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Complete media blackout on MM Lee’s remarks against Singaporeans

Complete media blackout on MM Lee’s remarks in National Geographic magazine

The Singapore media has imposed a total media blackout on MM Lee’s remarks made in the National Geographic magazine on 20 December 2009.

Speaking to journalist Mark Jacobson on how he had governed Singapore, MM Lee said he is aware that “many Singaporeans are unhappy with the influx of immigrants, especially those educated newcomers prepared to fight for higher paying jobs.”

“Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants.” Lee was quoted saying.

Lee describes the country’s new subjects as “hungry,” with parents who “pushed the children very hard.”

“If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem,” he quipped.

After the Temasek Review has published a report on MM Lee’s interview on 24 December, a massive outcry broke out in cyberspace with many netizens expressing their disgust and outrage at his views.

Over 60 comments were posted on Temasek Review in one day alone, condemning MM Lee for his remarks. The issue was such a hot topic of discussion that it was even featured on “Top News”, an online aggregator.

Despite intense public interest in the story, it did not warrant even a brief mention in any of the Singapore papers, including the Chinese tabloids.

The Singapore media has always published any news about MM Lee faithfully, including his frequent overseas trips and numerous speeches made in Singapore and elsewhere.

For example, MM Lee’s recent visit to India was given extensive publicity by the Singapore media when it was hardly covered by the Indian press.

As the “foreign talent” issue is a burning hot topic of late among Singaporeans, the media has a duty to report MM Lee’s views on the matter to the rest of Singapore.

After all, though by his own admission, he is “not doing much work except forecasting”, he still appears in the news on a regular basis, more so than his son the Prime Minister.

Did the Singapore media miss the story or was it “under instructions” from some other authority not to publish MM Lee’s remarks?

In any other democracies like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong, such callous remarks made by a prominent politician would be splashed on the front pages of most papers almost immediately.

The former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso often made the headlines for his infamous gaffes which helped swayed public opinion against him leading to his crushing defeat during the August general election this year.

In Singapore, the media is completely controlled by the ruling party via the Singapore Press Holdings, led by a former minister Dr Tony Tan.

News portraying government leaders in a bad light are censored while scandals involving opposition politicians are played up and given prominent coverage, e.g. the recent extradiction to U.S. of a Reform Party member on charges of arms-trafficking.

Without a free and independent press, it is little wonder that more than 90 per cent of Singaporeans inteviewed has faith in their leaders and public institutions, according to a report released by the United Nations Development Programme in September this year.

In the age of the internet, it remains to be seen how long more the Singapore media can afford to keep a lid on sensitive news as such without alienating their readers who are flocking to alternative news sites like Temasek Review.

Lao Lee is getting very complacent that Pappy will be voted into power every five years for the simple fact that there isn't a credible opposition party. We leave the major decisions to the party we elected so that we can lead a simple life. In exchange those in power can earn million dollars salary. How different is our govt from the Big Banks in US ? Giving big bonus to the bankers while the man on the street are begging and facing deliquency ? Haiz, sad state we are in.

garyngng wrote:
MM Lee is biting his own fingers that feed him.

Singaporeans had always been an obedient lot. What we are today, is a response to what our leaders mould us into, and what they want us to be.

If we fail is because they failed us, not the other way.

We had low birthrate - who is the one who implement the 2 is enough policy?

We are lazy? Most of the baby-boomers are already at age above 50, and still need to do physical work, unlike MM Lee who just work with his mouth.

He can have my middle finger, if he runs out of finger to bite.


DivineMaster wrote:
The main issue with MM lee's comment is he can state factually we are lazy. But how can he wash his hands and said "this is their business". He is MM Lee, the father of PM Lee, isn't our problem his also ?

garyngng wrote:
You should realise by now that all govt policies are geared to push all responsibility back to the people, esp. when come to money.

When we complain about no welfare scheme, he took our CPF money away to pay for compulsory CPFlife scheme - govt need to do nothing and no money spent.

They also want us to take care of our old, the young, the sick (charity drives) and use our CPF money to pay for the old's medical expenses.

Unlike other countries our public transport and public utilities are not subsidised, infact, we make money for them.

Bro garyngng, u made some real valid points.

Now they are increasing population (PRs included) so as to collect more tax, without consideration on complete income/job losses and escalating living cost due to over influx.

theWHAT wrote:
i want to say this.

we built this nation with our fathers and grandfathers. for decades, we laid the foundations, survived the brutality, the hardship, the toil and pain.

We paid the taxes that built the roads, the buildings, the world class education system, housing, airport, water, business systems. We even paid the leaders with our hard earned cash selling our souls and backsides to MNCs.

Everything we are enjoying today is because of what we and our forefather sacrificed in blood, sweat and tears - remember SINGAPORE has nothing, no natural resources, just SHEER LABOUR - and we're still doing it so our next generation can lead an even better life.

now all those decades of hard work is going to be given to complete strangers who contributed absolutely nothing, most over here to make a quick buck and leave the moment their motherland calls,

Simply because they're "hungrier".


Very good rhetoric!

But all things said, MM should have retired after stepping down as Minister. No point hanging around as SM or MM.

He has outlived his usefulness when he become SM.

And he has overstayed his Welcome when he become MM.

When he start giving us problems, and not solutions, it is time to go,
otherwise he become a problem for everyone including the PAP.

Miss Asia Pageant 2009 - Leaked Nude Videos

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Subject: Miss Asia Pageant 2009 - Leaked Nude Videos

Miss Asia Pageant 2009 Leaked Video of 羅曼綺

Bathing in all her glory and God-given assets, Luo Man Yi 羅曼綺 also
known as Roman Yee, somehow got herself videotaped bathing all alone.

This beauty from Guangxi who won the Most Popular Award in the
recently concluded Miss Asia Pageant 2009 could have won the contests
if the judges have seen what was revealed in these videos - a perfect
body and gorgeous boobs.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

LKY said PAP mps are dummies

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Subject: Re: LKY said " PAP mps are dummies."
On Dec 29, 10:35 pm, "truth" wrote:

> This is what LKY said:

> "To be the prime minister, you don't have to know every instrument, but you
> got to recognise, ah, he's a good violinist, he'll be the first violinist,
> he'll be the double bass. He will play the viola, he will have the trumpet,
> he will do the drums. Then you coordinate them and then you have great
> music. And if you already have a great orchestra, you can put a dummy there
> and you still got great music."

I think he is refering to himself.
What is he doing nowadays?
Nothing, just talking here and talking there.
But his salary continues unabated....

Police failed to arrest foreigner who killed Singaporean

From: Teshan
Subject: Re: Police failed to arrest foreigner who killed Singaporean

On Dec 30, 10:28 pm, "truth" wrote:

> truth comment: this is absolutely disgusting. this foreign diplomatic killed
> a singaporean and injured two others when he ploughed his car into them.
> yet the police did not detain him. he was allowed to leave singapore.
> singaporeans have to wake up to the reality that the evil papist leegime
> are selling away the interests and rights of singaporeans.

Let the men-in-blue do their job. we have the world's most capable
team Singapoore/

Monday, December 28, 2009

Singapore state media engage in porno to promote viewerships

On Dec 28, 10:41 am, bear wrote:

> On Dec 28, 10:14 am, "truth" wrote:

> SPH has so many journalists who have yet to produce babies for the
> country or soldiers for Mindef. Gary comes in handy to shag them.

In a desperate bid to boost its flagging readership and to distract
Singaporeans from important national issues, the state media has
resorted to giving extensive publicity to an online sex predator using
the moniker “Gary Ng” to attract readers to its site.

Gary Ng shot to infamy earlier this year by posting his sexual
encounters with women online. His partners came from various
backgrounds from professionals, students to beer-ladies.

He even claimed to have had sex with a mother and her daughter on two
different occasions including his own niece.

In an interview with SPH’s RazorTV, Mr Ng (not his real name) said he
did so as a form of “revenge” against women who betrayed him in past

“I had a few serious relationships which I’ve spent about 10 years
on….One of the hardest blows came from this sex video that I happened
to see through her ex-boyfriend which happened overseas. He sent me a
link to a video in which my girlfriend was having sexual intercourse
with another guy.”

Mr Ng admitted he was devastated by his past relationships which
caused him to seek “solace” in endless partying and clubbing.

In less than a year, he claimed he had 50 sex partners – including
polytechnic students, undergraduates and high-flying executives.

The women, he said, were attracted to him because he ‘grooms himself
well’ and drives a ‘nice car’ – a Nissan GTR.

He started filming his sex trysts – taken mostly at home or at hotels
– for his own viewing pleasure, and later decided to post them online
due to “overwhelming” response from netizens.

Besides the interview with Gary Ng whose face was masked, the RazorTV
clip also contains explict photos of women clad in revealing clothes,
some with nothing more than a bra covering the top.

It is unsure if the state media is trying to promote promiscuity or to
encourage Singaporeans to procreate with this latest gimmick.

