Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DBS Temasek's boy

From: Frankie Lee
Subject: DBS Temasek's boy

DBS bank/POSB is just like our National Bank.Although I dislike the
way they handle AWARE saga,but I couldn't help but notice Malaysians
as a whole really like them,and feature them in their Paper almost
daily on their stock markets,as though it is a sure win bet.

Our National assets are obviously tied into this Bank.I noticed quite
a number of folks here don't like them.

It is true with the backing of huge reserves and Temasek,and our
untold many billions backing,DBS is making mammoth by the tons in the
world's stage.

When the Lehman's saga begun,I notice their kindness in really
compensating those ignorant old folks,and for that loss they really
pay a price.No doubt it is pittance payout,but the after-bitter taste
still lingers among us.

I think it is good sense,and correct moral attitude to be a good
Singaporean by not continued bad mouthing what is our National pride.

I couldn't help but think that the Sand Casino here is belonging to
our Government,which almost owned all.If one thousand billionaire from
China,1000 from India,100 from neighboring countries,each contribute
to the coffers in our Gambling Dens,just by mere 20 millions USD each
in one year,that sum is humongous,and it is not without logics or
merits,as big Casinos in London and Macau raked in that huge sums

42 usd billions annually net profit?In five years,our National
Reserves should exceed I trillions USD.

And the above is only a conservative estimate.

Singapore is really making making unrighteous mammoth,by the gigantic

No wonder,real actual transacted prices of real estate here are now
hoovering at 1000 psf here.

Alas,what does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his
own soul?

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