Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore likely to see shortfall of babies again

seamaster wrote:
Short fall of babies is good for Singapore cos population will eventually decline to an ideal 2millions.
Garment knows Ft will eventually balek kampong and thus need to them dry before they return.
Smaller population means HDB/food/water/electricity will become cheap again. Very Happy

wiley wrote:
when that happen you probably living 6 feet below ground already.

wiley wrote:
gov should pass a law saying each married woman must have a baby unless advice otherwise on medical ground. Gov should also commit to pay for all baby expenses from conception until the baby is born and 3yrs old.

50,000 babies can easily be achieve. Laughing Laughing

You, like the Pap govt, missed the point completely here.

If a person cannot see a future for himself going forward, and cannot see future for the child to be born here, the person will not want to give birth, whatever the incentive or pressure may be.

After all, it is the person who will have to take care of this new born for 20-30 years, not the govt.

The govt expect us to be intelligent when doing our job and earning a living, but expect us to be a blind i.d.i.o.t whenever they want us to follow their policies.

Let me quote what PM Goh once said which all PAP ministers should remember, "You can't have the cake, and also eat it".

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