The Reserves don't belong to Singaporeans

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Subject: Re: The Reserves don't belong to Singaporeans until....

Good answer, shows your mentality
in Bangkok Green again???
Think rich but not until
drugs bring you back to reality,
take your drugs before commenting.

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> Ha, so much of licking of pap arses and sucking
> of their cocks have numbed your brains. That is why
> u ended up with only a cheebye mouth and tongue.
> I don't like obnoxious character like u, so u r
> hereby KILLED.

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>> You are more the rightful owner,
>> once you declare the reserves are yours
>> and yours alone, the OA will release
>> you from your bankrupcy, cheere and
>> good luck to you, rich bapot

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>>> Right now the reserves belong to people like Lee Kuan
>>> Yew and Ho Ching whose names appeared on the
>>> share register of GIC and Temasek.

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>>>> The RESERVES belongs to you and you alone.
>>>> Good Luck

>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>> Many ignorant Singaporeans take comfort in our vast
>>>>> reserves.
>>>>> Let me remind them that as it is they don't even know
>>>>> how much reserves there are.
>>>>> The reserves are now held in the name of Temasek and
>>>>> GIC. So it belongs to those whose names appeared in the
>>>>> share registrars of the Temasek and GIC. If your names
>>>>> are not there, how can u prove that u own the reserves ?
>>>>> Yes the Reserves were accumulated from the blood,
>>>>> sweat, toll and sacrifices of past and present generations
>>>>> of all Singaporeans. So rightfully they belong to all
>>>>> Singaporeans.

>>>>> In order to reflect that Singaporeans truely own these
>>>>> reserves, it is only right that shares of Temasek and
>>>>> GIC be distributed to Singaporeans. In this way they
>>>>> have proof of their ownership. They will also benefit
>>>>> from any dividend payout and if they need money they
>>>>> can (though not advisable ) sell these shares to raise
>>>>> funds. They will also get annual reports thru which they
>>>>> know what is happening to their money. They also
>>>>> got rights to vote at annual shareholders' meeting. This
>>>>> is what true and genuine ownerships meant.
>>>>> Right now, Singaporeans ownership of the Reserves is
>>>>> only a notion in their minds. Call it a figment of their
>>>>> imaginations if u want.
>>>>> So I urged all Singaporeans to fight to legalise their
>>>>> ownership of their reserves.

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  1. LOL ! Even the late President Ong as custodian of the reserves couldn't really put a finger on it