Saturday, December 19, 2009

Corruptions at pap grassroots

From: "truth"

It is a wellknow fact that many people support
the pap grassroot organisations in order to advance
their business or career. If u r a public servants,
u will earn brownie points by serving on the pap
grassroot organisations. If u r a businessman, u
can get plenty of business by serving on pap
grassroot organisation like the resident committee.
Very often the contracts were just given directly
to those who serve on these committee. I know
of some contractors who make plenty of money
doing this. This is corruption. Why is the papist
leegime condoning such corruption ? Simple
they are abusing Singaporeans money to futher
the interests of the pap. If there is not benefits
to serving on the pap grassroot organisation, then
few will willingly step forward to serve the evil
leegime. Serving the evil leegime is a risky thing.
First, u get plenty of curse from the citizens.
Second, u may be injured by some citizens who
are very very mad with the evil leegime.

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