Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack?

Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack
Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to latest reports received from Singapore a few minutes ago, the 87 year old Singapore strongman, Lee Kuan Yew, had suffered a massive heart attack at 9.34 pm yesterday Singapore time.

He is reported to be presently in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of the Singapore General Hospital under sedation and respiration, carefully watched by a team of doctors, with his son whom he appointed the Prime Minister and his 2 other children beside him.

It is understood his wife is also in the same hospital in a coma now for several years.

It is uncertain if he can recover at his age, and the pacemaker which he has in his heart is believed to have contributed to it.

According to reports, the pacemaker malfunctioned triggering this massive heart attack.

With the entire country run by this one man, the fear that business leaders and bankers had for very long may have finally come true; that such a happening can destroy the business confidence and cause total destruction in the small island city state.

The reason for the lack of confidence is due to the general lack of confidence in his son's, the prime minister's capacity to govern thereby creating a power vacuum with no single person able to assume control in the island.

In fact reports have been coming in that some investors have already started transferring their funds overseas creating a fear there could be a run on the banks.

There are reports that several top officials who have amassed fortunes under Lee Kuan Yew's patronage and connections have begun to have the jitters and started moving their funds overseas.

A few high ranking civil servants and judges who were responsible for human rights abuses against his political opponents have also been on alert ready to leave the island any minute.

Reports have also been coming in that peaceful protesters and demonstrators have begun assembling in small pockets at the Geylang and Mountbatten Road junction and the Orchard Road and Patterson Road junction holding placards
reading "Democracy" and "Down With the Dictator" and chanting slogans.

The situation is very fluid and I will be reporting on the situation as it unfolds. There have been numerous telephone calls to the Prime Ministers Office and the Singapore newspaper the Straits Times for information.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
March 06, 2010
Gopalan Nair has came out to confirm this is a lie by him.
The admin of this site has decided to keep this article here to show who the real liar is, as this site is all about truths and lies.


  1. may he live another 100 years 'Insha Allah"

  2. Who the fuck cares, Gopalan?
    Only know how to talk big in Spore, then whimper in front of the court, and finally run away to talk big some more.

    Grow some balls and come back!

  3. Anonymous @ March 7, 2010 5:09 AM

    Yeah, this shameless f**ker is a total let down. He is particularly loud when he knows that he is 'out of range'. But then again, empty vessel made the most noise, isn't it? I had posted several rebuttals to his earlier articles but were all deleted by him as what I wrote is something that he cannot stomach.

    Since then, I apply only one rule to whatever he writes, JUST IGNORE him. He is unworthy of any attention, sub-zero credibility, sub-zero character. Shameless bastard!

  4. Hey wait a min I didn't see anything of what you said at orchard and henderson

  5. The real figures in this world have many feats, many allies.. and just as many enemies. LKY will be forever remembered in the annals of history, as a good leader or a dictator.

    But all of you who kissed his ass, and all of you who opposed him and hated him, are all the same; you will be no one, just fodder for his growing popularity/notoriety (which is one and the same actually).

    Its a little funny.

  6. it is evil to spread tis kind of rumours

  7. This is a double-edged knife. If it is false, the oppositions will suffer. But it is true, the Pap will suffer, for hiding such important facts from the public. Lots of explanation from both sides.

  8. Contrary to this report, I was told, gopalan had a massive heart attack and died after watching a video of Jack Neo being attacked on his balls by his scheming model girlfriend. It reminds gopalan of his balls being attacked in Singapore by a gay at Geylang's back lane after refucing to pay for his service!

  9. Hope that the news is not true. If is, he will be recovered soon. All the best to LKY and the family.

  10. it's about time. faster ah.

  11. I pray "Ya Allah - don't let our fore finding father suffers, let him be well and let him be peace" Amin. Insyallah

  12. if he has to go i pray he goes peacefully in his sleep. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE ALL HIS SINS.

