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Gary Ng a.k.a Gary Chen - the Edison Chen of Singapore Landed in Jail

Gary Ng, the man dubbed Singapore's Edison Chen was sentenced to 50 months' jail and fined S$20,000 (RM46,400) on Wednesday for a series of offences.

Gary, whose real name is Chen Guilin, 28, had admitted to having 507 obscene films, mostly of himself having sex with other women.

Some of the women were willing parties for the filming while others were not. He had hidden a video camera in a plastic bag with a slit to film his acts and uploaded some on the Internet.

The former property agent had also pleaded guilty to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card. He committed a total of 21 offences from 2006 to June last year involving property worth S$171,770 (RM398,506).

The prosecution had earlier urged the court to impose a heavy fine and at least four years' jail in view of the severe aggravating factors.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Paul Wong said Chen was a recalcitrant offender, and that all the offences were dishonest involving pre-planning and scheming.

Chen's lawyer, Savliwala Din had told the court in mitigation that his client made no excuse for his wrongdoing.

Chen turned to crime when he could not earn enough money from his commissions as a real estate agent, his lawyer added.
A photo of the real Gary Ng or rather, Chen Guilin.

A 28-year-old property agent (white cap) admitted on Tuesday that he had targeted the homes of some of his former clients and broke into them to steal.

Besides housebreaking, Chen Guilin - who was known among netizens as Gary Ng - also pleaded guilty to forgery and possession of obscene films.

Chen had gained notoriety by posting on the internet homemade videos of himself engaged in sex.

He originally faced 21 charges but 13 were taken into consideration.

The property agent was found to have 507 obscene films in his possession.

Nearly all of them were homemade, showing Chen having sex with different women.

The slim, bespectacled man had uploaded some of these clips onto the internet with the women's faces masked.

Chen admitted that he had dishonestly made off with more than S$170,000 worth of cash and valuables.

He had broken into the homes of some of his former clients by duplicating the keys to the units.

In one such incident, Chen broke into an apartment at Water Place Condominium at Tanjong Rhu sometime between August 13 and 30, 2009.

He made off with items including some RM2,000, two credit cards and a portable television worth around S$600.

Chen also admitted to forging the signatures of two women to withdraw cash totalling more than S$90,000 from their bank accounts.

One of his victims was a former client, while the other, a friend of an ex-girlfriend.

Chen asked passersby to encash the forged cheques on his behalf between September 4 and December 4, 2008, in exchange for rewards of S$500 each.

This is to avoid being caught should the bank officers realise that the signatures had been forged.

He will be sentenced on January 19.

For forgery, he could be jailed up to 10 years and fined for each charge.

For housebreaking, he could be jailed a maximum of 10 years.

And for possessing obscene films, Chen could be jailed up to six months.

Gary and Links.

Girlfriend turns him in after he cheats her

By Vivien Chan

HE was so proud of his sexual conquests that he posted the videos online, using the moniker Gary Ng. In a media interview, he said he chose the name because the letters stand for Girls Always Remember You.

Ng, whose real name is Chen Guilin, will now be remembered for the wrong reasons. The 28-year-old was caught with 507 obscene films in his computer, almost all of them of him having sex with different women.

It is not known how many women were involved. Some of them did not even know that they had been caught on video.

Chen, who has been dubbed Singapore's Edison Chen, had secretly filmed their encounters by concealing his video camera in a plastic bag with a slit.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing obscene films and seven other charges including housebreaking, forgery, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully possessing another person's identity card.

Thirteen similar charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced on Jan 19. Ironically, it was a woman- his own girlfriend - who did him in.

Ms Yang Baoling, 27, reported to the police last year that he had cheated her of money. The police's investigations uncovered his offences. Ms Yang had lent Chen thousands of dollars on many occasions.

When she did not have enough money, she took cash advances from her credit card for him. She also used her credit card to buy items, which Chen sold off.

When she became less willing to lend him money, he cheated her. On March 2 last year, Chen handed her a fake Franck Muller watch, claiming that it was genuine and worth $4,000.

Ms Yang lent him $3,500 after taking the watch as mortgage. Chen, a former property agent, also broke into two condominium apartments to steal after duplicating the owners' keys.

Once, he even took a woman to one of the apartments and had sex with her there. The apartment owner, Ms Yao Xiao Li, 31, went home to find her bedsheets stained and rubbish strewn all over the place.

Chen made away with valuables and cheque books from the two apartments. He later forged the owners' signatures on the cheques to dupe banks. During his four-year crime spree, Chen gained about $171,770 by stealing or cheating.

It was revealed in court that he has returned only $1,500 so far. The New Paper reported in March 2009 that Ng started posting his sex videos online in September 2008.

While he took care to mask out the faces of his partners and himself, he titled his videos based on the women's occupations.

They included "Gary Ng vs Beer Promo Auntie", "Gary Ng vs Friend's Niece" and "Gary Ng vs Chua Chu Kang girl".