If RazorTV is so desperate for news, it can try to interview YPAP
member Sear Hock Rong on his spat with 3in1kopitiam forumers, MM Lee
on his infamous remarks about Singaporeans being “less hard-driving
and hard-striving” than PRC immigrants or Mark Chow on his grassroots
work with Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC which will surely be a hit among

Unfortunately, the state media is more interested to divert public
attention from national issues with such cheap thrills than to keep
Singaporeans updated on the latest socio-political development in
their country.

Gary Ng Scandalous Videos

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore likely to see shortfall of babies again

seamaster wrote:
Short fall of babies is good for Singapore cos population will eventually decline to an ideal 2millions.
Garment knows Ft will eventually balek kampong and thus need to them dry before they return.
Smaller population means HDB/food/water/electricity will become cheap again. Very Happy

wiley wrote:
when that happen you probably living 6 feet below ground already.

wiley wrote:
gov should pass a law saying each married woman must have a baby unless advice otherwise on medical ground. Gov should also commit to pay for all baby expenses from conception until the baby is born and 3yrs old.

50,000 babies can easily be achieve. Laughing Laughing

You, like the Pap govt, missed the point completely here.

If a person cannot see a future for himself going forward, and cannot see future for the child to be born here, the person will not want to give birth, whatever the incentive or pressure may be.

After all, it is the person who will have to take care of this new born for 20-30 years, not the govt.

The govt expect us to be intelligent when doing our job and earning a living, but expect us to be a blind i.d.i.o.t whenever they want us to follow their policies.

Let me quote what PM Goh once said which all PAP ministers should remember, "You can't have the cake, and also eat it".

Gary Ng - the Edison Chen of Singapore agreed to be interviewed

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 01:08:04 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sat, Dec 26 2009 5:08 pm
Subject: Gary Ng - the Edison Chen of Singapore agreed to be interviewed

At last the guy did show up. He needs to outshine Santa Claus.

Friday, December 25, 2009

LKY run down Singaporeans again.

Subject: LKY run down Singaporeans again.

truth comment: this senile old man is talking bad about
singaporeans again. now he even said as far as the pap government
is concern, the plight of singaporeans is not their problem. how
can singaporeans support such an obnoxious government ?

New reason for FTs : S'poreans have become less hard-driving and

"Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving.
This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese
- MM Lee, National Geographic, The Singapore Solution, Jan 2010
Gee, we were told they were here to create jobs for Singaporeans and
we should be thankful. Then we were told they were here because of the low
fertility rate. Long time ago we were told they were needed for skills that
didn't exist in Singapore. We were also told they are here for jobs
Singaporeans did not want.
Now we are told they are here because Singaporeans are now too lazy for
Singapore Inc. Yes, years of good life and pampering by the PAP govt has
turned us into softies unable to compete in this globalised economy. Strange
isn't it? If these hardworking and hard striving Chinese immigrants are so
productive why has our productivity fallen as their numbers rise?
To the elitist PAP govt, the ordinary Singaporean is never good enough. The
70 yr old who has to clean tables at the Bedok Hawker Center for a living
does not strive hard enough. The mother with 2 disabled kids did not strive
hard enough to look for a job to support her family. The Singapore workforce
ranked no. 1 for over a decade was not hard driving enough for the PAP. Only
people who does any real work in Singapore is the PAP govt that is why their
ministers deserve to make in one day what some of the workers earn in a
" If native Singaporeans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck
into the hide," that is their problem" - MM Lee
This explains why the blame is always put on Singaporeans for almost every
problem faced by our society. You find it hard to afford a HDB flat - that
is because you didn't strive hard enough. You struggle to raise your family,
pay the ever-increasing bills for electricity & transport and find it hard
to cope with the unstable job market - you didn't strive hard enough.
You recall what Wee Shu Min once said:
"i should think not. dear derek is one of many wretched, undermotivated,
overassuming leeches in our country, and in this world. one of those who
would prefer to be unemployed and wax lyrical about how his myriad talents
are being abandoned for the foreigner's, instead of earning a decent, stable
living as a sales assistant. it's not even about being a road sweeper. these
shitbags don't want anything without "manager" and a name card.
please, get out of my elite uncaring face."
....and her father is president of the defense business section ST
Engineering which is fed mainly by our defense budget i.e. taxpayer's money.
The PAP elites likes to talk about the ordinary Singaporeans not working
hard enough and not being able to compete. However, the PAP itself shuns
competition preferring to tweak the laws to retain their monopolistic
powers. The PAP men like to work in state own monopolies for ridiculously
high salaries and from their ivory towers command the ordinary Singaporean
to be cheaper, better and faster. We take the overcrowded buses and MRT so
that their transport companies can make money, we live in small overpriced
public housing (the most expensive in the world), we pay the 2nd highest
electricity tariffs in the world and we pay the highest salaries in the
world for those PAP ministers...if there is one reason Singapore is not
competitive it is because there are leeches sucking the blood of ordinary

Lady Gaga goes N u d e again


Subject: Re: Lady Gaga goes Nude again!

does Gaga have her pregnant photo ?

n Dec 21, 2:26 am, Tanki <5191 ...=""""> wrote:

> She just gets tired of wearing clothes after a while...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lee Kwan Yew: India not in the same league as China

From: RichAsianKid


1. As if this is news (but hey what do you expect from some Indian

2. LKY was actually pretty diplomatic (contrary to article's
interpretation) at first glance:

(a) China >> India is fact, and hysterically denied by dreary-eyed
Indians precisely because even their own know it's true

(b) "Culture" is merely euphemism for biology and genes as it offers a
last ray of hope of mutability. But you can't say THAT as a statesman
can you? What's the point of politics if things can't change? And what
happens when those poor little low IQ peoples wake up tasting futility
and recognize they got nothing to Singapore?

I can also see why LKY can also be seen as not diplomatic enough.

Read between the lines and what he's hinting at what he's really saying
is how Indians are not only stupid but also lazy and don't
follow-through. Maybe they just don't have the mental stamina or whatever.

And "culture" is merely an excuse, and political device.

For Singapore's father, India not in the same league as China
Sreejiraj Eluvangal / DNA
Thursday, December 17, 2009 3:22 IST

New Delhi: The 81-year-old Lee Kuan Yew is not known to be diplomatic.
Singapore's Gandhi and Nehru rolled together, Yew has been credited with
transforming the island nation from a vulnerable, resource-constrained
colonial outpost to one of the most advanced nations on the planet in
just around three decades.

For Yew, who shared his insights with an attentive and admiring audience
at an Indo-Singaporean event in the Capital on Wednesday, India is not
quite in the same league as China. He believes China has a considerable
headstart in the development game that is hard for India to overtake or
even match.

"Both can grow... But India's GDP is half that of China's. It's growth
does not exceed that of China's," he said, pointing out various
opinion-makers believe that the two Asian neighbours should not be
clubbed together at all any longer.

He pointed out that China is years ahead of India in terms of
infrastructure. "China has
50,000 km of eight-laned highways, 20,000 km of high-speed trains," he
pointed out, adding that India's lack of connectivity between its cities
and villages is severely hindering the country's development. "Better
transportation can easily add another 2-3% to India's GDP growth," he said.

Having served at the head of Singapore government from 1959 to 1990, Yew
is credited with not only bringing economic development, but also
reducing corruption and forging a truly Singaporean identity.

When asked why he thought South Asia lagged behind East Asia in living
standards and economic development, he pointed to the Confucian culture.
Confucius, a ancient Chinese scholar and philosopher who lived before
the Buddha is known for the hard-nosed practicality of his teachings.
Yew pointed out that Confucian ethos placed as much emphasis on hardwork
as on intelligence and ability.

"There is a great emphasis on drive. You don't get ahead based on brains
alone. You need all three of discipline, persistence and ability...
There is a tremendous faith [in Confucian societies] that through
education and hardwork, you will do better in life... Even the poorest
Chinese make sure their children are educated," he pointed out.

Yew, who is known for his candid and often unflattering appraisal of
Western culture and values, also fielded some questions about the "end"
of the dollar as the world's reserve currency and its status as the
World policeman. He, however, disappointed the enquirer with a quip:
"Imagine the world without a policeman!" Yew, currently serving as
Singapore's 'Minister Mentor' also felt all the hooplah about the demise
of the dollar was misplaced. "What will you replace it with?" he asked,
predicting that it will continue to be the currency of global trade for
"a long time" to come.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DBS Temasek's boy

From: Frankie Lee
Subject: DBS Temasek's boy

DBS bank/POSB is just like our National Bank.Although I dislike the
way they handle AWARE saga,but I couldn't help but notice Malaysians
as a whole really like them,and feature them in their Paper almost
daily on their stock markets,as though it is a sure win bet.

Our National assets are obviously tied into this Bank.I noticed quite
a number of folks here don't like them.

It is true with the backing of huge reserves and Temasek,and our
untold many billions backing,DBS is making mammoth by the tons in the
world's stage.

When the Lehman's saga begun,I notice their kindness in really
compensating those ignorant old folks,and for that loss they really
pay a price.No doubt it is pittance payout,but the after-bitter taste
still lingers among us.

I think it is good sense,and correct moral attitude to be a good
Singaporean by not continued bad mouthing what is our National pride.

