Electricity rates UP again in less than a year

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Subject: Now Electricity charges is going up again
The Straits Times
By Tessa Wong

ELECTRICITY tariff for Singapore households will go up again in the
coming quarter, due to the fuel oil price hike over the last three

The new rate for the April to June quarter will increase to 23.56
cents per kWh, about 3 per cent higher than the current quarter, said
SP Services in a statement on Tuesday. This will work out to an
average increase of $2.47 in the monthly electricity bill for families
in four-room HDB flats.

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SP Services, a member of the Singapore Power Group, said that the rise
- the fourth quarterly in a row since last July - is largely due to an
increase in fuel oil price over the past three months, from $99.38 to
$102.95 per barrel.
How is our rate compared to our neighbouring countries.. woh one year raised more than once .. what happening????
Posted by: haya3188

Crude prices has been stable in regions of USD$80...
so if they mention cost goin up ....

Why dun Buses and MRTs raise their prices too since its also "fuel" related?
Posted by: Grave69

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  1. don't like that say. later they really raise the bus and mrt fare.

    we must instead thank them that they did not adjust another 22% up.