George Yeo and Lim Bow Chuan in Disgraced Mode

From: "truth"
Subject: Jack Neo screwed up George Yeo and Lim Bow Chuan

truth comment: jack neo's bad luck is spreading to george
yeo and lim bow chuan and if the papist leegime don't contain
this extremely disastrous luck, it will engulf the whole of the
pap. this is my warning to the pap. if they can ignore it at their
own peril. mark my words.

After being flamed mercilessly by the Singapore media and netizens alike for
his press conference yesterday marked by the dramatic fainting of his wife
Irene Kng, PBM Jack Neo has apologized on blogkaki, the blog he shared with
his close friend of more than 10 years Foreign Minister George Yeo.

Writing in Mandarin, PBM Jack Neo apologized to his family and friends and
beg them to give him a second chance:

"I can't reverse what I have done. I am just human and can make mistake.
Although I have already admitted my fault, I beg you again to forgive me and
give me a second chance," he wrote.

Though he is a Christian, he said his public fall from grace was a

"There is a saying: You reap what you sow....What Man does, Heaven sees. Do
no think that Heaven will not see if you hide in a dark place and do bad

He claimed that the scandal is a "painful awakening" for him and vowed to
treasure his wife and stay "faithful" to her while being "very careful with
his own behavior and how he treats women from now on".

Arguably the most successful Singapore movie director to date, PBM Jack Neo
was awarded a public service medal in 2004 and a Cultural Medallion in 2005.

The scandal erupted last Saturday when a former mistress Wendy Neo went to
his place to confront him and alerting the media in the process.

It was subsequently revealed that Jack was involved in or tried to pursue at
least 10 other women as well including a 16 year old girl of French descent.

Even before the sensational news reached the public, Jack called up George
Yeo to inform him of the misfortune who immediately wrote an article on
blogkaki calling on Singaporeans to "rally" around Jack.

George Yeo has since maintained a dignified silence after being slammed by
netizens for his "inappropriate" support for Jack. As expected, the
mainstream media dared not publish the story which will put the Foreign
Minister in a bad light.

Another PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan was also flamed for saying that such scandals
are "unavoidable" for successful men like Jack. He later claimed that he was
"misquoted" by the press.

After screwing many girls and screwing his own life up in the process, PBM
Jack Neo has at least contributed something to fellow Singaporeans by
screwing up the political careers of two PAP MPs.

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  1. Wow, someone is comparing Ah Nan (阿南) to MP Lim Biow Chuan at this blog –

    So Ah Nan (阿南) for PAP?