I couldn't help but think that the Sand Casino here is belonging to
our Government,which almost owned all.If one thousand billionaire from
China,1000 from India,100 from neighboring countries,each contribute
to the coffers in our Gambling Dens,just by mere 20 millions USD each
in one year,that sum is humongous,and it is not without logics or
merits,as big Casinos in London and Macau raked in that huge sums

42 usd billions annually net profit?In five years,our National
Reserves should exceed I trillions USD.

And the above is only a conservative estimate.

Singapore is really making making unrighteous mammoth,by the gigantic

No wonder,real actual transacted prices of real estate here are now
hoovering at 1000 psf here.

Alas,what does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his
own soul?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Strong leadership = dictatorship + oppression + suppression

From: "truth"

Subject: Strong leadership = dictatorship, oppression and suppression

Yes, this is what Singaporeans get for voting in an extremely
strong leadership for 50 years. We has LKY as the dictator
who will do what he thinks is right irregardless of the law, the
interests of Singaporeans and Singapore. Singaporeans human
rights and freedom are suppressed and the oppositions oppressed
and persecuted.
That is the risk of having too strong a government.
They are so strong that they don't need your support anymore
as they can declare emergency and take over the country forceably
if need be.

Ministers' sons become SAF Officers

From: "Alexx"

Subject: Re: Ministers' sons become SAF Officers

"The Cynic" wrote in message

> Congratulations. The sons of Ministers Teo Chee Hean, Vivian
> Balakrishnan, Ng Eng Hen and Lim Swee Say have all become SAF
> officers.
> Is there any other Minister whose son is not an SAF officer or a
> scholar?

Perpetuating the papist rule.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Political criticism not a crime here

Starosl wrote:
ST Forum
Dec 19, 2009
Political criticism not a crime here

THE Insight article, 'Not for sale' (Dec 11), included an excerpt from British author John Kampfner's book, Freedom For Sale. Mr Kampfner asserts, in the context of Singapore, that 'any politician or journalist who says anything controversial about those in power is open to arrest and the subsequent charge of defamation. If they run out of money, they are declared bankrupt and may be sent to jail'.

This is quite inaccurate. Engaging in robust criticism per se is not and has never been a crime or libellous in Singapore.

Mr Kampfner has made a fundamental factual error which probably coloured his views. There can be, and there is, vigorous debate on public policies. But if allegations of personal misconduct are made, then those who make such allegations have to prove the truth of their statements. Those against whom such allegations are made will sue and take the stand to be cross- examined publicly, if they believe they have been wrongfully defamed. That way, the truth can be established publicly.

Singapore has a hard-earned reputation for clean government. It holds itself to the highest standards of probity and integrity. The latest World Economic Competitiveness Report rated Singapore first out of 131 countries for 'public trust of politicians' and 'transparency of government policymaking'.

Chong Wan Yieng (Ms)
Press Secretary to Minister for Law

DBS to be run by Indian Foreign Talent

Subject: DBS to be run by Indian Foreign Talent

DBS chief's mantra: Do everything

THE newly installed DBS Group Holdings' chief executive, Mr Piyush
Gupta, was in a reflective mood during one of his first public
appearances as head of South-east Asia's largest bank yesterday.

As he ruminated on his widely varied banking career, he hinted that
DBS staff might expect to be assigned a wider range of roles under his

Speaking to a group of students, he warned of the limitations of
aspiring bankers aiming only for glamorous front office jobs.

To illustrate, he spoke of his professional journey and offered
personal insights into banking as a career.

'As a general rule, when I hire, I want people to have the capacity to
do a lot of different things,' he told tertiary students in a packed
auditorium at Singapore Management University. 'I hire people for (a
long-term) career, not for jobs.'

Mr Gupta, 49, a veteran Citibanker appointed as DBS CEO last month,
said young people wanting to work at banks often confine themselves to
the more glamorous front office roles such as investment banking and
corporate finance.

They eschew back office operations, such as accounting and payroll,
thinking these roles may be less interesting.

However, this is the wrong mentality, stressed the Indian-born banker,
a permanent resident here who has applied for Singapore citizenship.

He said that when he first graduated with a Master of Business
Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad, he was given a back office role within Citi and wound up in
technology and operations for four years.

Rather than despair, he found plenty of opportunities to learn in
those roles.

'Working in operations and technology, you learn how things actually
work. To me, the experience was invaluable.'

He also recalled that he had worked at a small Citi branch at Kolkata
during the early stages of his career and had to juggle all sorts of
roles - from sitting at the teller counter to calling corporate

'It doesn't sound sexy, but the ability to allow you to connect the
dots is invaluable,' he said.

Mr Gupta, who has dabbled in a wide range of roles, from transaction
banking to corporate and consumer banking, praised firms where
employees are given the chance to move around within their

'I've had 21 different roles in 28 years,' said Mr Gupta, who spent 27
years at Citi before leaving for DBS.

'In my previous company, you could move anywhere you want. So in my
current company, I hope that is something I can institute.'

He was part of a panel comprising high-powered financial executives
including ANZ Singapore's chief executive Bill Foo and OCBC Bank's
head of global treasury Lam Kun Kin.

Lion Global Investors chief executive Daniel Chan, a panel member,
said a humble attitude is very important for those entering the fund
management business.

'If somebody comes and says, 'I've got this degree or training and
know it all', that is a dangerous starting point.'

When hiring analysts and fund managers, Mr Chan looks for candidates
with a healthy dose of scepticism and a questioning mind, clear
thinking, an ability to work with numbers - and the art of good

'A lot of people don't communicate well or express their ideas
clearly. A lot don't write well either.'

Woman Molested during Job Interview

Subject: Re: Woman Molested during Job Interview

On Dec 17, 5:17 pm, Tanki <5191 ...=""""> wrote:

> SHE was being interviewed for the post of administration and marketing
> executive when her interviewer pulled her close and kissed her on the
> lips.

> Lim Peng Heng, 36, who told her that he was the boss of the
> advertising company called Imadgination Singapore, also bragged about
> the size of his pen-is and his sexual experiences.

> On Wednesday, the 36-year-old pleaded guilty in a district court to
> outraging the modesty of the 25-year-old woman.

> His lawyer Edmond Pereira will present arguments on Friday and press
> for a light sentence.

> Lim can be jailed for up to three years, fined and caned.

By his age and job, he was obviously a flamoyant "playboy". He
probably was thinking that he was "good-looking' and 'young" and that
by his "glamourous" job as boss of his own advertising company, the
girls would fall for him, and his "penis and money".

He probably also think that he this was the "opportunity of time"
during this difficult times in worries of finding and keeping of jobs
by job applicants or employees.

And that perhaps he feels he could exude his "prowess" to go forward
to suprise the applicant with a kiss on her the lip.

Perhaps this "lip serivce" was what he wanted to see and observe - on
how this girl was reacting to the sudden ''lip service" reaction. - as
though it was being carried and perfomed in a advertising script.

The "belly of fire" in him drove him with all the power "beneath" him
to "decide to hire and fire" potential employees who then have to
subdue themselves to his whim and fancies in order to get that
potential job.

He probably think that the advertising is all about having fun and
creativity with the realty of his penis of experiences.

And that all the girls in his office will give in to him - subjecting
his crude abuses and subjecting themselves to his boss-like of

Since he is a boss, the past precedent of judgement of similar or even
on other cases, they are often given a chance of a fine only. Very
seldom they get sentencing that includes jail or jail plus caned.

Bosses in Singapore often are treated with "special leniency" be it
for tax evasion, cheating on tax submissions, punching of people,
charity pay self-enrichments, "stealing" of money from listed compnay
money faking of qualifications, molesting...and etc etc,


From: "Alexx"
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 22:27:44 +0800
Local: Sat, Dec 19 2009 10:27 pm

"Jam" wrote in message

>I was an aircraft technician in RSAF for 14 years. When I ROD I hope to
>find alternative employment in other aircraft industries. Instead I found
>all the jobs taken by half baked Indians and Filipinos. In the end they
>gave me a lousy job as a Security Guard!

> The PAP need to be FUCKED!

Wait long-long and you surely will get a better job. Meanwhile stay where
you are as a Security Guard.

Unqualified judge Chng Lye Beng

From: "truth"

Subject: Unqualified judge Chng Lye Beng liclk papist leegime arses.

District Judge Ch'ng Lye Beng found Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Dr Chee Soon
Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin guilty of distributing pamphlets criticising the
PAP Government without a permit and fined the three SDP leaders the maximum
amount of $1,000 each with one week's jail in default.

The Judge agreed with the Prosecution that distributing flyers in a
group of 5 or more persons criticising the PAP Government's policies is an
offence. He gave the decision in court yesterday morning, adding that most
of the evidence submitted was irrelevant.

The group had distributed flyers at the Raffles City Shopping Centre
on 10 Sep 06 questioning the ministers' salaries as well as the denial of
political rights to Singaporeans (see here).

Judge Ch'ng did not give reasons for his verdict. The Defendants will
appeal the conviction whereupon the Judge will then have to give his grounds
of decision. The sentence will be held in abeyance pending the appeal.

