Foyce Lim (Le Xuan) 梁智强和乐轩

Is this girl an opportunist? She is betraying Jack and wife, just when the Jack family is embroiled in a Scandal with Wendy Chong.

Foyce's real name is Lim Hui Hui. Graduated from Tampines Secondary School in Year 1996, had her braces in Year 1995. She is born in June 1980, so how can she be only 25 years old? This girl is not as simple as we think. She has taken over Jack and Wendy in publicity terms.

She doesn't have a simple name to start with. Foyce is unique and individualistic - tell-tale signs of a very complex individual. Le Xuan is a name that has totally nothing to do with her family lineage and root. Obviously, she doesn't like her own name, culture, upbringing and her root, and would change or do anything to achieve her goals. Not a bad thing, but men wouldn't want such a beast for a wife, other than fools. Most will stick to the foreign talent pool, when looking for a wife.

Another question raised by her this video is, with her verbal admission, there is enough evidence for the police to charge Jack for sexual harassment. Why is he not charged yet?

PBM Jack Neo proclaimed he had ONE affair only and accused Foyce Le Xuan of casting stones at him

The Jack Neo sex scandal took an unexpected turn when PBM Jack Neo finally broke his silence and spoke to the media for the first time to dispel the fresh allegations made against him everyday.

The scandal erupted last Saturday after Jack’s mistress 22 year old Wendy Chong leaked the story to the media. Jack immediately called his good friend Foreign Minister George Yeo who wrote on his blog imploring Singaporeans to “rally” around him and his family.

Jack held a brief 3-minute press conference on Thursday to “tell all”, but did not apologize or take any questions. He had since posted a public apology on a blog he shared with George Yeo.

In an exclusive interview with The New Paper today, Jack said he was sorry for what happened:

“I had only ONE affair, for which I am totally repentant and totally remorseful,” he proclaimed.

However, recent media reports revealed that he had as many as 10 other women in his life including flings with a former acting student and a script-writer from Thailand.

One former artiste of his entertainment group Foyce Le Xuan had accused him of sexually harrassing her by asking her to share “quiet” and “private” moments with her in a hotel room. When she rejected all his advances, she found herself gradually being dropped from acting assignments and projects.

Jack replied to the accusations in an agitated tone:

“As for the others who have surfaced to make all kinds of claims, I wonder what their motives are. Is it because they think I am down-and-out now that they can join in to cast stones at me?” he told TNP.

Foyce subsequently told Lianhe Wanbao that she had forgiven Jack:

“I have forgiven him and I hope he will turn over a new leaf. I also must apologize to Mrs Neo,” Foyce was quoted as saying.

There were no immediate comments from Foyce regarding the counter-accusation from Jack.

The scandal of the year which has captured the attention of the entire nation from the young to the old has polarized opinions among Singaporeans.

While some regard Jack’s infidelity as a private matter to be settled within his own family, others felt that being a public figure and famous movie director, he should be held accountable for his actions.

Besides Jack, two PAP MPs also suffer “collateral damage” as a result of lending “support” to him unwittingly. George Yeo was lambasted by netizens for his call on Singaporeans to rally around Jack and Lim Biow Chuan for insinuating that it is unavoidable for successful men to be involved in extramarital affairs.
Foyce Le Xuan made police report against Jack Neo for sexual harrassment this afternoon at Tampines NPP

Actress Foyce Le Xuan had lodged a police report at the Tampines Neighborhood Police Post this afternoon against her former employer Jack Neo for sexual harrassment.

Shin Min Daily reported that Foyce had passed the police the SMSes purportedly sent to her by Jack.

In addition, she also made a police report over a male stranger who had been harrassing her with phone calls and SMSes over the last few days warning her to “be careful as they won’t let her off”.

Foyce claimed that she had nothing personal against Jack and she is lodging the police reports for “self-protection.”

Jack Neo was embroiled in a series of sex scandals lately which had rocked the entire nation.

After his affair with a 22 year old model Wendy Chong was leaked to the press, Foyce stepped forward and accused him of sexually harrassing him six years ago which he denied and challenged her to provide the proof.

Foyce showed two of the SMEs sent to her by Jack to Lianhe Wanbao:

1. “Thinking of you now” (in Chinese)

2. “i am on the way to jB doing e album promotion last 2 days were in KL. Miss u.”

