Why PM Lee is not productive

lock2009 wrote:
i think his policies backfired. The mistake of allowing too many FTs into Singapore has caused problems for the local Singaporeans. Many are disgusted and worry about their own debt and future of their next generation. It is not a good thing for property to rise so much compared to income. It is something his government has failed to resolve. I seriously think they may postponed election to 2012. It seems like they themselves are not pretty confident either.

If there is another wave of recession soon, it will be interesting how our government will handle. It will screw a lot of people who are inside this ridiculous game of property.
Kesamet wrote:
With a salary 4 times that of Obama, I would expect PM Lee to be running around like Obama, pushing for healthcare reform, housing reforms, banking system revamp, closing the unemployment gap, etc.

Instead, we see him sitting around with students asking for feedback.

And that was after disappearing for 2 weeks, absenting from Parliament without explanation, later found to be suing an unknown American journalist for an article written in New York, not read by most Singaporeans, related to his personal matters, earning $160,000 from winning the case.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
GoodNoGood wrote:
One day he beri free and decided to search for mee siam mai hum online, and found so many entries making all kinds of fun. beri beri angry.
Soluna wrote:
Personally to me, there is no need to help provide feedback to the incumbent party. I rather they be voted out naturally if they cannot see the obvious.

Asking for feedback and expecting Answers/Solutions, is an indication that they are not good enough.

Wait...'Expecting Answers and solutions' to problems ?!? ....sounds familiar?!?

As usual...finding excuses and blaming on citizens.

They are deaf frogs and deaf to criticisms mah...

Planning to leave in the future already, but got other considerations now.
This is still our home afterall...i rather fight than flight or forced to leave...besides i say/do what i feel is right...

Toured in quite few countries already, lived in a few too...from EU to US to Australia to China etc...why?...

To tell you the truth..if u read my post few years back...
I supported FTs openly too (except for the 6milion target)...
later i realised and experienced that things are turning out the wrong ways....now sibei anti-FT....certain ones, not all...
kamomo wrote:
But I must agree that some of the attacks at HDB are rather immature, esp those "young couples" who want high floor, best view, best location etc etc at a huge market discount IMMEDIATELY and want government to somehow miraculously feed them the high floor, best view, best location HDB on a platter. Even when buying condos etc., sometimes you don't get the best unit and have to wait for years for TOP. If you want immediate occupation, then you have to settle for the resale market. But the attacks at LTA are probably justified
PM Lee on govt's approach in engaging S'poreans in new media
By Imelda Saad | Posted: 27 March 2010 1143 hrs

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has spoken of the government's approach on how it engages Singaporeans in the new media.

Speaking at a forum for the national feedback arm, REACH, Mr Lee noted how easy it is to mount online campaigns.

He cited the example of the AWARE saga, where he said he received many emails from opposing camps.

But the Prime Minister said he noticed many emails were identical and obviously cut and pasted from a template.

He said the government cannot make decisions simply based on the volume of emails supporting or opposing a particular situation.

Mr Lee noted the government must also be cautious of what he calls "Astroturfing" campaigns.

That's where individuals or groups fake identities and orchestrate online movements.

He pointed to another example - recent emails criticising the government on property prices were circulated.

He said upon verifying the emails, the names and phone numbers attached turned out to be fake.

Mr Lee said the campaign was clearly a covert attempt to pressure the government for personal benefits.

So authorities must assess such attempts critically and carefully.

Mr Lee noted, though, that online feedback can be useful, as seen in REACH's digital platform.

He said REACH has also found that the best way to engage Singaporeans is a combination of online and face-to-face engagement.

- CNA/ir


  1. He looked sick these days. You just wonder if his father may outlive him even.

  2. Survival....one has to put food on the table. Dont give up, but every generation born and live in Singapore have to fight for survival. But if your father is rich,the children will have a better chance than those middle/lower income.