The SDP leaders argued that to make illegal criticism of the
Government is itself unlawful under the Constitution and a breach of the
principles of the rule of law.

In particular they emphasized that the Miscellaneous Offences Act
under which they have ben charged has been abused by the police to target
and criminalise legitimate political activity conducted by the opposition.

After the sentence was passed Ms Chee rose to tell the Judge:

"I continue to say that what we did was not a crime. Criticising one's
government is a right guaranteed in a democratic society. By finding us
guilty you are as good as saying that we do not have this right. By
pronouncing us guilty you are also saying that Singapore is not a democratic
society and that this government is an undemocratic one. That is all."

Marina Bay Sands casino may open in April or June next year

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
SINGAPORE : The heat is on for the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort
to open with a bang next year.

But with delays and escalating construction costs earlier this year,
people have been left guessing when the doors will open.

Sources have told MediaCorp the earliest the resort will start
operations is in April. But some industry observers said June is a
more realistic date.

They said the resort is determined to open at least the casino and
about a third of the rooms first - because these are considered the
"high-revenue areas".

The 2,600-room resort was slated to open at the end of this year. But
in July, it announced a delay to the first quarter of 2010, citing
shortage of raw materials and manpower.

Some new staff have also been given letters to start work at a later

For more details, please read the weekend edition of the TODAY
newspaper. - TODAY/CNA/ms

HDB pigeon holes ....Foreigners driving the price up

From: baldeagle
On Dec 19, 2:00 am, Zanzibar wrote:

> On Dec 16, 11:45 am, "truth" wrote:

> > The 3,4,5 rooms pigeon holes of today are so much more
> > expensive. In addition, they are so much smaller compared
> > to older pigeon holes.
> > Singaporeans are beging ripped off in two direction
> > 1. price
> > 2. floor area.

> In the next few years it will cost even more. This is becasue more and
> more foreigners who got their Marlene Dietrichrs are buying up resale
> HDBs.

> Many of them will bring in their "illegal" money which they earned
> "disportionately" into singapore. Many will qualfied their purchase by
> meeting the minimun income rating.

> But they will bring in their cash to pay up the flat in full, as many
> of them do not qualify for bank loan, given that they don't have
> income tax to prove for a loan of it.

> The majority of these people will be from China ad India. Ha ha ha, as
> a mtter of time, Singaporeans will be "evicted" by them, sooner than
> later, when they sell their flat to them and then downgrading to a
> "cheaper" flat. The "cheaper flat" will have also proportionately
> risen as well to the market pricing of the flat.

> Eventually, Singapore wil "shoot" its foot because of this
> policy...

There are now almost a million foreigners living in Singapore.
When foreigners become citizens and PRs, they can buy or
rent HDB flats. It means...there is a demand for at least 250,000
HDB resale flats (assuming a family of fours stay in one flat),
over the next 5 to10 years.
It means...every year there is a added demand of at least
25,000 flats.

Is the government building 25,000 HDB flats a year ?
When supply cannot meet demand, prices will rise.

For Singaporean who upgrade to is good they can sell their HDB at a much higher price.

For young Singaporeans couples (who plan to get married)
and other first time buyers, they will have to pay much
higher prices for their flats...and have to wait much longer.
My neighbour's kid has waited for 4 years...and is still
waiting to buy a flat near Bedok or Tampinese.

Foreigners are driving HDB prices up, take over good
jobs from Singaporeans...

Yes, PM Lee and MM are saying that foreigners are good
for Singapore ! They think that Singaporeans are fools...
They are not honest.

Teo Ser Luck is unfit to be mp

From: "truth"

Subject: Teo Ser Luck is unfit to be mp

Teo Ser Luck is unfit to be an mp let alone holding office.
First he thinks he is a superman. While on antibiotic he
went for a marathorn. Second he lacks moral character.
He is unfair and do crazy things.
This is the type of asshole characters who are dominating
the pap. Singapore is DOOM with these people leading
He is all show with little substance.

Corruptions at pap grassroots

From: "truth"

It is a wellknow fact that many people support
the pap grassroot organisations in order to advance
their business or career. If u r a public servants,
u will earn brownie points by serving on the pap
grassroot organisations. If u r a businessman, u
can get plenty of business by serving on pap
grassroot organisation like the resident committee.
Very often the contracts were just given directly
to those who serve on these committee. I know
of some contractors who make plenty of money
doing this. This is corruption. Why is the papist
leegime condoning such corruption ? Simple
they are abusing Singaporeans money to futher
the interests of the pap. If there is not benefits
to serving on the pap grassroot organisation, then
few will willingly step forward to serve the evil
leegime. Serving the evil leegime is a risky thing.
First, u get plenty of curse from the citizens.
Second, u may be injured by some citizens who
are very very mad with the evil leegime.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singapore is for Singaporeans?

From: "truth"
Subject: Singapore is for Singaporeans
Judging from press reports, letters to the Straits Times Forum, bantering in
internet chatrooms as well as conversations between Singaporeans in the HDB
heartland, immigration will emerge as the single most important issue in the
next general election due by 2011 which may trigger a mini political tsunami
in Singapore.

Though it is highly unlikely that the ruling PAP will be booted out of
office or loses its traditional two-thirds majority, even the loss of one
GRC or one SMC more than the two opposition-controlled wards will send a
strong signal to the entire nation that the tide has turned against the
incumbent and it is only a matter of time before Singapore follows the
footsteps of other developed Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and
Taiwan and make the transition from an archaic political system dominated by
one party to a multi-party democracy.

An increasing number of Singaporeans are becoming fed up and disillusioned
with the PAP's liberal immigration policies which has seen our beloved
little island being flooded with hordes of foreigners in the last few years.

While the lower income group is naturally disgruntled at the loss of job
opportunities and depression of wages by these foreigners, the middle class
is also becoming flustered and anxious about the future of their children.

With more young Singaporeans with no political affiliations joining the
electorate for the first time and the new media providing a counter-balance
to the propaganda and spins of the mainstream media, the next election will
be an interesting one to watch.

Though Singaporeans are largely apathetic in nature and disinterested in
politics, what the opposition need is just a small group of dedicated
supporters to galvanize votes for them to turn the tide around.

That's what happened in the Malaysian general election in 2008. Every single
opposition supporter went around to canvass for votes and they got not only
their families, but their extended families, companies and alumni to vote
for the opposition.

The percentage of hardcore PAP supporters are perhaps no more than 30 per
cent and is dwindling by each passing day. That's why it needs to bring new
citizens into grassroots organizations to boost the flagging support.

The opposition managed to garner 33 per cent of the votes during the 2006
elections. The figure is probably about 40 per cent now which leaves 30 per
cent of swing votes to be won by either side.

Fence-sitters are usually politically not inclined and will vote for any
party on persuasion by a family member or a close friend.

The opposition should come together and form a united front against the
ruling party in the next election with a single slogan, a common platform
and one media center to orchestrate the entire electoral campaign.

Instead of conducting separate campaigns on their own, they should pool
their limited resources together such that every opposition supporter will
campaign for all parties and not the party to which one belongs to.

During the pivotal 2008 Malaysia's general elections which send shockwaves
across the causeway to Singapore, the Chinese-based DAP supporters could be
seen campaigning for the Islamist PAS in the rural kampungs and the
Malay-dominant PKR reaching out to the Malay urban dwellers on behalf of the

The opposition should adopt a catchy slogan which is easily understood by
Singaporeans and strike a chord in their hearts and it already has its work
cut short - the Singapore People's Party already has the ideal slogan:

"Singapore for Singaporeans!"

We want a Singapore for Singaporeans where every single person born here are
entitled to basic rights as citizens of their country of birth - the right
to education, the right to equal job opportunities, the right to free
speech, the right to oppose the government, the right to afford a home of
their own, the right to public healthcare and lastly, the right to retire
comfortably and enjoy life after years of hard work.

This is the Singapore which most citizens aspire to, not the present
Singapore where we find ourselves becoming increasingly marginalized by the
relentless influx of foreigners who have diluted our collective national

While we should open our doors to foreigners to attract the best talents in
the world to come and work in Singapore, we must ensure that our own
citizens are taken care of first and to be more selective of the foreigners
we admit as PRs and citizens.

The elites will always vote for the incumbent because they are the ones who
benefit most from the system, but they belong only to a minority - no more
than 5 per cent of the population.

As long the opposition is able to sway the middle class and lower income
group to its side, it is half the battle won.

Tell the lower income group: do you want to compete with low-wage foreigners
for jobs which pay for pittance and not being able to support oneself and

Tell the middle class: do you want a future in which your children will find
it increasingly tough to eke out a decent living in Singapore because they
have to compete with foreigners for schools, jobs and everything.

Is Singapore really for Singaporeans or for new citizens, PRs and

Are native Singaporeans becoming second or even third class citizens in
their own countries?

Are Singapore men serving two years of National Service and thirteen years
or more of reservist to protect the "free-loafers" from Malaysia, China,
India and elsewhere who just come here to enjoy the perks and benefits
without paying the price which they have?

