Friday, March 5, 2010

Attorney-General Walter Woon is SACKED?

From: OngBak3
Subject: Attorney-General Walter Woon is SACKED
Singapore's Attorney General Walter Woon Seong Ming removed from his

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times online edition of
March 05, 2010has this story "Back to NUS law School".

It is the story of Singapore's Attorney General Walter Woon Seong
Ming, Lee Kuan Yew's Attorney General who was until recently
terrorizing his master's (Lee's) political opponents by misusing the
law, jailing and bankrupting them in his master's corrupt courts to
shamelessly further his own career.

He was only appointed Attorney General within the last 2 years, yet in
this time, he had sued the Wall Street Journal, the Far eastern
Economic Review and numerous other respected international newspapers
the moment they uttered anything unflattering about his master.

During his disgraceful 2 years in office, he shamelessly licked his
master's (Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's) boots.

Shameless boot licking was what was going on.

One would have thought such shameless unbounded flattery and obedience
to his master would have helped him further his career.

Instead of appreciating this pathetic individual, Singapore's supreme
leader Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore equivalent of Dear Leader Kim Jong
Il, was unappreciative.

Instead, he kicks Attorney General Woon Siong Ming and removes him
from his Attorney General post.

One can understand why of course.

Singapore is today an international city state with Internet
connection throughout the island.

If you blatantly misuse the law like Walter Woon Seong Ming did, it
brings a bad name to the island and shows it as a repressive
intolerant Stalinist state.

Such as bad name is not conducive to Singapore's advancement.

Walter Woon Seong Ming should have had the brains to have realized

Since he did not have it, Lee Kuan Yew decided it best to remove him
from his post.

Can anyone blame Lee Kuan Yew in these circumstances?

Poor man, Walter Woon Seong Ming, the Attorney General.

Henceforth he will be quietly teaching the law in some classroom, in
obscurity, and no one will hear any more of him.

This is what happens when you blindly follow a despot, because the
despot can behave in an unexpected way.

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