Lim Bow Chuan is an ASS

From: "truth"
Subject: Lim Bow Chuan is an ASS

By Richard Lu

I am not about to judge Jack Neo. I too do not know the man. Jack is a
comedian and one whom I would treat with tepidness. But this Lim Biow
Chuan fella is a different kettle of fish altogether. He is a MP;
"Christian leader" and a lawyer.

MP Lim Biow Chuan has been a big let-down. He does not know the hands are
feed him. Like other MPs and even MM Lee, he scolds his fellow citizens
after they voted him. He thinks that Singapore is a nation of complainers
and calls Singapore ""a society increasing reliant on the Government for
help". He, like his fellow MPs, is also careless with his remarks. His
recent guffaws are for all to see.


MP Lim was quoted as saying: "Over the years, to me, Jack Neo is a good son,
father and also a good husband. Since he is remorseful over this incident,
he should be forgiven. Actually, a man who has good career development
would find such scenarios unavoidable,"

A day later he said that he had been "misquoted" by the journalist. Why
not extract an apology from the newspaper and save all the explanations?
Not so smart eh?


On March 16 at 12:07am, Mr. Lim Biow Chuan wrote to a female netizen Jessica
Tan who posted on his Facebook questioning his remarks made in Shin Min
Daily on the Jack Neo scandal. (read article here)

In the posting Lim Biow Chuan made several statements and in reviewing them
again, some stupidity become evident:

Statement 1: "For your information, the interview was done by the reporter
in Mandarin and I replied part in Mandarin and part in English (as my
Mandarin was not very good)."

Mr. Lim Biow Chuan is a lawyer by profession. He now admits that his
Mandarin is "not very good". He knows only too well what he is commenting
on is a very topical subject and a 'hot' news item. FM George Yeo was
pilloried by netizens for his "rally around Jack" comment.

He should have stuck to the language he is most proficient in and be very
exact with his choice of words in this instance. Not so smart for a lawyer

Statement 2: "I do not agree with the behaviour of Mr. Jack Neo and am of
the view that it is clearly wrong. However, as a Christian leader and an
MP, I do not feel that we should simply condemn the man for his misconduct."

Mr. Lim Biow Chuan is a rather confused man. He forgets that he is
Singaporean first; an MP second and a Christian leader last. He has his
sequence totally "arse-about-face" (pardon the poor choice of words but it
is explicit).

As he is writing in his Facebook and addressing a Singapore audience (and
indirectly addressing the press), he should never ever mention that he is a
Christian leader. If he wishes to speak as a Christian leader then he
should resign his Parliament seat. It is politics. You see, Singapore is
a secular country and it is of utmost importance that national leaders keep
their religious convictions out of politics. If Lim Biow Chuan wants to
remain a MP, he should not mention that he is a Christian leader in future
in public. Singaporeans (especially his constituents) may feel biased or
intimidated by his religious leanings.

If he speaks as a MP, then the second sentence must be left out entirely and
he should correct his Facebook post and apologize to Singaporeans for this
mistake. Careless?

(For this reason I have always felt that the question of race and religion
should not appear in any official documents e.g. birth certificates and
identity cards).

Statement 3: "However, as a Christian leader and an MP, I do not feel that
we should simply condemn the man for his misconduct."
As a lawyer Mr. Lim should know this statement is double-speak and a
contradiction. Mr. Lim had in an earlier sentence admitted that what Jack
had done is wrong.

So if the law winds its course, Jack would have been convicted for his
misconduct. He should not be let off let alone "not condemned". Jack had
shamefully preyed on young girls and asked for sexual favors as a movie
director. Soft corruption? This guy may be a serial sex predator. How
many more girls had he taken advantage of that are too shameful to surface?

Mr. Lim, you are a Christian leader. YOU OUGHT TO SPEAK OUT CLEARLY AGAINST
JACK - no ifs and buts unless you are a coward and lack the guts to speak
up. And you should also openly condemn him otherwise you appear to condone
the "misconduct". The community can forgive but after his apology and
punishment. This is the correct course as otherwise it would become a bad

Mr. Lim, will you then set the records straight and make the necessary
corrections in your Facbook posting?

Statement 4: "The reporter next asked me what was my impression of Jack
Neo. My reply was that I don't know him personally but I have heard that he
was a good father, a filial son and a good husband."

Mr. Lim Biow Chuan, the second sentence in this statement is entirely
hearsay to make Jack look good. You had mentioned that you do not know the
man personally. The only person to know if he has been a good husband is
his wife. She is now accused of complicity in Jack's affairs - having
knowledge of them and not stopping him.

So is this "good husband" statement a fact or a lie? No two ways about this
one, sir. Otherwise you should have stopped at "I don't know him

Mr. Lim Biow Chuan, please do not do a FM George Yeo i.e. "rally behind
Jack". It is immoral - this whole thing. FM George Yeo has conveniently
forgotten about Jack's victims. It takes much more than bravery and guts
to come out to confront this bigger-than-life movie director and to
tell-it-all. It must have been the combination of guilt, hate and pangs of
anger that overcame the shame.
Mr. Lim, you are a lawyer. You certainly understand the meaning of
'mitigation'. You have openly mitigated for Jack. You have "soften" his
'misconduct". What about his victims?

Some netizens, and I suspect that Jack's buddies, have openly called Wendy
and Foyce 'sluts'. Is this right and is this fair? Where is the scale of
justice? Don't we have laws?

This "misconduct" has become a national shame. Jack Neo has close ties
with PAP MPs as evident from FM George Yeo's statement. He was awarded the
PBM in 2004 and a Cultural Medallion in 2005 for his accomplishments in the
movie industry. Two-third of Jack's life is over. Unfotunately for Wendy
and Foyce, they are just starting-off in life.
Jack has ruined them. They should sue for compensation.

Finally I feel very sad that Jack is is being "sheltered" by PAP MPs and his
Pastor. Once long ago Pastors were only seen at baptism, weedings and
funerals. Today, it seems fashionable to hide behind the skirts of the
Pastors after a major crime has been committed. Alas, the Pastor has one
more job - blessing crimes.

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