  13. May Allah forgive his sins? Allah better watch out or Lee might attempt to maintain a racial balance in heaven in favour of Confucians and turn the mother tongue into Mandarin.

    To confirm the truth of this report, all one has to do is to go to the said hospital to see if there is a substantial security presence.

    Frankly, if Lee goes and i'm not in singapore at the time, i wouldn't be too happy about it as i might be missing quite a few good photo opportunities.

    That said, I have no love for those whom are bigoted, apathetic and self-serving, especially those whom spend their lives promoting it amongst an entire nation.

    When I told my parents about this report this morning, they both said in the not-as-cool-or-advantageous-as-mandarin, Tamil, 'whether he lives or dies, what is it to us'. I have to agree, though personally, i'd rather he wasn't born.

  14. This confirmed a hoax by Gopalan himself. This is a blow to the oppositions in Singapore. They now have to deal with credibility issue created by Gopalan. PAP now have a golden bullet to shoot at the opposition in the next election.

  15. It is very simple test - just look at the share market today and you will know whether Gopolan Nair is telling the truth..

  16. As Gopalan is not officially part of the opposition here but rather a foreign 'dissident', I don't see how this is going to affect the opposition. What ought to be the concern here is how the opposition is shooting itself in the foot with its oversights, xenophobia and bigotry. They've already lost the vote of myself and associates for this - and that's saying much since we've been opposition supporters for decades. Not any more.

  17. gopalan knows how to talk absolute rubbish - fails utterly in- any political husting - just scumbag and rogue in disguise - thank god we dont have such a politician

  18. How come he commenting about another Commonwealth nation of Sri Lanka while he is on death bed...He should leave Sri Lanka alone..without commenting any rude things about Sri Lanka. I think he should die now in sane !! See what he commented about Sri lanak..Racist Bastard...

    "Lee Kuan Yew’s latest’s comments on Sri Lanka are outrageous, racist and inaccurate by any standard. Recently he said, “Another example is Sri Lanka. It is not a happy, united country. Yes, they [the majority Sinhalese government] have beaten the Tamil Tigers this time, but the Sinhalese who are less capable are putting down a minority of Jaffna Tamils who are more capable. They were squeezing them out. That’s why the Tamils rebelled. But I do not see them ethnic cleansing all two million-plus Jaffna Tamils. The Jaffna Tamils have been in Sri Lanka as long as the Sinhalese.”

    2 million Jaffna Tamils? Is there such a race? How about Trinco Tamils, Batticaloa Tamils Wanni Tamils, Kandy Tamils, Madras Tamils and Kerala Tamils? Sri Lankan census does not show any ethnicity called “Jaffna Tamils”."

    Mind ur own busineess Lee Quan You...get ready to die !!

  19. Lee Kuan Yew rewrites Sri Lankan HISTORY!
    Posted on June 10th, 2010

    Ananda De Costa

    He goes on to add that Rajapakse is an extremist and agrees to the suggestion that what took place last year was ethnic cleansing. We could discard this as an “old man’s” tale but who fooled him to make such an outrages statements? If not, what research did he carry out to conclude the timeline of existence of Sinhalese and this super race called “Jaffna” Tamils? Singaporeans always claim that Malays are lazy, incapable and Chinese are smart and capable. Lee hates what is happening in Malaysia where he considers the smarts are bullied by the retarded. But the truth is, Malays are easy going, unassuming but as capable as the Chinese. More importantly they are much more sociable people than Chinese who will definitely return you a smile, unlike others.

