Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update of the Geylang Scene today

Here is a brief update from Sammy Leong's site:

Contrary to popular belief, the commercial sex scene is alive and well in Singapore. For a country known for its clean and green image and nothing much else, this may come as quite a surprise to a visitor. The government has taken a very pragmatic view of the world's oldest profession. Singapore authorities figure that it is better to legalise prostitution in certain defined areas so that it can be controlled to a certain degree rather than to outlaw it completely. A complete ban on the sex trade will only drive it underground. This would make it impossible to keep tabs on the number of prostitutes in Singapore and therefore make it very difficult to conduct any education programmes designed to promote safer sex practices and to keep track of (and treat if possible) the Sexually Transmitted Diseases which a part and parcel of this sordid business.

Since we do not have any regular publications which provide regular write-ups on this subject, I have started this section in my homepage because of my selfless nature which leads to my desire to share whatever knowledge I have with my fellow citizens and honorable guests of our $fine$ city.

This page will start on a modest scale but I hope to build up my data bank of excellent sexual services and this section should flourish as time goes by.

I shall start off with the area I am most familiar with: The Geyland Red Light district.

THE GEYLANG FUCK SHOP FAQ (courtesy of S Leong Esq.)

Are the whore houses legal?

All chicken houses that are located in the designated zone south of Geylang Road(which starts with Lorong 2 and extends all the way to Lorong 30) are legal. The prostitutes that operate there are issued with special certificates which allow them to ply their trade. However, they are not allowed to solicit sex by the roadside or at the hotel lobbies in the area.

How does the system work?

The brothels in the area are identified by the big bright unit numbers displayed on a lighted box(see graphic above). Residential units in the area have small numbers and often put up signs in English and Chinese indicating "Private Residence" in order to prevent the wrong sort of guests from visiting their homes.

Working hours are generally from 12.30 pm to midnight. If you are the sort who feel embarrassed about going to a brothel, the best time to visit would be around 1 to 3 pm on a weekday as business is very slow at the time and you are less likely to meet your boss, your neighbour or your father in the same joint. The fucking rooms are also cleaner earlier in the day as the housemaid has just finished tidying up the mess left behind from the day before.

Caution : If you are driving there and park along the road, make sure you display a parking coupon valid for at least one and a half hours. URA conducts frequent checks and I'm sure you don't want a parking summons mailed to your home with date/time and LOCATION of your parking offence. Parking is free after 5.00 pm so if you want to save an odd dollar or so, then go after 5. However, many brothels have a few parking lots which you should be able to get if you go early in the afternoon.

Walk boldy into brothel of your choice. Dont be discouraged by the rather dingy looking exteriors. Many have done up the fucking rooms inside very nicely. In fact, I once tried a hidden camera shot in an attempt to show the interior of the room but unfortunately, the field of view was too narrow to capture what I wanted. Once inside, you will be met by the "receptionist" who will ask whether you want a drink. After the formalities, you can specify your wants according to race (Malay / Chinese / Indian etc), skills category (good blow job/willing to do anal sex/threesomes etc), assets (skinny/fat/big tits and so on). The brothel keeper will then use the phone to place your order for someone that is supposedly a close match to the fuck of your dreams. Be prepared for disappointments however. The industry has no money back guarantee. In fact, a while ago, some customers who complained about the service were beaten up.

Most brothels also have a few "resident" prostitutes which the brothel keeper may offer to you. If you like what you see, by all means accept the offer. However, you are under no obligation to fuck only the "resident" chickens. If you don't like what is offered in house, just tell the guy you would prefer to take your chances with an import from another whore house. All the fuck shops are within minutes of each other by car and your girl should show up almost immediately in a Nissan Sunny/Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla or something similar. If you have to wait more than 5 minutes, it simply means that the girl that meets your requirements is busy getting fucked by someone with similar sexual tastes as yours so you will just have to wait until he has got his rocks off.

When your dream girl arrives, she will totally ignore your presence initially and will proceed to sign in at the reception counter. After signing in, you will be introduced to your chicken by the brothel keeper. DON'T shake hands. It isn't necessary. You will have plenty of time for get to know her inside out over the next half an hour or so. Your chicken will lead you from the reception area to an available room. The action is ABOUT TO BEGIN!!

