Monday, March 22, 2010

Pap charges 1.4M rental to charity hospital

notcareful wrote:
British are much more kind hearted than our Gov, they only charge $2. for Kwong Wai Shiu to use the land. Now who is inflating our hospital charges?
Kind hearted ppl donate in charity show and Gov collect high rental.

Marine Rat wrote:
Otherwise how to support their $$$$million salary.
Not only something wrong it is definately VERY wrong
Increasing fee is their annnual ritual.

ziggyy wrote:
Literally blood suckers... even charitable hospital also want to charge so high....
How greedy can one be....
What are the reserves for... Does the govt really need an additional 1.4million? Each minitoot reduce their salary by $100k (not even 10%...), can pay the 'rent'... and who determines the rent price again????

123abc wrote:
please lah, give some face leh.
can't you tell they are collecting the money to help the poor?

LaoZhi wrote:
If not how can they raise the charges and fees of gov linked hospitals and claim they are giving "higher subsidies"!!
It is all accounting tricks and number games at the expense of the public.

mykaitan wrote:
Wild Animals don't treat it's own kind this way ..... But, this happening here !!!

mic1838 wrote:
Eh, we need to pay minister salary u know........... You think cheap??? 1 charity night by Thong Chai can only raise salary for MM Lee and President Nathan only...........
World class country must pay world class salary so we need to do this.

kesamet wrote:
I won't be surprise is Cappitaland or City Harvest would buy this hospital over, and convert it into a REIT. It is chaREITy ok? Not charity that the you are thinking of.
There is no such thing as charity in Pap's dictionary, every one for themselves. Did any MP from PAP donate money during the charity show? none.

digitalman wrote:
There are so many avenues for the PAPayas to "extort" money from, like corporate taxes from companies, from personal income taxes, from foreign workers levies, foreign maid levies, from COE, ERP, GST, road taxes, MOV, fines, stamp duties, property taxes, water conservation tax, tobacco and liquor taxes and development charges. What the GIC/Temasek had lost, cannot be replaced by these taxes, but they must a concerted effor the earn back these losses, with more experienced commercial experts..........

teeth53 wrote:
and Ya..loh. Many places and many corner to collect tax and taxes.
U name it we have thing they still have not admit is our lost in GIC and in Temasick, oni said where got every Sunday is a shining Sunday one. sometime win and sometime losses.

By Yen Feng (Straits Times)
But Kwong Wai Shiu's annual rent now $1.4 million instead of just $1 during British rule.

The rent has shot up, but Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital will be getting more help. Last September, the Health Ministry agreed to increase its subsidy from $170,000 to what may amount to millions of dollars every year. It will also pay a portion of the hospital's patient expenses, and cover its rent for buildings within its compound that are used for patient care.

FAR from their homes in Guangdong province 100 years ago, three clan leaders thought they would scrape together money to buy medical care for their clansmen.

They raised so much - $150,000 - that they built a hospital instead to give free care to anyone.

They also struck a sweetheart deal in their 99-year lease with the British colonial leaders to pay $1 every year in rent for Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.

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