Universities in Singapore raised their fees again

From: OngBak3
Subject: All Universities in Singapore raised their fees

Damned! As if locking up our CPF monies is not enough, making us pay
exorbitantly for a HDB pigeon hole is not enough, raising transport
fares is not enough, now this is going to kill our education. .....

THE National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological
University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU) on Thursday
announced fee hikes of between 3 and 10 per cent for this year's

Singaporean undergraduates enrolling in NUS's Architecture and
Business courses this academic year will pay 7 per cent more, while
fees for Law and Pharmacy will go up by 10 per cent. Tuition fees for
all other NUS undergraduate courses will rise by 4 per cent for local

At NTU, those entering non-business undergraduate courses will pay
about 4 per cent more, while business programme students will have to
fork out almost 7 per cent more.

SMU freshmen who are Singaporeans will pay 3 per cent more, amounting
to $10,920 annually for Law courses and $9,890 for all other
undergraduate programmes.

Explaining that the fee adjustments are to help defray operating
costs, Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Provost and Deputy President
(Academic Affairs), said: 'The new fees remain very competitive with
international programmes of distinction. The Ministry of Education
will continue to subsidise the larger part of the University's
operating and capital costs.'

NTU has also introduced a new fee structure together with the hike -
Business and non-Business undergraduates now pay different fees
starting from their freshman year. Previously, first year
undergraduates in NTU paid the same fees regardless of their course,
with higher fees for Accountancy and Business students only taking
effect in the second year.

NTU explained that those in Business programmes pay higher fees
because of its seminar-style format with extensive projects, which
leads to higher operation and manpower costs.

Differentiated fee increases for permanent residents (PRs) and
International Students will also take effect in the three
universities. Annual fees for PRs will increase by between $720 and
$2810, while International Student fees will go up by between $800 and
$3120 per year.

The university fee hike comes after the polytechnics and ITEs raised
their fees for this academic year, with further increases for PRs and
international students as well.

From: "Big John Stud"

Subject: Re: All Universities in Singapore raised their fees
The people in Singapore asked for it. They voted for a government to get
themselves screwed.

The U-turn is still a long way. Even if all Singaporeans will not vote, the
walk-over will be enough to return the present government to power. Stop

Strange that University fees are all paid for in Australia, and Australia is not getting any poorer than Singapore economically.

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