Are Singaporeans the real owners of their country or does it belong to a
small clique of self-serving elites who is more concerned about perpetuating
their political control and hegemony for eternality?

The opposition should not be afraid to appeal to the emotions of
Singaporeans because they are getting emotional and the next general
election is about nothing but emotions.

Regardless of race, language, or religion, Singapore is for SINGAPOREANS
only, now and forever!

Foreigners are most welcome to study, work and live in Singapore, but if
they want to take up our citizenship, they must be prepared to sacrifice no
more than what native Singaporeans have done so.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Chinese nationals bought $30m bungalow at Sentosa Cove

It's getting hotter at Sentosa Cove
By Kalpana Rashiwala

Homes in Sentosa Cove drew strong interest from high-net- worth investors in the first 10 months of this year - more properties costing $10 million and above were transacted during this period than in the preceding four years.

Property consultancy Savills Singapore said that its analysis of URA Realis data as at Dec 1, also shows that September and October this year were particularly active months.

In fact, the three biggest ever residential transactions in Sentosa Cove - at $20.18 million, $22 million and $30 million respectively - took place during this period. The largest involved a completed bungalow at Ocean Drive which changed hands in the secondary market in October. The $30 million sale price works out to $1,753 per square foot, based on a land area of 17,115 square feet.

BT understands that the bungalow was purchased by two Chinese citizens who are also Singapore permanent residents. The seller is a locally incorporated company.

The second and third largest deals involved subsales of two villas at Paradise Island for $22 million and $20.18 million in September.

Overall, Savills' analysis shows that the number of caveats lodged for homes in Sentosa Cove costing $10 million and above shot up to 24 in the first 10 months of 2009 - from just 17 between Q4 2004 and Q4 2008.

Over half or 14 of the 24 deals were sealed in September and October. The firm said that a more positive global economic outlook at the time, before the recent news of Dubai World's debt problems, gave confidence to investors to make big-ticket purchases such as super-luxury homes.

Other above-$10 million homes sold in the two months include four condo units at SC Global's Seven Palms Sentosa Cove; a villa at Sandy Island that fetched $16.57 million or $1,950 psf of land area in the resale market; and a bungalow at Treasure Island which sold for $14.25 million or $1,662 psf, also in the resale market.

Savills said that the steady recovery of the Singapore economy in the past few months and the Republic's renewed prominence on the global financial map have helped fuel optimism among investors to park monies here.

Singapore is also a 'relatively cheaper' destination to buy luxury properties compared with, say, Hong Kong. Luxury property prices here are still below their peak levels.

Savills director of investment sales & prestige homes Steven Ming offered another reason for the surge in transactions in October: according to anecdotal evidence, some high-networth mainland Chinese were in Singapore shopping for properties during their National Day Golden Week holiday.

Across all price bands, the total number of caveats lodged for private homes in Sentosa Cove shot up from 72 in the whole of last year to 133 in the first 10 months of 2009. Even so, the latest figure is just 26 per cent of the peak 516 transactions in 2006.

Savills said that the bulk of the 2009 transactions were in the subsale and resale markets. Primary market deals involving developer sales accounted for just 9 per cent of caveats, reflecting the limited release of new projects this year.

A breakdown of 2009 transactions shows that the number of caveats (both primary and secondary markets) lodged rose from nine in Q1, to 49 in Q2, and 51 in Q3. In October, there were 24 deals - the highest monthly figure for 2009 - bucking the trend of slowing property sales seen generally in Singapore.

Savills credits the approaching opening of the integrated resorts (IRs) with helping to generate a renewal of interest in the super-luxury residential market.

Prices also appreciated with the increase in transactions - the average unit price for landed homes rose from the recent low of $1,150 psf of land area in Q1 this year, to $1,533 psf in Q3 - up 33 per cent. It was up 12.2 per cent from September to $1,647 psf in October. But this figure was still about 38 per cent below the peak figure of $2,643 psf in Q1 2008.

Condominium prices in Sentosa Cove have also firmed. The average price climbed from a low of $1,200 psf in Q4 2008, to $1,804 psf in Q3 this year and $2,117 psf in September before easing to $2,030 psf in October.

The latest figure is 16.5 per cent shy of the $2,431 psf high seen in Q1 last year. Savills said that the October figure was shored up by four caveats lodged for units at Seven Palms Sentosa Cove with prices ranging from $3,091 to $3,353 psf.

Excluding these transactions, the average price for the month would have slipped to $1,658 psf.

DTZ executive director (consulting) Ong Choon Fah reckons that Sentosa Cove prices will continue to appreciate next year, although a lot will depend on the wider property market. 'Prices in Sentosa Cove could be more volatile than in the prime districts on the mainland because Sentosa Cove buyers are relatively more investment driven than motivated by owner occupation, compared to the prime districts. When markets go up or down markedly, investors may be more inclined to sell than owner-occupiers, whether it is to cut loss or realise a gain,' she added.

rainbow 999

How come those from PRC so rich while world class singaporeans
cannot afford a place of their own at Sentosa?

Dog Attack: owner fined

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">

A BUSINESSMAN whose two Rottweilers bit a man at Toh Tuck Road was
fined $3,000 on Tuesday.

Wu Wai Hong, 61, admitted that his dogs caused injury to Mr Seah Jeng
Jye, 42, on his left shin on Oct 10 last year.

Mr Seah was finishing his morning exercise and was walking back to his
condominium off Jalan Jurong Kechil that morning when he was attacked
by Wu's two unattended Rottweilers. He had three scratches on his left
shin region.

The attack only stopped after the victim managed to climb onto a
nearby ledge.

The prosecution said that Wu had compensated Mr Sim $1,600, and $5,000
to a second victim, along with an apology. A second charge was taken
into consideration during his sentencing.

He could have been fined up to $5,000 under the Miscellaneous Offences
(Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

Beware of "efficient" Malaysian custom officers

From: "The Cynic"

Previously there were reports that Malaysian Immigration guys will let in
travellers without stamping their passports and later charge them with
illegal entry. There were also allegations that such victims can "negotiate"
for freedom. Now, the report below tells of another tactic.

S'porean held for leaving M'sia illegally

JOHOR BARU: Thirteen Malaysians and a Singaporean were detained recently for
leaving the country illegally through the Customs, Immigration and
Quarantine Complex (CIQ).

However, those detained, which included two women, claimed they rode past
the immigration booth for motorcyclists on their way to work on Thursday but
it was unmanned and the barrier gate was up.

During her detention, one of the women pillion riders, who was five-weeks
pregnant with her first child, had a miscarriage.

Yesterday, husband Evaraj Subramaniam, 23, said he and his wife, Indra
Arumugam, 23, were travelling to Singapore on their motorcycle as usual when
they were stopped at the end of the motorcycle lane at 6.30am.

Evaraj, a site supervisor, said the officer asked why did they not scan
their passports and when they explained there was no one at the counter and
the barrier gate was open, the officer replied they were at fault for not

He said they were then detained and taken to the CIQ holding centre.

Evaraj said the men and women were then separated and taken to different
cells there.

"At around 5pm, Indra was taken to the hospital for a medical check-up and
then taken to the Pekan Nenas detention centre," he said, adding that an
immigration officer contacted him at 5.30pm to say "bini awak tak mengandung
(your wife is not pregnant)."

"I was released the next day after posting police bail but I'm now worried
for Indra's health and safety as she is still at the centre."

Evaraj was speaking to reporters during a press conference organised by
Skudai assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau here yesterday. All the Malaysians who
had been detained were present.

Ong Yan Hui, 32, who works as a clerk in Singapore, said the incident was a
"huge embarrassment."

Ong, who shared the same cell as Indra, said she told the immigration
officer that Indra was in pain but no one attended to her.

Engineer Gary Nagenchandra, 32, also said it was not the first time the
barrier was up and the booth unmanned.

"Sometimes when we ride past, the officers will not even look at our
passports, let alone scan them. Some of them will be reading the newspaper
or even smoking."

He too said he explained the booth was unmanned but the officer said he
should have stopped anyway.

Dr Boo urged the immigration department to investigate the case.

State immigration director Nasri Ishak could not be contacted for comment.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Premature ejaculation hits one in three S'pore men

Premature ejaculation hits one in three S'pore men
By Cheryl Lim

AS MANY as one in three men in Singapore could be suffering from premature ejaculation (PE), according to a study.

PE, a devastating condition for a man, is defined as a lack of control on a man's part during intercourse, resulting in ejaculation prior to or within one minute of penetration, said Associate Professor George Lee Eng Geap from the University of Malaya and Monash University.

Although the poll did not include Singapore, Prof Lee, who is part of the study's steering committee, said: "We believe the results to be applicable to Singapore, because a similar study done in Europe in 2007 also showed a similar result. PE is a problem that cuts across ethnicity and age groups."

The Asia-Pacific Premature Ejaculation Prevalence And Attitude Study surveyed nearly 5,000 men, aged 18 to 65, from 10 Asia-Pacific countries, including China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia.