    A decade ago LKY published a book, “Third World to First: the Singapore Story: 1965-2000” which contained a lot of comments on South Asian countries and politics. Every leader in South Asia was a fool according to him. Among some correct facts Lee Kuan Yew went on to add blatant lies possibly because he was fooled by some Tamil Tigers or he wanted to get his ideas into others by any means. Lee says,

    “Bandaranaike did not seem troubled that the Jaffna Tamils and other minorities would be at a disadvantage now that Sinhalese was the national language, or by the unease of the Hindu Tamils, the Muslim Moors, and the Christian Burghers (descendants of Dutch and natives) at the elevated status of Buddhism as the national religion. He had been president of the Oxford Union and he spoke as if he was still in the Oxford Union debating society. I was not surprised when, three years later, he was assassinated by a Buddhist monk. I thought it ironic that a Buddhist monk, dissatisfied with the country’s slow rate of progress in making Buddhism the national religion, should have done it.”

    May be he got this idea from a Tamil Tiger. Surely he could have read better and refereed to court proceedings before attacking Buddhist monks in general.

    In the same book he goes on “At the university in Kandy, I had asked the vice chancellor how three different engineers educated in three languages collaborated in building one bridge. He was a Burgher, and wore a Cambridge University tie so that I would recognize he had a proper Ph.D. He replied, “That, sir, is a political question for the ministers to answer.” I asked about the books. He replied that basic textbooks were translated from English into Sinhalese and Tamil, always three to four editions late by the time they are printed. “

    Are there any Bridge Engineering or any other Engineering book written in Sinhalese ? Why did such a prominent world figure easily believed such shameless lies? Who is this Burgher vice chancellor of Peradeniya University in 1966? May be a reader could enlighten us. Knowing the Singaporean mentality, one could think that he must have assumed this “vice chancellor” as a Burgher because of his skin colour. Without properly checking the facts how irresponsible was Lee to make such comments?

  20. Singaporeans are not the laziest people in the world but their knowledge is generally like that of frogs in a well. They do not know where Sri Lanka is in the world map. They know where India is roughly but they think all Indians are Tamils. Singapore government officials assume all from Indian subcontinent as one “Indian” race similar to China (where Tibetans can be easily ethnically cleansed to make them Chinese) and they assume all of Indians should speak Tamil. If a non Tamil Indian sends his son to a Singapore school and he wanted the second language to be Chinese (because he does not speak Tamil) they will be very surprised and you will have to do a lot of convincing to get that approved. Not only that, the teachers will harass the child simply because they are angry with the Indian parent wanting his son to study Chinese (not Tamil) as the second language. This is not because they are evil but they seriously lack knowledge about other people, countries and races.

    How can a man from such a society know the culture of India and Sri Lanka to offer simple solutions to ongoing problems (created by westerners and their bum-lickers) of these countries with such complex social, religious and racial blend of citizens, without living there for long periods? To give opinions about leaders of foreign countries he should associate with them for long time, not just a visit now and then. Otherwise it is extremely unfair to make negative comments. If someone has done that to him, he would not hesitate to sue him and make him bankrupt. There are a plenty of “less capable” University professors from Sri Lanka teaching Singapore students in their Universities and there are many prominent “less capable” professional serving Singapore to keep their economic progress afloat. They have been educated “free of charge” in poor Sir Lanka, thanks to Bandaranayake. Rather than thanking them why is Lee insulting them?

    To understand such strange mental status of the Mentor Minister, one should learn about Singapore, and visit their shops and offices. Singapore is an island of size about Jaffna peninsula with less than 5 million people in an approximate racial mix of 75% of Chinese descent , 10% of Indian origin and 15 % of “Bhumiputra” Malays. As every Sri Lankan knows, this was a Malay country, flooded by Chinese migrants taking advantage of Malay hospitality, outnumbered and finally snatched power to marginalized them. In a way, this racial mix is very similar to that of Sri Lanka but distinctly different simply because it belonged to Malaysia 50 years ago. This means 85% of the population invaded Singapore form foreign countries because their own countries were unlivable. Under such conditions any fool from non-Malay race elected as the prime minister would chose to make English the official language. This is because it is impossible to use a Chinese dialect as the official language in a completely non-Chinese region. Even if you make Mandarin as official language it will be very inconvenient for all the Chinese (in 1960s’) to learn Mandarin because they speak so many dialects. Furthermore, Singapore has probably less than 500 years of recorded history compared to 3000- 30000 years of history in South Asian countries. All migrants obviously prefer to speak English. Size of the country makes it easy to govern.

