Jack Neo and Wife's Press Conference

Jack Neo Press Conference,
Beleaguered Jack Neo, who was rocked by a series of sex scandals since last Saturday after his mistress alerted the media of his sexual exploits, finally broke his silence on the saga.

The press conference venue at was already swarmed by reporters from both SPH and Mediacorp 10 minutes before it began.

As the media waited in anticipation, Jack Neo’s manager went on stage and reminded everybody present that this will be the one and only press conference given by Jack and here will be no further comments on this matter. There will also not be a Q&A session much to the disappointment of the crowd.

“Dear friends of the media, thanks for your concern over the last few days. I would like to stress that all that had happened is solely the fault of mine and does not involve anybody else. I feel very fortunate today that my wife has forgiven me.”

Halfway through the press conference, Jack Neo broke down and cried.

“My wife has suffered more pain than any woman in this world. I am very sorry for what has happened. This is my last time speaking to the media.”

“I do not know how to handle the media…..All I want to say is that I have forgiven Jack. I treasure Jack Neo, my marriage and my children. I have been hurt alot. I ask the media to let us off and give us some space and your blessings. Thank you,” she cried.

The press conference ended abruptly before it began. As Jack and his wife left the stage, the journalists rushed to surround them for further questions which caused a stir when members from Jack’s production team shouted at them to leave the couple alone.

Jack’s wife was reported to have fainted upon leaving the press conference.

A father of four, Jack is arguably Singapore’s most famous and successful movie director with a series of award-winning films such as “I not stupid” and “Run children!” under his belt.

The sex scandal has gripped the attention of the entire nation as Jack Neo is a familiar figure with many Singaporeans with his landmark “Comedy Night” in the 1990s.

He is also awarded a PBM in 2004 for his grassroots volunteer work and a Cultural Medallion in 2005. A PAP member himself, he is rumored to be close to Foreign Minister George Yeo who jumped almost immediately to his defence, calling on Singaporeans to rally around him.

While guys are more tolerant of his misadventures – a survey done by Lianhe Wanbao revealed that 75 percent of the men polled are willing to forgiving him, many women are disappointed and disgusted by hiss infidelity and vow to boycott his films from now onwards.

Jack has since apologized to his wife Irene Kng who has forgiven him. Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao yesterday, she said Jack is now like her “baby” whom she “sayangs” everyday.

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