Friday, October 26, 2018

PAP Showing Its Bullying Power Again

Besides sharing on Facebook, it should be shared here as well. What I see and hear from all these banana court cases is that the silent majority is getting very agitated by the arrogance and elitism that is plaguing this country. Hence this touching article about a little girl.....enjoy....

Hi all. 
I understand workers party need a lot of help now. Without them, my girl will not be as what she is now. Had bought her to rallies since 2011 till 2016. Since then, she start to understand there are a lot of people fighting for what is right... Her idol like Sylvia slowly build up.
During 2016 elections time, when she walked passed her kindergarten with some PAP candidates and volunteers inside, she shouted Workers Party without even any adult instructions.
I had edit this post to express my feeling and experience instead of auctioning out the tee in order not for the white to make issue to WP.
Having some feedback from people who post here like. Why I go brainwash my daughter especially? Kid slave and stuffs.
Let me so a little explanations why this post come out.
I came from a not so well being family of 6 squeezing in a 3 room flat in hougang. We use to support PAP very long ago. During that time, who will bother the neighbourhood like a trash as long as got shelter. Who will bother the block you stay in algae all over. Who will bother to complain Town Council for it back then. However a simple action totally change my parents mind not to continue to vote them in. During that time, all four of us were studying and due to 1 payment of TC was delayed, The TC immediately send a lawyer letter to pay with no negotiation.
I still remember I followed my dad to Mr Low 1st rally that hold in a small stage in between of block 320plus carpark. Even though you may say, what a young boy know but definitely it never go away from my memory. After Mr Low won hougang, my dad volunteer to help him. On events, attend wakes and look out for neighbourhood area. Mr Low always will take care of everyone in need even you never ask, he will come to ask you first. As years goes by, I was greatly inspired by Mr Low. Putting his fullest effort to make my neighbourhood clean and presentable.
Due to age, my father got to end his service for WP. However that don't stop Mr Low keeping a look out for my father. During 2006 election, I step up the same footsteps my father did. I help out everything in hougang. During 2 temple tour when I already married and got my daughter, Caitlyn. I still can remember I brought my wife and daughter along. I even carry my sleeping child in a sarong. Many uncles and aunty given me a thumbs up that motivated me and I do not feel tired that day.
In the year Feb 2017, my dad passed on. MP Png came for my father's wake. And to my surprise, old friend of my father came too. It's Mr Low. So in conclusion, does that mean politics is all about winning in life and to use underhand way to win it or to win your people trust for better living by true humanity? You decide. Choice is for my daughter what she wants. But once she did told me, she want to be like Sylvia and Daddy. To help people and to make people happy. You never too young to help and believe what is best for Our future.
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Now in case you are wondering why this little girl wants to help the Workers Party so much is because of this.......(from the WP site

We are facing two civil law suits in the High Court. One suit is being brought by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), directed by an Independent Panel (Philip Jeyaretnam S.C., N. Sreenivasan S.C. and Ong Pang Thye) appointed under the Town Councils Act. The other suit is brought by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC).
Both suits allege that we and two other town councillors failed in our duties managing AHTC, and are liable to pay monies to AHTC and PRPTC. The total sum claimed against us is potentially more than $30 million, even though we are not accused of receiving any of these monies personally.
The claims against us are unfounded. We have acted in good faith, and did what we believed to be in the best interests of our residents and the Town Council. We have mounted rigorous defences in the two suits, and engaged a legal team from M/s Tan Rajah & Cheah.
We will fight the claims vigorously. If we lose the suits and are adjudged to pay large sums of money, and are unable to pay, we would face bankruptcy.
Since the suits commenced, the three of us have funded the legal expenses, using our personal savings and contributions from friends. We have not used any funds from the Workers’ Party. The total we have paid to our own lawyers to date is close to $600,000, covering the work done before the trial. The costs incurred so far have depleted our personal resources.
We need financial resources to fight the legal battle and to deal with the prospect of being made a bankrupt.
We now appeal to the public for financial support.
Thank you for your support. Every contribution, large and small, counts.
Contributions can be made in the following ways:
• PayNow to +65 9852 5901 (Sylvia’s public line)
• Internet fund transfer to UOB account no. 396 309 388 6
• Cheque made payable to any one of us:
Lim Swee Lian Sylvia
Low Thia Khiang
Pritam Singh
Mail to “My Mail Box 882560 Singapore 919191”
If it is convenient, please include your email address so that we can thank you.
If you have any questions, please email us at

Friday, October 19, 2018

More Fake News from ST - 183,737 Millionaires in Singapore

What they would not be telling you is that less than half are true blue Singaporeans. The number will keep increasing as we import more millionaires from abroad while the poor locals are looking to emigrate out of this sick place. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Li Shengwu Wants To Share This With You

For better or worse the brightest grandson of Lee Kuan Yew have this to share with you.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Gay Revolution in Singapore

Some interesting stuff from a friend in Hong Kong. Some news in HK about the gay-marriage of Lee Kuan Yew's grandson (the taller man). There is also a video of the marriage proposal done in some public places. While legally still not permitted, gays are fighting it hard for their rights in Singapore. And with the support of a member of the Lee Dynasty, things are looking bright for the gay fraternity over in this tiny PINK dot.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Cashless Society and Natural Disaster in Singapore

Food for thought

Imagine if disaster hits Singapore and power supplies is cut

If you do not have cash on hand and rely totally on electronic payment, then you are finished.

Worth pondering

"The cashless society is difficult to face war and disaster" .

Japan's Hokkaido strong earthquake triggered a large-scale power outage, and Sapporo City instantly became the dark capital.

During this period, 1.95 million residents flocked to supermarkets and convenience stores to buy life supplies.

However, some of the victims who usually only use mobile phones have lost their ability to pay and can't buy what they need.

On September 6th, an anonymous discussion on the anonymous forum of the Japan Forum showed an article about crazy electronic payment.

"The Sapporo who only uses electronic payment is finished!" ", the article said:

I usually used to use Apple Pay (Pingguo pay), go out without a wallet, and very little cash.

In the early hours of the morning, after the strong earthquake, Sapporo suffered a large power outage.

He checked the refrigerator in his home and found that only milk and mayonnaise remained.

He rushed to the supermarket to buy living materials.

When he arrived at the supermarket, he found that he had no cash at all.

He took the iPhone with only 62% of the battery and looked at the Apple Pay screen on his mobile phone.

He felt uneasy.

When the queue cane around, the clerk told me that he could not use the electronic paying.

He can't use it anywhere else.

At seven o'clock that night, he sat alone at home, hungry.

Since the cash cannot be taken, the power has not recovered, and there is a feeling that everything is finished.

In February of this year, the Swedish central bank governor Stefan Ingves warned.

He said that the cashless society is unrestrained in the face of war or natural disasters, and the huge social and financial system will collapse in an instant.

“Payment function” is one of the four functions that money needs to have.

Cashless payment is just a supplement to the “payment function” because it can not be replaced by specific basic conditions (electricity, network, base station, etc.).

cash payment.

The Sapporo is still fortunate.

The earthquake gave everyone a lesson and can correctly understand cash payments and cashless payments.

If the large-scale war breaks out and there is a long-term disconnection or power outage, the encounter will be even more serious.

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