Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dr Lee Siew Cho's wife is Michael Fam's sister

On Sunday, 28 December 2014 12:37:15 UTC+8, Harry  wrote:
> Dr Lee Siew Cho's wife is Michael Fam's sister.
> While Lee Kuan Yew was persecuting Dr Lee n BS, he was at the same time using the Michael Fam for lots of government works.
> I really wonder whether it is because Michael Fam is really that good or it suits Lee Kuan Yew personal political agenda of divide and rule. The same strategy was applied to the case of WP when JBJ was running it. Lee Kuan Yew allowed Low Thia Kiang to succeed by not throwing obstacles in LTK's way. Not only that he even lend a helping hand. He singled out LTK as an outstanding MP. Just to spike JBJ. Now this is coming back to bite the pap.