Once inside, she will drop her unfriendly facade almost immediately and put on a more intimate expression. The first thing that she will do is to undress and give you a bath. From this point on, what happens is up to you. Most of the $200 category are quite obliging and will even give you a massage of sorts before or after sex. Don't expect as a good a massage compared to what you get at the health centres though. The girls of Geylang are primarily for sex and their massage skills are secondary.

Take note however that very few girls are willing to do anal sex. If you are addicted to this disgusting act, ask the brothel keeper for recommendations.

After your little sexual escapade is over, it is time to get dressed and face the real world again. If you have enjoyed the service rendered very much and would like a repeat order some time in the future, ask the girl for her work schedule. They will normally tell you when they will be going back to their home town for a month or so. Don't forget to jot down her name MENTALLY. Writing her name down in your diary is not a good idea if you are married. The girls are assigned all sorts of names nowadays. They have run out of common English names like Judy, June, Rosy, Mimi etc and are now using names of cars. In fact, there is a girl called Mercedes who was really hot and Corolla was just great. I still get a hard on just thinking about her. (They have probably moved on by now) Payment is made to the brothel keeper on your way out. You do not have to pay the girl anything, the brothel will settle accounts with her. However, if you want to impress, a nice tip to her could make your next fuck with her even more pleasurable. Do this BEFORE you leave the room. If you don't intend screwing her again, then don't bother with the tip.

Thai style brothels with the Aquarium (fish tank) concept are available mainly from Lorong 4 to 12 . The fish tank concept enables a customer to view and choose a girl which suits his taste. However, the girls there are cheaper ($40 & mainly from Thailand) and that there is a limit of half an hour for you to shoot your load. Since I have not tried this service, I am in no position to comment in detail. There is loads of feedback in my sex forum though.


List prices at most joints in Geylang currently stand at $100 dollars for a rather ugly chicken and $200 for the more sexy variety. However, because of the AIDS scare, it is obvious that business has been affected. All the brothel keepers are therefore willing to lower prices in order to keep their customers coming back for more. Just open your mouth and ask and you will be given a nice big discount. The $100 variety can therefore be enjoyed for about $80 while the market rate for the premium $200 premium category can be fucked for $150. You can probably get a slighty larger discount if you are regular customer.

In my sex forum, there is frequent reference to the Cat40/80/150 GL girls. This refers to the price categories that they fall under.

Although it is not widely publicised, the girls are told that they should make their customers "cum" within 45 minutes as the brothel accountant used this number to do his/her costing when he/she did the business plan. However, if you suffer from premature ejaculation and shoot your load off within the first 5 minutes, the girl will probably give you another go if you ask nicely. I have friends who can cum three times per 45 minute session in order to get their money's worth. Sessions which go beyond 45 minutes during off peak hours are acceptable and there will be no extra charge.

If you are stingy and want everything in life to be cheap cheap, the fish tank variety which can be found in the Lorong 4 to Lorong 12 section are available at $40 for a half hour fuck.

As far as I know, none of the establishments accept credit cards.Terms are strictly cash. If you don't have enough in your wallet and feel a sudden urge to fuck when in the Geylang vicinity, there are numerous ATMs along Geylang Road. between Lorong 14 and Lorong 30. The US dollar is also acceptable but I believe the conversation rate is definitely not the market rate.

Is it worth paying more for a premium category fuck?

The $200 dollar girls are definitely prettier than the $100 category. They have better figures and are a sweeter disposition. They are also better at faking orgasms. Some of them could actually win an academy award for their acting skills designed to boost the ego of those customers who only have 3" dicks. The way some of them moan and groan with each thrust makes the customer think that he has been endowed with a 16" weapon.

The $100 dollar category are generally older and some are rather grumpy. A few have armpit hair which looks grotesque and is a definite turn off. However, if you are lucky, you might get a satisfying fuck in this category. If you really want to save money, then go to the other red light area at Keong Saik Street. (I will publish an FAQ on that area some time in the future)

A word of caution. Almost all the girls are heavy smokers and invariably have bad breath and stained teeth. If this turns you off, then I suggest you try to fulfil your sexual desires elsewhere. Perhaps that sweet young thing at the office is just longing for a good fuck from you. Or how about your neighbour's daughter who has just turned 16.