The causes of the problem are complex, ranging from the psychological to the physiological, said Prof Lee.

A person who secretly had intercourse at home, and was anxious of being found out by his parents, for instance, could develop PE later in life, he said.

The problem could also be genetic in nature, he added.

There may be a solution: American company Janssen-Cilag has recently submitted its medication, Dapoxetine, to the health authorities here for review.

The pill is the only known medication that can treat the condition and is currently available in seven European Union countries, including Sweden, Austria and Italy. Outside of Europe, the medicine is available only in New Zealand and South Korea.

Dapoxetine is supposed to boost the ejaculation-delaying hormone serotonin, by preventing or delaying the breakdown of serotonin in the body. In effect, this would help maintain higher levels of the hormone in the body, which would in turn help to delay ejaculation.

Other treatments for PE include behavioural therapy like counselling, or topical treatments like sprays, numbing gels or condoms. However, there are drawbacks to some of these treatments. For example, numbing gel or sprays can desensitise the penis, causing a loss of sexual enjoyment, said Prof Lee.

The condition can seriously injure a man's relationship with his partner. "PE can have a devastating impact on the relationship between men and their partners," said Prof Lee.

"The impact extends not just to a man's self-esteem, but also to a woman's fulfillment and, ultimately, to the entire relationship."

D.F wrote:
Now who is guilty? Time to own up!
I am guilty as charged, but I last longer than the one minutes as stated in the report.

TienSin wrote:
It depends, for me
1st shot is 1min.
2nd shot around 20 mins
3rd shot around 30 mins
all interval of around 1/2hr
Does that mean I have 1st shot premature ejacuation?

Do it for 15 mins the ladies already complain tire and pain lor...
I dont believe 20mins to 30 mins unless small stick or big ring feeding...

nayuko.shini wrote:
No lar, not 20-30 mins of continuous pumping la ... she want I also cannot. Take 30s rest than change position, or change location and with more foreplay. Also some time she work, sometimes I work la.
Waaaa lauuu dun tell me you one dimension humping, a bit boring

Tiger Wood Sex Tape

From: bear
Subject: Re: Leaked Tiger Woods' Sex Tape

On Dec 13, 11:58 am, saki seto <1sakis ...=""""> wrote:

> This is amazing hole-in-one...


No woman is lucky/fortunate enough to have a billion dollar man all to
herself. She must share him with other women.

Who is lucky enough to marry Prince Jeffri, Sultan Bolkiah? These
women all have to share the their men with other women.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shanmugam: Foreign talent vital to success


Singaporeans leh... not vital to success meh...
pay millions for FTs to lean English... Singaporeans leh...
pay money to welcome FTs... Singaporeans leh...

'Our immigration policies must ensure that Singapore and Singaporeans
benefit.' -- so what are the plans...

shanmugam: Foreign talent vital to success

STAYING open to talent inflow is vital to Singapore's continued
success, Law Minister K Shanmugam said at the Harvard Club of
Singapore's annual dinner last night.

'If we are not open to talent, we will quickly lose out
internationally,' he said. 'Businesses invest in Singapore because
they know they will be able to bring in the talent they need.'

He pointed to the financial services sector, which employs several
thousand Singaporeans and many foreigners. 'If we told our financial
institutions they cannot bring in foreign employees, then we put the
jobs of Singaporeans at risk as well,' said Mr Shanmugam, who is also
Second Minister for Home Affairs.

A liberalised legal sector has brought benefits too, he said. Six
qualifying foreign law practice (QFLP) licences were given out last
year to allow foreign firms to practise Singapore law - a move that he
said has led them to expand their practices here, having been given
'buy-in within the Singapore legal scene'.

Seeing these changes, other non-QFLP foreign law firms have invested
more in their Singapore practices too, Mr Shanmugam said.

This opening up has increased the technical quality of and
opportunities for local lawyers, in line with Singapore's aim to be a
'top international legal hub'. The arbitration sector too, has
benefited from talent inflow. 'If Singapore wants to be an
international arbitration centre, we cannot take a parochial
approach,' Mr Shanmugam said.

But while attracting talent is crucial, this system of openness must
not abused, he said. 'Our immigration policies must ensure that
Singapore and Singaporeans benefit.'

Mr Shanmugam made the comments during a wide-ranging speech, in which
he also discussed how the need for good governance could require a
political system specifically designed to deliver that governance

Singapore's need for high quality governance, and therefore an
'activist government', should be seen in the context of its external
challenges of regional security and political instability, and issues
arising from US's and China's growing interests in this region, he

Has PAP rule led to apathy?

Has PAP rule led to apathy?
Youth Wing debates issue with great fervour
By Zakir Hussain & Rachel Chang

PROJECT engineer Alex Tan did not mince his words as he blamed the
ruling People's Action Party for the apathy of Singapore's youth.

He pointed his finger especially at the PAP's dominance and the lack
of press freedom. The 22-year-old also said the PAP may feel it is
helping the people but the people feel disadvantaged by its policies,
from foreign talent to national service.

His stark statements surprised, not for their content but for where
they were made. Mr Tan was speaking last night at a dialogue organised
by the Young PAP, and which was attended by 150 youths and two PAP

They were first-term Mr Sam Tan, who is six months into his job as
Parliamentary Secretary in two ministries - Trade and Industry, and
Information, Communications and the Arts - and Mr Christopher de
Souza, vice-chairman of the Youth Wing.

Mr Alex Tan was the most hard-hitting from among a dozen young people
who spoke during the two-hour dialogue titled, 2010: How Can Our
Youths Serve Singapore?

The issues raised by the others include ways to get more youths to be
volunteers, how the political system discourages alternative voices
and puts opposition parties at a disadvantage, and that schools
discourage political discussion.

Too many China PRC in Singapore

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 17:47:16 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Dec 13 2009 9:47 am
Subject: Re: Too many China PRC in Singapore

many Chinese in China are buying Singapore ' s passports .

Singapore will be just another Chinese province of China in

the whole of ASEAN shall become New South China ,.remember
South China now was originally called Yue Territory .

ASEAN shall be a New South China just like New South Wales
in Australia .

Dec 12, 5:19 pm, FairToAll <27w ...=""""> wrote:

> another group of PRC move into my block recently , really uneducated
> and uncivilised farmers.

> they should just stay in Geylang where they work as you know what .

> like that also can be 'foreign talents' ?

> hdb many of them
> what will happen to the civil locals?
> their home common corridors usually used as their store room.
> stacks of used items
> normal in china


> good what.... like that u dun need to go geylang already...
> GoodNoGood

> i already give them $10 million , just to learn

> so talented .

Cutting GST will increase business cost in SGP!!

From: bear
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 17:43:34 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Dec 13 2009 9:43 am
Subject: Re: DPM Wong: Cutting GST will increase business cost in SGP!!

They can come up with such twisted logic to justify their policies.

On Dec 13, 3:31 am, Masturbating Myself
> By Gabriel Chen Dec 8, 2009

> 'Leaders must have the conviction to push through what needs to be
> done, rather than what is politically expedient or populist.'

> LEADERS must have the conviction to do what is right and not what is
> popular, even if it costs them political points, said Deputy Prime
> Minister Wong Kan Seng yesterday.

> He told a leadership forum that a crisis may give leaders the platform
> and momentum to drive difficult reforms, but such tough measures
> become harder to pursue once the economy rallies.

> Businesses and employees would be reluctant to see the withdrawal of
> temporary support measures put in place during the downturn, and they
> might also be wary of moves to tighten credit and strengthen corporate
> governance.

> 'In such a situation, leaders must have the conviction to push through
> what needs to be done, rather than what is politically expedient or
> populist,' Mr Wong said.

> He cited a range of populist measures that the Government avoided
> during the recession - decisions that did earn some criticism from
> some groups and observers.

> There were calls to temporarily cut the goods and services tax (GST)
> and Central Providend Fund (CPF) contribution rate for employers -
> 'appealing arguments which we thoroughly assessed and ultimately
> rejected', he said.

> The belief was that a lower GST rate would boost consumer spending,
> while payroll costs would fall with a cut to the employer CPF
> contribution rate.

> Mr Wong explained yesterday why the Government did not heed both
> calls.

> He said the fundamental problem during the recession was not one of
> wage competitiveness, but a slump in global demand. So cutting the
> employer CPF contribution rate would not have been appropriate.

> 'An across-the-board cut in wages was not warranted,' he said, adding
> that the Government's $4.5 billion Jobs Credit scheme provided
> employers with temporary relief on wage costs.

> On the calls for slashing the GST rate, Mr Wong said such a move might
> actually raise business costs, as companies would have to change their
> systems to adjust to a new GST rate.
> He was speaking at the fifth Asia Economic Summit yesterday, an event
> that brings together leading strategic thinkers, government officials
> and corporate chiefs to brainstorm and discuss the strategic
> challenges that Asia faces and the prospects ahead.

> Other speakers included Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng; Mr Joseph
> Tan, Credit Suisse's Asian chief economist for private banking; and Mr
> Wei Jianguo, secretary-general of the China Centre for International
> Economic Exchanges.

