporeans can afford of it. Additionally, singaporeans are
not so use to making repeat visits to a costly destination. They often
make repeat visits only when their young children want it. Otherwise
they will not go again until when the kids grown up in their teens who
will then go on their own with their friends.

Singaporeans' mindsets are different from other people in other
countries which have the masses of new vistors who were borned and
teened and married and then raising up children of their own family
helped in contributing to the rebuiilding for the loss of repeat
visitors which got tired of these kinds of active lifestyle and thus
sidelined away from it.
Yansimon wrote:
> Due to our currency which is not internationalise....its easy for MAS
> to access the money situation in Sg.
> If one is to access the domestic market liquidity supply and demand
> factor.....do you think we sgian have the money to spend or to support
> these 2 IRs activities?.....
> I believe MAS is aware of the situation....and as what the govt hope
> for is....depending on tourist to patronise these 2 IRs projects.

> Therefore, can say that these 2 IR operator kena 'conned' by the Sin
> Govt to come here and invest so much billion into it.

> That big 'Sg Flyer' already kena conned.....
> Actually, who are the ppl that actually kena conned on this Sg Flyer
> project?...those stupid investors. It goes like that......the Sin Govt
> first conned the ang moh to start off with this project.......later on
> the ang moh conned those stupid investors....puming money into this
> project........not only that.....this clever ang moh 'over inflated'
> the cost on this project.....ie...those cost of material and
> technology may only cost 100 million...this ang moh over inflated it
> to 500 million.....wow this angmoh made a big killing on all those
> investors that put their money into the Sg Flyer.

This SG flyer is not sustaining income earner. The visit can only
worth one visit a year for the singpaoreans. The majority of tits
business has ot depend on tourists who wish to have a overall view of
Singaproe before they leave for home.

The same goes to that "rubber bumper" located at the clark quay at the
road side of river valley road. That piece of "rubber band" jump where
2 seated persons bumped up and down seem to be quiet and seepy with
occasional use by visitors and this seems hard in sustaining the cost
of it.

Even some night clubs had felled into emptiness. I remember someone
youngsters told me that the minstry of sound which was popular in
clark quay was revamped becasue there was no "business" inside there.

The crowds got tired and there was nothing exiciting to keep them to
come again. Thus that club had to make costly changes and upgrade it
From: "AleXX"

The Papist government should release some CPF monies to their rightful
ownerships for some faimily gathering and funds. Singaporeans are nothing
but work and work and in the end, the ruling Lee's Temasek and GICs
benefitted. Singaporeans are largely slaves to the ruling elites.
From: "baldeagle"
In reality, Singapore kena conned by the operators of the IRs.

In addition to operating for casinos (mainly for tourists),
they were supposed to provide healthy family entertainment
and good fun to Singaporeans and our kids...like Universal
Studios, etc.

They are out to fleece Singaporeans. A comparison
of annual passes for family...between LA universal studio
and RW universal studio will tell us ...RW is out to con

LA Universal Studio charge Americans only US$99 for a
12 month Premium Star Pass (with a FOC pass for guest
of pass holder)
For the same pass, RW Universal Studio charge Singaporeans
a whopping S$1,098. (See price comparison in websites below)

Singaporean should boycott the IRs.

(Annual pass price at LA)
(Annual pass price at RW Sentosa.)

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  1. all talk nonsense only. US everyday full house. Must pre-book.

    Annual pass only $200 plus only lah. Dont anyhow smoke.