Zoe Tay and Christy Yow to undress for new movie

In the name of filmmaking, the two female stars of new local movie Love Cuts will be challenging themselves with bold scenes that are set to ensure a fair amount of attention on the movie when it opens in the last quarter of this year.

The Queen of Caldecott Hill, Zoe Tay, will star in the leading role opposite veteran Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho as a 40-year-old mother battling terminal breast cancer, while buxomy Malaysian model Christy Yow plays a top lingerie model who has to remove her breasts after being afflicted with the illness.

Jointly produced by Clover Films and the Health Promotion Board, the movie hopes to encourage women to go for regular breast screenings.

Zoe, acting in a feature film nine years after her last outing in The Tree, will appear in a few scenes where co-star Kenny will bathe her sickly character. She said about the Hong Kong star, "I've watched his shows since young (laughs). He's in top condition now, and is very easy to get along with."

In Love Cuts, her character has to shave her head due to chemotherapy, but the 42-year-old did not go bald or pull off a 'Cynthia Koh' (in Ch 8 drama, Stepping Out). Instead, she will have to go through more than three hours of transformation in the makeup room.

The evergreen actress said that she had intended to shave off her hair, but can no longer go ahead with it due to an agreement to star in new Ch 8 drama Lost & Found.

Perhaps it was because her starring fees were not high enough to warrant the sacrifice?

"No! But to be honest, shaving my head is not without its struggle, because it takes time to grow my hair again and other work will be affected."

Pulling off an even more daring stunt is the sexy siren Christy. She will appear nude in a bed scene with a male actor, whose identity is still under wraps.

In the movie, Christy's character undergoes mastectomy, once again putting the spotlight on the 36C bustline of the voluptuous Ipoh native. The exasperated one could only muster, "If everyone feels that this is the focus, there's nothing I can do."

Production for Love Cuts will begin next week.

Love Cuts is scheduled to open this October. The movie will be distributed by Golden Village.


  1. Hope they cut off Zoe's nipple by mistake.

  2. A movie role has become a rarity for Mdm Tay, noticed how desperately they hyped up this B-grade role with suggested nudity and sex scene?

  3. Very old Zoe Tay should stop her nonsense and retire. Her heydays were 10 years ago, she is not popular or relevant anymore. Her acting is deteriorating from bad to worse. Headlines of her stripping is not a selling point, it's just gross.

  4. That old freakslut should keep her bra on. Her sagging breasts will hit the floor once she release that hook. Such horror should be saved for her unfortunate husband. So old still so slutty.