> Mr Lim said the unipolar world, dominated by the United States, has
> given way to a global economy that is becoming more multipolar in
> nature.

> Meanwhile, Mr Wei urged leaders to strengthen regional cooperation,
> actively explore a new growth model, protect the environment and
> achieve stable long-term development.

Avatar - most expensive movie ever made

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 16:24:29 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Dec 13 2009 8:24 am
Subject: Avatar - most expensive movie ever made

London, England (CNN) Hundreds of millions of dollars is a lot to
spend on a film featuring a bunch of blue aliens but that's exactly
what Fox Features has done with new 3D sci-fi "Avatar," which the
movie studio says is the most expensive production it has ever made.

Guessing the multi-million dollar sum of the latest film from director
James Cameron has been a popular game for industry watchers for some
months: a recent article in the Wall Street Journal speculated the
film's final tally could exceed $300 million.

But a recent New York Times article points out that the trip could
cost a pretty penny: $500 million dollars...

What would you expect from such an expensive film...?

How about a simple animation like below... but not cheap either?

Singapore not hosting SeaGames but can host YOG Games

Dec 13, 3:28 am, Masturbating Myself
> After much speculation resulting from the numerous delays to the
> construction of the $1.87 billion Sports Hub at Kallang, Singapore
> National Olympic Council (SNOC) secretary-general Chris Chan confirmed
> on Tuesday that Singapore will not be hosting the 2013 South East
> Asian (SEA) Games.

> And it is unlikely that we will host it in 2015 as well.

> Singapore’s hosting of the biennial SEA Games was to be used as the
> platform to showcase the world-class facility expected of the Sports
> Hub.

> But the continual postponement of the building of the Sports Hub, due
> to the increase in construction costs caused by the global financial
> crisis, has led to the authorities to decide to relinquish the hosting
> rights.

> Singapore hosted the SEA Games in 1973, 1983 and 1993.

> Why Sg can host the 205-member Youth Olympic Games (YOG) next year but
> not the 11-nation SEA Games in 2013 is a question that many find
> puzzling?

This is unbelievable. No Asean spirit!

Ris Low risking a comeback

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 16:21:43 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Dec 13 2009 8:21 am
Subject: Ris Low eyeing a comeback

SHE gave up her crown three months ago after her credit card
conviction came to light.

Now, former Miss Singapore Ris Low is eyeing a comeback - as a beauty
pageant organiser.

The 19-year-old, who sparked a nationwide uproar earlier this year
with her poor diction, is on the hunt for sponsors for an as-yet-
unnamed three-in-one beauty pageant.

Last week, she sent out an e-mail to potential sponsors, like malls
and event organisers, spelling out details for the proposed event in
the middle of next year.

The selling point, she wrote, is that three winners will be crowned at
the same event - a Miss Singapore, Mr Singapore and Mrs Singapore.

Nevermind that all three titles are currently being used by other
pageants, Ms Low is confident her 'grand national event' will be a

She's a flop because she's unwilling to accept defeat. So Shingz.

on the contrary, give her a support and chance, perhaps suprise
complete make over learning from past experience. everyone deserve a
chance to excel. after all her future is holding by her hand.

Her "never-say-die" attitude is admirable, for an intellectually
disabled person.

Remember. She could have been your daughter.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fiona Xie - found!

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 23:59:04 -0800 (PST)
Local: Thurs, Dec 10 2009 3:59 pm
Subject: Fiona Xie - found!
Dispelling rumours that she quitted because she was pregnant. Fiona
Xie who has stayed in Hong Kong since June 2009 after her last minute
pullout from Singapore’s Channel 8 Chinese drama “Together”.

Since joining MediaCorp Singapore when she was 19 years old, Fiona Xie
was nicknamed as one of the company’s Seven Princesses. The 27 year
old busty angel from Singapore decided to officially quit full-time
acting for Mediacorp and has instead focused her energy on other work
such as “producing photo shoots for an inspiring photographer” and on
her current Hong Konger boyfriend whom she met while filming Kelvin
Tong’s movie, the supernatural thriller titled Rule #1 (第一戒) in 2007.

“Quitting was inevitable, and it was only a matter of timing,” she had

She claimed that she decided to quit the role in the TV serial,
“Together“, “not because of the script, or the cast or the production
of Together.” but “there were several intimate scenes in Together,”
she admits, “which upset my boyfriend, so leaving [the drama] was also
a little for his sake.”

While Fiona Xie had always been unwilling to dwell on her love life,
she confessed that this current boyfriend is a 23-year-old Australian-
American and an art enthusiast. The 8 Days magazine revealed that
their insider sources said that Fiona Xie’s boyfriend is a very rich
guy who “lives like royalty”.

Foreign workers the cause of productivity decline

From: "truth"
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 04:37:36 GMT
Local: Thurs, Dec 10 2009 12:37 pm
Subject: Re: Foreign workers the cause of productivity decline

When their pay and bonus is tied to economic growth and
those at the top, this is what they do. Self interests.
Low Thia Kiang's idea to tie the pay to the bottom 20% is
a very good one.

"bear" wrote in message

Not surprising at all. Growth in the last few years come from low
value added positions.

Masses of asses should not be the economic model.

On Dec 10, 11:59 am, "truth" wrote:

> Thursday, December 10, 2009
> Falling productivity : Need to wean off Foreign Labor...

> Productivity has fallen by 6 straight quarters from the last quarter of
> 2007. In the 1st quarter of 2009, it fell a whopping 14.7 percent.

> "One is the slowdown in investment in innovation and productivity
> measures.
> When the economy grows very rapidly, companies have alot of opportunities
> to
> benefit from the growth and the expansion of the economy. So the focus on
> productivity may be lacking behind. So it is important to refocus
> attention
> of companies on productivity growth. There are many measures we can put in
> place to encourage enterprises to invest in innovation, to invest in
> research, to invest in benchmarking so that we can raise the overall
> productivity effort in our economy."- Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong[Link]
> .
> Minister Gan blames it on the economic growth and worker's training. But
> our
> productivity has been falling during the economic slump while that of
> other
> developed countries like US has been rising[Link]. In manufacturing and
> hotels and restaurants in particular, productivity has been on the decline
> since 2006. This is about the same time foreign workers started entering
> Singapore in larger numbers[Link].

> "One reason for the lower productivity may be the large influx of foreign
> workers in recent years. With more workers available, each worker doesn't
> have to work as hard."
> -Singapore Economist

> Businesses want foreign workers mainly because they are cheaper. You can
> higher 1.5-2 foreign workers instead of a Singaporean. It is easier for
> managers to get more workers to do the same job rather than train and
> motivate fewer workers to work more efficiently. Business will always
> clamor
> for cheaper labor rather than invest in training, automation and
> innovation.
> There will always be sources of cheap labor because the cost of living is
> so
> much lower in developing countries. This a vicious cycle as import more
> foreign workers, these businesses depend on cheap labor will profit, grow
> and want more foreign workers. These business compete for limited
> resources
> like office and industrial space with business with higher levels of
> automation that hire highly skilled (hence highly paid) labor. The more
> foreign workers we import to generate growth in these industries, the more
> foreign workers we will need to bring in the future to maintain our GDP.
> In
> 2000, there were about 600,000 foreign workers in Singapore, constituting
> 27% of the total work force. Today it is 36% of the workforce or 1
> million.
> But the demand for foreign workers keeps increasing [See report below].
> The
> PAP govt took the easy way to expand the economy aiming for high GDP
> growth
> by expanding the workforce. In the past they allowed only "foreign
> talents"
> with selected skill sets to work here. These days it is anyone from the
> coffeeshop help to the IT support guy. Falling productivity means a large
> segment of Singaporeans will their income falling - and an unlucky few
> will
> form the ultra-underclass in Singapore....and this race to the bottom has
> not ended yet. Like the PAP 2-child policy, the PAP govt will keep going
> even as the problems become apparent to everyone else. By the time they
> stop, the damage is done and permanent - but nothing ever happens to the
> for such bad policies, given our political system, the blame, pain and
> burden can always be passed on to ordinary Singaporeans...
> ---------------------
> Foreign workers in demand
> Almost half in SCCCI poll say business growth hit by quota on such workers
> By Cassandra Chew Contractors and manufacturers, companies that rely on
> foreign workers, want the Government to allow them to hire more of
> them. --

> COMPANIES that rely on foreign workers want the Government to let them
> hire
> more of them, according to a survey. The call is particularly intense from
> contractors and manufacturers, who feel the quota should be adjusted for
> specific sectors. Foreign workers form up to 70 per cent of the workforce
> in
> these two sectors. Overall, almost half of the businesses surveyed are
> unhappy with the foreign worker quota policy. They want it raised in order
> for them to meet orders, which have been increasing in the past few months
> as Singapore's economy claws its way out of the red.But such a move could
> hurt Singapore's competitive edge, said economics professor Davin Chor
> from
> Singapore Management University. 'Long-run growth depends on the capacity
> of
> our economy to consistently improve on our productivity and the way we tap
> into cutting-edge technologies,' he said.

