Stephy Tang 邓丽欣: Sex Scandal

According to Sina Entertainment News, a tabloid magazine, called New Hope (新望), exposed several nude photos of HK actress Stephy Tang (邓丽欣). In the photos, Stephy Tang appears very open, vulgar and lewd. The magazine alleged, these photos are better than those of Cecilia (张柏芝) and Gillian (阿娇)’s in Edison Chen’s Sex Photos Scandal in 2008.

Actually in Feb., 2008, Stephy Tang was embroiled in Edison Chen’s Sexual Photos Scandal too. There was the rumor widely circulated on the web that she took sex photos too with Edison Chen, but netizens didn’t find the evidence.

On the cover of the magazine, the captions like “Stephy Tang in passion”, “Six-minute video recording”, “Better than Cecilia and Gillian”, and “The police leaked Sexual video” are highlighted.

All of sudden, the key words “邓丽欣 (Stephy Tang)”, “邓丽欣照片 (Stephy Tang’s photos)” and “邓丽欣视频下载 (Stephy Tang’s video download)” become the top search key words among the search engines. Netizens are actually skeptical of it, because no sex photos and video surface on the web yet.

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