  21. Everyone on earth accepts that he had done a good job by establishing proper law and order in his country but he is not in a position to teach other much more complex countries how to rule. Has he demonstrated what service he has done to his own “capable” Tamil community (which enjoy a higher percentage than Sri Lankan Tamil population in Sri Lanka) and to Bhumiputra Malay Muslim community in his own country?

    There are so many Tamil medium schools in Sri Lanka. Is there a single Tamil medium school in Singapore? There is however a very good school called “Anglo Chinese School”.

    In Colombo, at 5.30 am we can hear Mosque prayer invitations loud and clear. Can you hear that in Singapore? Do the Malays pray silently?

    Singapore passport says what race you belong to. Is there such unnecessary racial discrimination in Sri Lankan passports?

    We are not saying this is wrong, this the Singapore way. There should be a reason for it and we accept it.

    We have also learned that every previous Sri Lankan minister responsible for ports was bribed by Singapore to stop developing Hambantota Port. This time they did not succeed. Singapore also lost a lot of arms sales because the Tamil Tiger war came to an end. There is no Vietnam War or Cambodian War at the moment but some people are instigating problems in Buddhist Thailand. There is no need to sling mud on Sir Lanka and or insult Sinhalese Buddhists – Singapore can compete with Sri Lanka on the same platform economically for ten years and see who are more capable. Being a true Buddhist country, Sri Lanka will compete without producing arms to kill fellow human beings, they will compete with whatever intellectual capacity they posses.

    Rajapakse did not call Lee an extremist – although many others in the world may have done so. But in Sri Lanka we do things differently. You may have hidden agendas to reignite Tamil separatism to destabilize the region including Malaysia and India. Just do not spread blatant lies when adding fuel to Tamil separatism in the world. That is the Buddhist way. Have some compassion towards Sinhalese too. That is all we demand from Mr. Lee.

    “Dogs bark but the mountain does not shake” should be Sri Lanka’s motto for coming years.

  22. http://www.nation.lk/2010/06/13/newsfe7.htm


    Forget Singapore, let’s be the best Sri Lanka we can be

    by Malinda Seneviratne

    Lee Kwan Yew (LKY) says something nasty about Sri Lanka every two decades or so. That’s not bad. I mean, Navi Pillai, Louise Arbour, Chris Patten and the crooks who feed them information can’t seem to say Sri Lanka without spitting venom. Years ago, LKY, who clearly has no clue about the Language Act or the full dimensions of meaning embedded in the date ‘Nineteen Fifty Six’, threw the Snooty Book at S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike. Recently he’s chided President Mahinda Rajapaksa, calling him a Sinhala extremist and making an interesting claim: ‘He (MR) believes he has settled the problem now that the Tamil Tigers are killed and wants other to believe that too; I don’t think they (Tamils) are going to be submissive or go away’.

    LKY clearly is living in another century and a different political universe. No one is saying that the Tamils are going to be should be ‘submissive’. No one wants them to ‘go away’. They have been submissive for long enough (under the LTTE) and when they’ve asserted themselves it has been with a kind of chauvinism (beginning with Ponnambalam Ramanathan) and violence (G.G. Ponnambalam showed the way, Prabhakaran followed) that could only lead to the kind of denouement that occurred on the banks of the Nandikadal Lagoon.

    LKY had a plan for his city-state, Singapore. It can be said to have ‘worked’, depending on what kind of success-criteria one chooses to use, but then Singapore would be second-best to Hong Kong. Tested against a broader sweep of criteria, Singapore is a failed state, and indeed one can argue that one of the main reasons Sri Lanka got into the mess it took us 30 years to extricate ourselves from because a man called J.R. Jayewardene wanted to turn Sri Lanka into a second Singapore. We should be thankful that this did not happen and should take care not to travel that path again. LKY is a Chinese chauvinist. He was dictator. He set up a thriving capitalist system, yes, but one whose stability depended on excessive surveillance, zero-tolerance of dissent and the creation of a culture that refused to think out of parameters defined by the state.