> posted by LuckySingaporean

Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin 朱孝天 林熙蕾 are in love

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 22:55:34 -0800 (PST)
Local: Thurs, Dec 10 2009 2:55 pm
Subject: Ken Chu finally admits dating Kelly Lin

Ken Chu has finally come clean on his relationship with Kelly Lin
after long refuting speculations that they were seeing each other. The
Taiwanese singer-actor said that his previous actions were an attempt
to protect her from the media.

“Put it in this way. Regardless of whether the fact is established or
not, as a man, I have the responsibility of protecting the woman. My
stand is to prevent the girl from getting hurt, this is my
responsibility as a man.”

He described his girlfriend to be “really good, very nice and very

The pair was previously spotted donning matching couple pajamas when
they were looking out from a window for the presence of paparazzi.
Both parties later took turns giving off vague statements to dodge the
press’s incessant questions on their rumoured relationship.

Asked if he had any plans to get hitched, Ken said, “I have [marriage
plans] every year.”

When reporters cited Kelly’s past interview where she shared her hopes
of having two children, Ken noncommittally replied, “She said that she
wanted to have two children, but she did not say that she wanted to
have the children with me.

“I did mention that I wanted to get married, but I did not say that I
wanted to marry her. [If we say that] we are not together, it just
means that we are not together!”

Monday, December 7, 2009

Why no free medical for Singapore Children?

From: Siansiansian
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 08:37:48 -0800 (PST)
Local: Fri, Dec 4 2009 12:37 am
Subject: Re: Why no free medical for Singapore Children?

On Dec 3, 11:43 pm, "AleXX" wrote:

> "Siansiansian" wrote in message

> > Almost all developed and undeveloped countries in the world offer Free
> > medical care for Baby and Children. Why our Singaporean Government
> > refuses to provide Free medical care for all Singaporean baby and
> > Children? Instead, they are charging sky high medical fee that one may
> > have to give up medical care for their loved ones simply they can't
> > afford to pay for the sky-high expensive medical bills.

> > I am shamed for our policy makers on this issues. .

> Pap government needs citizens' money. How to give freely?
> They need to pay huge salaries for:

> 1 Prime Minister
> 2 Deputy Prime Ministers
> 1 Senior Minister
> 2 Mentor Ministers (note: the ex-law minister Keling Kia Jayakumar + LKY)
> 1 Istana Kekling Kia

> Plus many more Ministers + Top civil servants
> On top of this, Temasek needs money to loss.
> They need more taxes from GST, ERP (100% tax on petrol sales), GST...
> License fees, etc.., etc.

And also their perform or non-perform bonuses just get them become
rciher and richer, and we becomes poorer and poorer.

Inside a modern China brothel

From: Tanki <5191 ...="""">
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 00:26:45 -0800 (PST)
Local: Mon, Dec 7 2009 4:26 pm
Subject: Inside a modern China brothel

They are so well equipped with the latest fetish tools and machinery
that guarantee you will have a great time inside. Come join them...

Singapore Idol 2009 is a shameful affair

From: Superbee
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 23:00:41 -0800 (PST)
Local: Tues, Dec 1 2009 3:00 pm
Subject: Re: Singapore Idol 2009 is a charade

On Dec 1, 11:33 am, ravuvalu wrote:

> The Singapore Idol 2009 is becoming more than a show of singing
> talent. It is showing the inferiority complex of English-speaking
> Singaporeans. The one contestant with a White father is unduly looked
> up to. She has been heaped with mostly praises from the judges, hardly
> any critical comment. So too in the printed press. In the TODAY
> newspaper, in the week before last, one reporter wrote a piece to
> express openly his opinion that Charles "Stitch' Wong would be voted
> out. When it did not happen, this reporter attributed it to Charles
> fans purposely defying him. He saw this as a way to help his favorite
> contestant. He then predicted that Tabitha Nauser would be voted out
> in the next round, hoping that her fans would defy him too. How
> ridiculous! When it comes to the English-language media, anyone White
> or has the slightest tinge of a White, is superior, and has to be a
> winner. This whole thing is becoming nausea.

> This is the reason why there was no elimination last round, because
> Tabitha Nausea was the one voted out by the public. A contingency plan
> was put into execution to save her i.e., no elimination for that
> round. Those behind this dirty trick better watch their skin. The
> public is not to be fooled. We are not blind or deaf. Tabitha can't
> sing. She can't play any musical instrument. She has no singing or
> musical talent.

> Look at the special treatment given by the media to her. There were TV
> ads made solely to promote over the long weekend holiday, when TV
> viewership was expected to be specially high. As a member of the
> public, it makes me nauseous to see the unfair treatment of the other
> contestants. Why don't these White's slaves just declare their White
> master's daughter the winner and hand her the trophy instead of
> putting up a big show of lies? It is a much ado about nothing.

Why do you even bother to watch this show?

From: "billko"
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 22:11:20 +0700
Local: Tues, Dec 1 2009 11:11 pm
Subject: Re: Singapore Idol 2009 is a charade

The JUDGES should be voted OUT. How in world ; out of the thousands, they
selected these people who can hardly sing. They are always harping on the
way they dress.

If that Charles can come so far, then those who voted him in, is in fact
insulting the show by doing the worst in.

Friday, December 4, 2009

DBS lend $1.8billion to Dubai World

From: "i.con"
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 00:27:49 +0800
Local: Tues, Dec 1 2009 12:27 am
Subject: Re: DBS lend $1.8billion to Dubai World

Insurance companies will be worst hit.

"truth" wrote in message

> Another over a $billion down the black hole of Dubai.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Minister of Freaks

From: "truth"
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 03:20:46 GMT
Local: Wed, Dec 2 2009 11:20 am
Subject: Minister of Freaks
mrbrown and the flood (Warning: contains satire and jokes)
I think we need to appoint a Minister of Freak Incidents soon.

After all, who is going to deal with the kind of incidents like the recent
flooding of Bukit Timah? According to the authorities, the kind of rainfall
that can cause such flooding was a 'freak' event that occurs only once in 50

Environment Minister Yaacob Ibrahim even said, "We knew the diversion canal
was not big enough to take this."

That was very reassuring to know. I can imagine someone saying, "You know,
those canals are not going to be able to take very heavy rainfall."

And someone else in charge might have said, "We know. But what to do? We
cannot make the biggest canals to accommodate the biggest rainfall possible.
We can't cater to freaks. Anyway, once in a half-century only lah."

If your Ferrari happened to be submerged in a basement car park that fateful
freak of a day, and your insurance does not cover "use of car as submarine",
you can still find solace that the next time this kind of flooding occurs,
it will be 50 years later.

So feel free to buy a new car and park it in underground car parks along
Bukit Timah after this.

While this is not Katrina, the residents of District 11 do not have it good,
either. They work hard, live on prime land, and their homes cost millions of
dollars. Plus their area does not even have an MRT station yet. And now,
poor things, their district is the new Singapore River.

I think we should see the bright side. Perhaps we can try to make the best
of things. If you cannot stop the flooding, why not make Bukit Timah the
Venice of Singapore? What could be more romantic and prestigious than living
in Singapore's Canal District?

Instead of driving, residents can glide down Bukit Timah in gondolas and
luxury boats. Why should only Punggol get the water sports fun?

The fancy schools along that stretch can have annual Boat Races there, a la
Oxford and Cambridge. ACS, SCGS, Hwa Chong, NJC, St Joseph's, all competing
in the annual Bukit Timah Freak Flood Inter-School Boat Race.

Schools there will no longer need their own swimming pools. Instead, we can
groom a new generation of young swimmers who have been trained from young to
swim to school for their exams.

It's not a flood-prone area, it's a waterfront lifestyle opportunity.

Our submarine corps need not go elsewhere for their training exercises, too.
Just get those ex-Västergötland class Swedish subs into the Bukit Timah
Canal District and do their drills there. It may be challenging to create
parking lots for the subs but I am sure the government will find a way.

I hear they are installing some water-level sensor which will warn of rising
water levels in Bukit Timah Canal. I suppose it is so that if the sensor
goes off, the Traffic Police can notify nearby condominiums and residents
can carry their cars upstairs to their attics or drive it to HDB
multi-storey car parks nearby.

Frankly, I feel a simple sign will do. Something that says "If the water
level along Bukit Timah rises above this sign, please alert the

Another initiative the government can consider is to start neighbourhood
Flood Watch. All the homes in Bukit Timah will be issued with buckets and
assigned flood duties. In the event of flooding, residents will pour out
onto the streets to scoop up buckets of water and dump the water in the
Bukit Timah Canal. Clever, right?

That is my suggestion to our leaders. Don't fight the flood, go with the
flow! It is only a freak flood, Singapore.

Ah this just brings back fond memories of walking to my school along Bukit
Timah Road in torrential rain, and walking right into the giant longkang
near Coronation Plaza because flood waters obscured the pavement and the
drain! Good times!

Right! Let's move on! Who wants to volunteer to be Singapore's first
Minister of Freak Incidents and Drains? Hands up! The position offers good
pay and you only need to worry about stuff once every 50 years.