He even claimed to have had sex with a mother and her daughter on two different occasions. His other conquests ranged from waitresses and housewives to tertiary students and bank executives, he said.

Most of the videos began with him clad in office wear before he undressed.


Chen also gave media interviews where he bragged about his sexual conquests. Netizens gave him the nickname "Singapore's Edison Chen" - a reference to the Hong Kong actor whose sex pictures with various stars were stolen from his computer and widely circulated.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Paul Wong said that of the 507 obscene films found in Chen's possession, fewer than 20 were not of Chen.

"The accused, being proud of his sexual escapades, uploaded some of his videos on the Internet," said DPP Wong.

It was earlier reported that 33 of his videos were posted online. In court on Tuesday, Chen was accompanied by five friends. He looked solemn as he stood in the dock, clad in a short-sleeved grey vest over a white shirt and jeans.

His lawyer said in his mitigation on Tuesday that Chen, who left school when he was about 16, was "relatively young, immature and unable to fully realise that one should live within his means" and not succumb to crime to maintain a lifestyle.

Chen turned to crime when he could not earn enough from his commissions as a property agent, he said.

Urging the court to impose a sentence that is "not crushing" and one that "fits his record and prospects", his lawyer said that Chen, a first-time offender, had "cooperated fully" in investigations and was "forthright in admitting his guilt".

However, DPP Wong told the court that Chen did not cooperate with police.

"(Chen) only admitted to his wrongdoing when he was confronted by all the evidence gathered from investigations," he said.

DPP Wong added that Chen should not be treated as a first-time offender "in light of his many offences and persistence towards crime over a substantial course of four years".

Arguing that "no leniency" should be granted to Chen and pressing for a jail term of "four years or more", DPP Wong told the court how Chen lived off his crime spree and cheated his victims to pay off his own debts and loans, despite their trust in him.

For possessing the obscene films, Chen faces up to six months' jail and a $20,000 fine.

For each charge of forgery, housebreaking and unlawfully possessing someone else's identity card, Chen faces up to 10 years' jail and a fine.

For criminal breach of trust, he faces up to seven years' jail and a fine.
Edison Chen of Singapore is Gary Chen
By Vivien Chan and Kwan Hui Xian

AMONG netizens who have seen his home-made sex videos, he was known as "Gary Ng".

But his former colleagues knew Chen Guilin, 28, as Gary Chen.

And yesterday, after The New Paper published a picture of him, his co-workers finally realised that they were the same man.

One of them, who wanted to be known only as Steve, said he could not believe it.

He said: "I found out only when I saw the papers in the morning. The picture is the same one that's on his name card.

"Colleagues have told me that they heard 'Gary Ng' is from my company. But I had no idea that it was the Gary I knew."

On Tuesday, Chen pleaded guilty to eight charges which included possession of obscene films, forgery and housebreaking.

Steve said Chen was a close friend whom he got to know in December 2009 when they worked on a project together at Huttons Real Estate Group.

Chen was with Huttons for just a few months before he quit last year.

Steve recalled that Chen used to get "a lot of phone calls from girls".

His first impression of Chen was that he was an "Ah Beng" but he later found that the man was friendly and good with words.

He said that he was supposed to work with Chen on another project in the middle of last year, but Chen became uncontactable.

"I went back to the office but he wasn't around and when I asked my colleagues if they knew where he was, no one knew," he said.

That was around the time Chen was arrested.

One of Chen's former supervisors at Huttons told The New Paper that he was shocked to learn of Chen's "double life".

The supervisor, who declined to be named, said Chen had submitted his resignation through an e-mail.

"He didn't seem to be very interested in working in property. Other agents told me that he was always going to discos and pubs," he said.

However, Chen appeared to be humble and soft-spoken.

The supervisor said: "He seemed the sort to keep a low profile. He's the kind who would talk to you only if you talk to him first."

As a Huttons agent, Chen had placed online advertisements to sell and rent out several Tanjong Rhu condo apartments. Some dated back to last February.

In some advertisements, he included his photograph and mobile number and called himself Gary Chen. On one website, Chen posted images of three awards he won in his career.

One was from Huttons, when he was the eighth Top Project Producer in June 2009.

Chen's former supervisor said: "That was the only month he did well. The rest of the months, he didn't close many deals."

Explaining that the award is based on how much the agent earned, he estimated that Chen probably raked in between $20,000 and $30,000 that month.

He said that agents do not have a basic salary and earn money from commissions.

"In the bad months, when (Chen) didn't do well, he could have earned as little as zero," he added.

The other two awards Chen won were from Far East Organization, where he worked as a salesman from June 2006 to December 2008.

In Far East, he was known as Chen Guilin, Gary, and this was reflected in his awards.

Chen then moved to ERA, where he started as a part-time agent in October 2007. There, he was known as Gary Chen Guilin.


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