In an interview with The New Paper yesterday, she described Jack as being “inhuman” and “devil” and insinuated that they had some sort of sexual contact.

She appeared to take a softer stance against Jack today, telling the media that she understood why he refused to admit making sexual advances against her in the past.

Foyce added that she would not speak to the media about the matter anymore after being advised not to do so by her church pastor and friends.

“I feel it is God’s will that I do not speak to the media again after today,” she was quoted as saying.

When Wanbao reporters tried to contact Jack Neo, his manager picked up the call and told them that Jack does not wish to comment further on the matter.

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> On Mar 16, 10:25 pm, yansimon52 wrote:

> > Now she can't take the heat.....she should get out from the
> > kitchen....... long ago.

> > She forgot that this PBM Jack Neo got money.....and when one got
> > money....he certainly got buddies around to protect made
> > the world go is power

> > She forgot that 'its a man's world' this show biz

> > Even in the early days on her start up carreer, mariah carey got to
> > open her leg to that old Sony guy.....

> This stupid girl is actually 'no trouble but looking for trouble'. As
> if PBM Jack Neo oledi fucked her......LOL.....LOL.....
> Look like her career oso up in smoke.....who dare to hire this sort of
> girl...another smart alec.

The way she put it as if her cunt is 'diamond
stubbed' PBM Jack Neo got to beg for


  1. Totally agree with you. Lim Hui Hui is 30 yrs old this year. How can she be telling the truth about Jack, someone who lie in front of the public about her age. Can someone also expose her since she like to be popular. The media should clarify. She said the incident happened in 2004 and she was only 20 yrs old!! She must have failed her Maths. Pretend to be innocent. Dont use your tears to cover your lies.

  2. All the commence above are all well said aspecially the last one. Why would she come out ti review this so call 6 years ago incident whe she said in the interview with Razon Tv that Mrs Neo treats her well and take care of her when back than Mrs Neo is still a Finance Manager in Jack's company?

    If Mrs Neo is really good to her, she would have spare a thought for Mrs Neo.

    Still got the cheek to call Jack Neo (Si Fu) and Mrs Neo (Shi Mu).


  3. She got the bitchy look...

  4. Foyce comes across credible and seems to be speaking the truth. There is definitely a science in body language. In like manner, Jack Neo's body language gave him away. I respect Foyce for speaking up, she took a big risk in doing so. It is good she is no longer bound by fear. She should follow her conscience an do what is right.

  5. She is a bitch or not, not for us to judge but one thing for sure is: No matter how much botox she had, her face is still Hui Hui, a TPSS student.
    Not sure why she needs to lie about her age. Her tears fake or not, we are also not sure. If she is really a believer of god. Let God make the judgment.
    if she has capability, she need not resort to such means to make herself public. Its a pity and shame that a Singaporean need to gain fame to hurt others.
    Don't all of you think so? What is so great to expose Jack and tell the world that Mark is being sarcastic to her? Results get backfired when she did all these. Poor gal to think so naively

  6. I have only one thing to ask.
    If Jack agree to marry you or Wendy Chong would both of you came to the public and tell all this stories despite that you will hurting his family?

  7. I just feel that after so long she is not notice by media, she has to make herself known to public again. She can make police report or let the media know straight after Jack Neo tried to Fxxx her so much earlier on. Why wait till now???

  8. Lim Hui Hui is a big liar...

  9. I saw her very close with Steven LIM (the eyebrow plucker). Heard she was Steven Lim girlfriend.

  10. She is soooo not pretty! That's what plain looking actresses need to do in order to gain popularity....either sleep with jerks like Jerk Neo or scream 'molest'. Pretty UGLY is more like it.

  11. Hui Hui, be strong. It is good that you stepped forward to exposed that wolf in human skin.

  12. Both Wendy and Foyce are young and were victimised. They should not be blamed for coming forward to expose the hypocrite. In fact, we should thank them for exposing the hypocrite preacher, Jack Neo, in doing so, many other young girls are safe from the claws of this wolf.

  13. Both Wendy and I mean Foyce are not victims, they are co-perpetrators of a crime against the sanctity of marriage. No one forced them, Jack Neo didn't rape them. They each had affairs with him even though they knew he was married. The only victim here is Jack's wife and kids. Come one people - call it like it is. Damn sluts.