Where do the girls come from?

The majority are Malaysian Chinese who are come from various Malaysian towns and cities. Some are from Sarawak and Sabah. Don't ask them why they are working in their chosen profession. It irritates them like hell. If you ask them what they are going to do with the money they earn, the standard answer is that they will be going back home to start a hairdressing salon once they have earned enough. The Thai girls come from Thailand of course. If you want to know more about how the Thai girls are sourced, please return to the home page and check out the latest addition to my site "Beat the economic downturn. Be your own Boss"

Is it safe to fuck them?

Are you kidding!! of course it isn't!!

The girls are required to go for periodic AIDS and other STD checks. However, the window period (when AIDS infection cannot be detected) that has resulted in two Singaporeans catching AIDS from blood transfusions applies to these prostitutes too. You also have to realise that the popular girls fuck more than 7 or 8 customers a day. If you happen to dip your dick into a pussy that is still dripping with AIDS infected sperm, no sporadic health checks are going to save your life.

I have recently compiled a comprehensive summary of a whole host of Sexually Transmitted diseases.It is available right here. (opens in new window)

What if I use a condom?

Condoms are by no means foolproof. Even though your dickhead is covered with rubber, the cunt juice that is deposited around your genital area while you are balling her could contain all sorts of nasty viruses which could penetrate small breaks in the skin. Who knows, maybe her nails cut your balls while she was fondling them and giving you a blow job. There is such a thing as safer sex. However, in life, nothing is 100% safe. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

Even if you escape being infected by the AIDS virus (which if fragile and does not survive long in the air), you stand a very good chance of catching genital herpes if the pros happens to be having a herpes attack. Herpes is highly contagious and can be caught just by skin contact. A bit of saliva or cunt juice is all it takes. To top it all, in recent years, all sorts of nasty viral STDs which are incurable have sprung up. Examples are genital warts (HPV) which can lead to cancer of the dick and cervix, Hepatitis B and C and numerous others. Do a search on the net on for "Sexually Transmitted Diseases". The list is so long that it is frightening. It will make you contemplate entering priesthood.

I am willing to take my chances so where should I go and who should I fuck?

The best source of information is from my Sex Forum which contains real time information. Someone goes for a fuck.. the gal sends him to heaven... he gets back home and immediately starts banging away at his keyboard to tell the whole world what a fantastic fuck so-and-so was. Those armed with descriptive skills will go into great detail which will include a blow by blow description of want went on from the time he started undressing till he finally shot his almighty load in the prostitute's face!

* Please note that these recommendations go out of date very quickly as the girls are only allowed to operate for a month at a stretch before they have to return to their home town for a month. I will try my best to keep them up to date. The unit numbers given above were given to me by my sources. However, the way the system works, you don't have to go to that particular unit number in order to enjoy her services. Walk into any brothel and she will be brought to you. However, there are times when the brothel keeper will not be familiar with all the names and may ask you which "Lorong" she is from. The information supplied above will therefore help to track her down.

Keong Saik Street - the Poor Man's alternative to Geylang

Keong Saik Street is located in the Chinatown and the whole area used to contain row after row of run down pre war terrace houses. The area has been an "approved" red light district for as long as I can remember. It traditionally served the poorer segment of Singapore Society and this holds true till today. However, in recent years, the area has been redeveloped and quite a number of boutique type hotels and wine bars have sprouted up amongst the houses of sin. This makes for an intersesting mix of "cultures", especially on weekends when the Yuppies are getting stoned in the bars while the hard core sex addicts are getting their rocks off on the other side of a brick wall which separates the two establishments.

Prices are considerably lower at Keong Saik, referred to by most Singaporeans as K.S. to reinforce our love of acronyms. For the sake of those who want to get laid but don't want to pay Geylang prices, I have reproduced some information below that was posted in my Delphi forum .