Monday, December 7, 2009

Why no free medical for Singapore Children?

From: Siansiansian
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 08:37:48 -0800 (PST)
Local: Fri, Dec 4 2009 12:37 am
Subject: Re: Why no free medical for Singapore Children?

On Dec 3, 11:43 pm, "AleXX" wrote:

> "Siansiansian" wrote in message

> > Almost all developed and undeveloped countries in the world offer Free
> > medical care for Baby and Children. Why our Singaporean Government
> > refuses to provide Free medical care for all Singaporean baby and
> > Children? Instead, they are charging sky high medical fee that one may
> > have to give up medical care for their loved ones simply they can't
> > afford to pay for the sky-high expensive medical bills.

> > I am shamed for our policy makers on this issues. .

> Pap government needs citizens' money. How to give freely?
> They need to pay huge salaries for:

> 1 Prime Minister
> 2 Deputy Prime Ministers
> 1 Senior Minister
> 2 Mentor Ministers (note: the ex-law minister Keling Kia Jayakumar + LKY)
> 1 Istana Kekling Kia

> Plus many more Ministers + Top civil servants
> On top of this, Temasek needs money to loss.
> They need more taxes from GST, ERP (100% tax on petrol sales), GST...
> License fees, etc.., etc.

And also their perform or non-perform bonuses just get them become
rciher and richer, and we becomes poorer and poorer.

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  1. nothing is free living at singapore
    there is not free food in singapore
    if you say that free medication for children
    at singapore
    i found that is unfair man
    why not say that free medication of all singaporeans better.