  23. I checked him out and out that LKY’s Singapore, by his own admission, is hardly the success story that some people think it is. In an interview with the International Herald Tribune in August 2007 he admitted that Singapore is a country that had left its moorings and that as a result he cannot predict where Singapore will be 20 years from that time. Singapore, one can argue, had to end up as the Singapore of LKY’s vision, given demographic, geographic, economic and historical realities. Thankfully Sri Lanka is not handicapped like Singapore. We might also not know where we will be 20 years from now, but unlike Singapore, it’s not all in the hands of global economic processes and the captains of such chartings.

    Since LKY rubbished Sri Lanka’s language policy it is perhaps good to hear what he had to say, look back, at what his language policy did to values (and by extension ‘Singaporeness’):

    ‘One of the things we did which we knew would call for a big price was to switch from our own languages into English. We had Chinese, Malay, Indian schools — separate language medium schools. The British ran a small English school sector to produce clerks, storekeepers, teachers for the British. Had we chosen Chinese, which was our majority language, we would have perished, economically and politically.’
    Having deliberately (he says there was no option) opted for English texts to be the basic cultural source, LKY admits that cultural continuity was irreparably compromised. He admits that his children retained some Confucian values but these are absent in his grandchildren.
    LKY doesn’t have a country. He made a corporate entity. Corporations, we all know, have much shorter life-expectancy than nations. He might want to appear unrepentant, but the question put by the International Herald Tribune helped reveal misgivings. Or resignation, if one wants to be polite.

    A man without a country and one who cannot communicate with his grandchildren should be pitied. His periodic spitting has to be seen as the product of a man who in the evening of his life is confronted with the terror of being forces to have as constant companion a personage called ‘Self Doubt’. We have to indulge. I will. I think we should focus on the fact that he was a pragmatist, a clever manager, innovative planner and possessed certain admirable qualities of leadership. And he was not all bombastic and rude and moronic in his observations either.

  24. He was spot on when he described Sri Lankan politics as ‘the periodic auctioning of non-existent resources’. We can get all nationalistic and proud and rubbish an old man, but we would be moronic ourselves if we did not recognize the truth of this particular assertion, which, by itself, helps redeem LKY and his ill-informed and mealy-mouthed mutterings.

    Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans can lose nothing by taking LKY’s latest verbal missile as a challenge. We have to recognize that just as the LTTE held us back for thirty years, had we been LTTE-free all that time we would still have floundered on account of inefficiency, corruption, waste and a manifest inability on the part of the leaders to draw the best from heritage. They might still have cursed our past, spat on tradition, and worshipped everything white and everything, including fecal matter that was produced by Europe and North America. There is one important thing that the 30 year war taught us. When we rely on our ingenuity, our strengths, our determination, ourselves, we can triumph. If not, we get into the inguru-deela-miris-ganna trap (exchanging ginger for chillie).

    LKY’s Singapore glitters. For now. Sri Lanka didn’t exactly glitter. Neither was it dull. We have colour. They are mostly of pastel shade. We are not averse to sharper hues. It is not that we don’t understand how to blend. It is just that we haven’t. We haven’t reached our potential and we will not if we remain lazy and arrogant and if we resolve to un-learn the virtue of sacrifice that our young men and women amply demonstrated in the battlefield.

    We don’t have to become LKY’s Singapore. More importantly we should reject such a telos. We have to be the best Sri Lanka that we can be. We can get there. Let Mr. Yew’s rubbishing spur us on. We have done it. We can do it again.

    Malinda Seneviratne is a freelance writer who can be reached at malinsene@gmail.com