Monday, December 21, 2009

Ministers' sons become SAF Officers

From: "Alexx"

Subject: Re: Ministers' sons become SAF Officers

"The Cynic" wrote in message

> Congratulations. The sons of Ministers Teo Chee Hean, Vivian
> Balakrishnan, Ng Eng Hen and Lim Swee Say have all become SAF
> officers.
> Is there any other Minister whose son is not an SAF officer or a
> scholar?

Perpetuating the papist rule.


  1. Its a norm....if not the MPs will lose face...imagine if their son is juz a driver or storemen..

  2. if next time i have son?
    i will join mp so that my son want to army also can be free as easy inside the army...

  3. say, a family of doctors or lawyers will produce more doctors and it. So if our present leaders' sons are officers, chances are that they will be groom to be future leaders too. Just like if we happened to take someone lesser in leadership and qualications, then, we may lose out in most ways, like the right directions for our macro and micro economics, stability in our country, progress and other bigger tasks and roles where all these will be in red and danger zone, right? So why bother Ministers' sons are officers. If we just do our part, educate our children, guide them, nuture them,...I believe our kids will be commissioned as officers too. Btw, there's an assessment for officer's course too, thereafter, there's officers' course and further, selectively based upon their stength and weakness, to assign their post, got it. So its not just being an officer but getting and grooming the right person to do the job is much important...therefore, a safer way is always select from their family backgrounds, then thru proper assessment and course, where thenafter, a real commissioned officer is groomed. I believe most will agree with me that we do not really want our future leaders with rotten backgrounds, like terrorists connections or related backgrounds right? I'm not being prejudge but I believe we should as parents, nature our kids, guide them, educate them, teach them the right stuffs... honestly, even if we at present can't show our betterment or well being, or even our kids, but you know, if we start now,...I believe a generation or two down the road, our kids' kids will surely made us proud, one day. So remember, we do well in our parenting and for sure, rewards will arrive, just that its a matter of time. And that's the right and positive roles for us as parents to work on. Got it. Cheers and blessings.